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I work at an ice rink as a skate guard. I basically skate around make sure nobody gets hurt and when I’m not skating I give out skates. It’s a slow summer day so nobody was here. My coworkers have done this “duck hunt” where we hide these tiny bath ducks around the rink. One spot was in the rink on our flag. The flag is held by a wire and a long stretch of wood. As a hiding spot we tried putting the duck on the plank. The only problem is we have our “cooler air condoning” right above it so it swings constantly. We put the duck on a hockey stick and tried to slide it on the wood. What we didn’t realize was this woman watching our failures and dying of laughter. Her daughter was on the ice learning to skate while she was watching from above through glass. We failed about 10 times and gave up because people had start coming in. As we were getting back to our shift she stopped us and said “That was the funniest thing I’ve seen today, thank you for making my day!” We told her how stupid we were for going around the rink hiding toy ducks but she thought it was hilarious and will keep and eye out for some ducks!

When A Date Leaves You Cold

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Back in January of this year, I went on a date with a guy I had met on a popular dating app — the one where the girl has to make the first move. 

We met up for dinner and drinks and things were going very well! He was nice and funny and I was enjoying his company. He was an EMT; this is important later in the story. 

After dinner, he suggested we go to an ice rink to go ice skating. I was skeptical, as I’m a very clumsy person and can barely stand up on my own two feet on solid ground, and I knew I was going to thoroughly embarrass myself at the rink. But I said yes anyway. 

For the first hour, things went well. We were both hobbling along the side of the wall and making fun of each other’s form, but I got cocky, pushed away from the wall, and ate it. I landed on my butt and tried to catch myself with my arm. I landed so hard my ears were ringing and I was woozy. 

My date had to help me off the ice and he immediately went into EMT mode, rolling up my sleeve and feeling around my arm to see if he could feel any breaks. 

Besides the numbness in my arm, we both agreed that it probably wasn’t broken, and I turned down his offer to take me to the emergency room. 

We spent the next six hours on a cliff overlooking the beach, with me flinching at the slightest touch to my arm.

When I woke up the next day, I was in tears. My entire arm was black and blue and swollen beyond belief; I couldn’t even put a shirt on without crying out in pain. I had to have my brother take me to Urgent Care. 

While at Urgent Care, the doctor on call told me that not only was my elbow broken, but that I had fractured my wrist, as well, when I tried to stop myself from falling. The impact of me landing on my wrist fractured it and broke my elbow almost immediately, but the massive swelling that immediately took place is what made my date unable to tell that my arm was broken. 

There was so much fluid in my arm that it felt like a normal arm. 

I was immediately taken off work for the next four months, as I am a barista while finishing school, and I teased my date about my arm all the time. We dated for a month but decided we were better off as friends.

We’re still friends to this day, and I still give him crap about my elbow.

It still hurts when the weather gets cold, too, even after having it out of a sling for six weeks.

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Ah, Yes, The Old “Ignore It And Hope It Goes Away” Strategy

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I am fourteen years old and not very assertive. I go to a rollerskating rink with a friend who’s a year younger than me. My friend spots a few friends of hers and goes off briefly to skate with them, but while she’s gone, I trip on the skating rink and end up hurting my elbow. My friend comes up, and I tell her that I think I’ll be okay. I sit at a booth on the edge of the rink, but the pain doesn’t fade and feels pretty bad.

I approach the concession stand. Half a dozen employees are there, and they all pause to look at me.

Employee: “Hi. What can we get you?”

Me: “I fell on the rink and hurt my elbow…”

The employees immediately scattered and started doing other things. I stood there for an instant, hoping they would come back to me, but they didn’t.

I left and sat back down, unsure what to do. I eventually got back up, went back to the stand, and specifically asked for some ice. They gave me some in a cup. I sat back down and waited for my friend’s mom to pick us up.

When I told my dad about it later, he suggested that the employees didn’t want to be liable for my accident, so that’s why they ignored me. I wonder why the employees would expect a fourteen-year-old girl to sue them.

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Sizing Up The New Coworker

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(I’m here to rat myself out on this one. I have a job at a roller skating rink. Workers don’t tend to stay very long here, because the customers are horrible and management is finicky. So, despite having only been there for about a month, I’m expected to train my new coworker. I lead this new coworker into the back, where we keep the rental skates.) 

Me: *waving one way* “So, this side is the quad skates, and people need to have a blue stamp to get them.” *waving the other way* “The in-lines are over there, and people need a red stamp. This section here is speed skates, which also require a red stamp. That back wall is technically a special type of skate, but the manager literally hates them and wants them gone, so you can give them to anybody who asks for them… which nobody is going to do, because almost none of the customers know they exist.”

New Coworker: *a little wide-eyed at the info dump, but following along just fine* “Got it.”

Me: “Cool.” *takes the coworker back out of the room to a nearby counter* “By the way, the baby skates are down over here, starting at size six, which is…” *pulls out a skate that’s like, three inches long* “…super tiny! Which reminds me; skates are all in men’s sizes.”

New Coworker: “Yep. They are!”

Me: “And that means that they’re usually about a size too big for women.”

New Coworker: “Mhm.”

Me: “So, when women tell you their size, you should let them know and ask if they’d rather start a size down from that.”

New Coworker: “Yeah, I know.”

(I pause and look at my new coworker. SHE is wearing her derby skates, which she obviously had to have ordered at some point and presumably knows the size of. One might even assume she knows her own shoe size, and that one is a smaller number than the other!)

Me: *feeling absolutely idiotic* “Right. Sorry. It was news to me when I started.”

(I’m not sure it was mansplaining, because I said exactly the same thing to new male coworkers — who were understandably much more surprised by it. But I still feel kind of dumb, because it really should’ve been obvious that a girl skater would know how skates fit girls. Thankfully, she laughed it off, and we got along okay for the rest of the time we both worked there — for the whole, like, two months that it was.)

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Really Putting His Foot In It

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(My older brother and I are at the skating rink. I’m tall — six feet- and he’s about average — 5’7” — but we wear the same shoe size, which is a reasonable size for a guy, but rather large for a girl like me and hard to find in women’s sizes. As such, I decide to ask for my skates in men’s sizes, and this happens when we get to the skate rental:)

Brother: *to rental attendant* “Yeah, can I get a nine?”

Rental Attendant: “Sure, man. And how about you?” *looks at me*

Me: “Same as him.”

Rental Attendant: *looking skeptical* “Uh, okay, sure. Coming right up.”

(He goes to the back to get skates and then returns with two pairs of skates that are clearly not the same size. One is a women’s nine and one is a men’s nine. It’s an understandable mistake. He gives the men’s skates to my brother and starts to hand the women’s skates to me.)

Me: “Oh, no, I meant I wanted the same size that he got.”

Rental Attendant: “You mean a men’s nine?”

Me: “Yeah, that’s what I meant.”

(I have always thought that “their jaw dropped” was an inaccurate representation of shock, but then I see this guy’s jaw quite literally drop.)

Rental Attendant: *incredibly loudly* “What? Really? D***, girl, your feet are huge!

Me: *a little surprised and quite embarrassed* “Yeah, um, I know. Can I just get my skates, please?”

(The rental attendant goes to the back to change out the skates, all the while muttering about huge feet. He brings my new skates out, and my brother and I go to put them on.)

Brother: *while tying skates* “How is he less okay with someone your size having big feet than a short guy like me?”

Me: *shrugs* “I don’t know. Weird logic.”

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