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They Won’t Get A Chance To Be Rude A Third Time

, , , , | Right | February 3, 2018

(I work as a manager in a smaller store of a larger chain. We have a promotion running in a newspaper, which gives you a 10% discount on your whole purchase. I am working the register when a customer and her teenage son come to be checked out. As her purchases come a bit higher, I offer her the newspaper, so she can get her discount.)

Me: “…so, if you get the newspaper, you would get a discount.”

Customer: *not really listening to me* “What? No. I don’t want any newspaper. Stop pushing me to buy stuff.”

Customer’s Son: “Yeah, we got one at home.”

Me: “All right, then.”

(They pay and leave. About two hours later, when I’m working on my regular duties, I get paged by one of my coworkers that a customer has a complaint. Lo and behold, it’s the same person.)

Customer: “What? I wanted to speak to the manager!”

Me: “Yes, and that’s me. What can I do for you?”

Customer: “Well… I… You never told me that I could be saving money with this coupon!”

Me: “Actually, I did, very clearly. However, you were not listening to me. I offered, you said no, and that’s it. What else would you like me to do?”

Customer: “You should have been more clear! I want the amount I would save back!”

Me: “I’m not going to do that. Next time, you should listen to us when we offer you something. Have a great day!”

(If she would not have been rude in the first place, she would have ended up saving about 15€. If she would not have been rude the second time, I might have been more inclined to do a return for her.)