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(At my job we serve a bunch of smoothies and most of them come with at least two fruits)

Me: ***, order whenever you’re ready
Costumer: Give me a minute please
(After a couple of minutes she finally says something)
Costumer: What’s something that has lots of berries?
Me: We have a Berry Punch, it has strawberries, blueberries, and ras-
Costumer: NOOO! That’s too much I’ll just get a small banana berry treat!
(She then speeds off to our window complaining about how too much fruit is bad but she ordered a smoothie that had about 5 fruits)

You’re On Thin Ice With This Customer

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(I work as a student supervisor at a smoothie place on campus. A woman says this to me one Saturday night.)

Customer: “Is there any way you could make that smoothie less cold?”

Me: *confused* “Um, excuse me, ma’am?”

Customer: “Well, you see, it’s for the kids, and they cannot handle cold drinks.”

Me: “All right, would you like it made with less ice and more water, then?”

Customer: “No, no, no! That’ll dilute the flavor! I want it less cold!”

(Knowing there is no way to do this, I simply make her a normal kiwi smoothie. She smiles at me and says:)

Customer: “That wasn’t so hard, now, was it?”

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Mango Away!

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(I work at a smoothie bar. When we prepare fruit, we leave them on the counter before we put on lids for each container. A woman comes up, takes a napkin, takes a whole handful of mangos from off the counter, and starts to walk away.)

Me: “Um, excuse me, ma’am! You cannot take those!”

Woman: “I’m sorry, they just looked so delicious!”

Me: *taken aback* “All the same, ma’am, you cannot take those.”

Woman: *completely serious* “It was very rude of you to tempt me by putting these out like this!”

(I look at her, confused.)

Woman: “And very unsanitary, too! Anyone could just come up and take some. If anything, I’m teaching you a lesson.”

(She stormed off after angrily throwing away the mangos.)

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Me- Hello

Customer- What’s happening, let me get a
peanut butter smoothie

Me- Ok

Customer- No! (Begins heading towards door) This is bad service! Y’all are doing bad service! You’re lucky I don’t smack you right now!

-Customer leaves-

Me – Gee so I offended him because I said ok?

(Still a win in my book since it wasn’t busy and that guy didn’t get a smoothie or his whey for the day ;)) (He’s also a regular lol)

Now Do The United Kingdom And Great Britain…

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(I am working a shift alone at a smoothie shop when two very confused-looking and nervous teenage girls approach me.)

Me: “Hello! What can I get for you today?”

Girl #1: “Um, hey, can you please tell us…” *fidgets for a while*

Girl #2: “Go on!”

Girl #1: “Can you tell us the difference between America and the USA?”

(I stare at them for a while, wondering if this is a trick question. I answer after seeing that they both are completely serious.)

Me: “You do know that USA stands for, ‘United States of America,’ right?”

(At this, both girls start laughing nervously as one of them pushes the other girl’s shoulder.)

Girl #2: “I told you!”

(Both of them then run away, leaving me to question teenage intelligence.)

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