Who’s A Good Dress?!

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(I answer a phone in the alterations department of a bridal shop.)

Me: “Thank you for calling. What can I do for you?”

Customer: “Hi! It’s [Customer]. I just wanted to check on my dress.”

Me: “Ah, do you want to know when your pickup appointment is, or maybe move it?”

Customer: “Oh, no. I know it’s next month.”

Me: “I see! Sorry, if it’s that far out, we won’t have even touched your dress yet–”

Customer: “Oh, I know! It’s fine! I just wanted to know how it was doing.”

Me: “It’s… Uh, we haven’t worked on it.

Customer: “I know! I just want to know how it’s doing.”

Me: *glances at dress rack* “Well, I see it in the line? I’m sure we’ll get to it next week.”

Customer: “Great! Thanks! See you next month!” *click*

Coworker: *overhearing* “Yes, ma’am. Your dress is very happy here. It likes the other dresses.”

Breathe Easy… But Don’t

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(Our laptops have loud security alarms attached to prevent theft, but they are overly sensitive and regularly set off accidentally. An alarm has just been set off, and I hurry over to deactivate it.)

Me: “Ah, don’t panic; let me fix that for you!”

Customers: “Oh, did we set that off?”

Me: “Did you breathe on them?”

Customers: “Uh… Yes?”

Me: “Then yes, you did.”

Celebrating The Never-Ending Story

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(I have just graduated from high school, and my grandparents want to treat me to dinner. Two weeks ago, my little cousin graduated from eighth grade; last week was my other cousin’s 16th birthday. My birthday happens to fall just a few days after the school year ends.)

Me: “Do you know what’s in four days?”

Mom: “Your birthday!”

Grandpa: “What?”

Mom: “Yeah, it’s this Wednesday.”

Grandpa: “Holy s***, does this ever end?”

Shame You Can’t Accidentally Diet

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(I work in a nursing home. This particular resident is diabetic and thinks her blood sugar is too low, even if it is normal. This exchange happens after checking her sugar.)

Me: “Your sugar is really high! What have you eaten?”

Resident: “I accidentally drank two shakes!”

(Later I check her sugar again.)

Me: “Your sugar is [normal value] right now!”

Resident: “I think it’s low!”

Me: “No, it’s really good! Keep up the good work.”

(The resident proceeds to eat a chip.)

Me: “Your sugar is good; don’t make it too high by eating those chips!”

Resident: “Oh, my hand accidentally fell into the chips.”

Me: “…”

Another Way To “Taste The Rainbow”

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(I am hanging out with two friends during lunch, and somehow the topic of chocolate comes up. It should be noted that both [Friend #2] and I are FTM transgender.)

Friend #2: “None of the other trans guys I know — [My Name] and I included — have liked plain chocolate, as in, straight chocolate.”

Friend #1: “What about gay chocolate?”

Me: *without thinking* “That’s the kind with nuts in it.”

(I still have yet to live it down.)

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