A Walkman Through The Past

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(I’ve bought some old home movies on VHS tapes over to my mum and step-dad’s so he can transfer them to DVD. My sister and eight-year-old nephew happen to be visiting at the same time.)

Nephew: *looking at the tapes* “Hey, what’s that?”

Me: “They’re videos; Grandpa is going to put them onto DVD for us.”

Nephew: “What’s a video?”

Me: “Before DVDs were invented, movies came out on video.”

Nephew: “Oh, my God. There was something before DVDs?”

Me: *laughing* “Yep, and before videos, there were eight-tracks.”

Nephew: “Wow, that’s trippy.”

Me: “You know that before mp3s, there were CDs, right?”

Nephew: “Yep, when Mum got rid of hers, me and [Nieces] used them for frisbees.”

Me: “Well, before CDs, there were cassettes. I think Grandpa might even have some, along with a Walkman. We could see if we can find them.”

(He readily agreed, and we found some old cassettes and Walkmen, along with our old super Nintendo and games. Everything still worked. After hooking the gaming system up to an old TV, my nephew and I spent the rest of the day reliving my childhood. While it made me feel incredibly old — I’m 32 — it was a great day reliving the past and showing him things that had been lost to the younger generation.)


Even Elon Musk Is Confused

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Friend: “I want to buy a car that goes on water.”

Me: “Like a boat?”

(She meant RUNS on water, rather than gas.)

Don’t Do The Dime If You Can’t Do The Time

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(There’s this guy we deliver to almost every day between four and six o’clock at a sketchy apartment complex that smells like weed. He’s very nice and polite, and he always tips at least $5 for his order — which, considering how close he is to the restaurant, is pretty good. His orders vary every day, though. One day it’ll be three sandwiches and two cookies, the next only one sandwich, the next day seven sandwiches with six chips and three cookies, etc. One day, I’m delivering his order to him and he answers the door.)

Customer: “Yo, I’m so sorry. I thought I had more money, but I don’t have enough for a tip.”

Me: “Oh, I guess I can let slide this time. But seriously, it’s not a big deal. We like you; you’re very polite, and never get mad at us.”

Customer: “I just feel so bad.”

Me: “As long as you can pay for the order, I won’t be mad.”

Customer: “Can you take other forms of tips?”

(Some of the local businesses will tip us popcorn, cookies, or other treats in place of money; we usually accept.)

Me: “Depends on what it is.”

Customer: “I got a dime if you want it.”

Me: “…”

Customer: “It’s really good stuff, I promise. Also, if any of you guys need a hookup, just let me know.”

Me: “I cannot take that kind of tip, but thank you for the offer.”

Customer: “Well, if you guys change your mind, you know where I live!”

A Little Nugget Of Information

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(Overheard between two employees at a popular fast food place:)

Employee: “[Coworker], can you stop eating the chicken nuggets long enough for me to fill this order?”

Netflix Releases The Ted Bundy Tapes, And Then…

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My university is close to my childhood home, so to save money I live at home with my parents rather than at dorms or on campus. My major has mostly final projects instead of tests, and on this particular Saturday night, I am focusing on editing a video due on Monday. My parents decide to go out with some of our neighbors, so I’m home alone. It’s winter, but other than being cold, the weather is pretty nice and clear.

While I’m working on editing the video, the power suddenly goes out.

My first thought: “Serial killer.” I quickly dismiss the thought as paranoid and silly and close my laptop to conserve power since its battery life is too atrocious to use the editing program without it being plugged in. Frustrated I can’t work on it right now, I get up to look out the front window. I can’t see any of the houses on our side of the street from the windows, only the houses across the street.

First thing I notice: all the neighbors across the street have their lights on.

Once again, I think, “Serial killer.” Now convinced someone cut the power to my house specifically, I quickly grab my hoodie and pull on my boots while calling for my dog. When we get outside I see someone jogging up to me along the sidewalk, and I realize it’s the high school son of the neighbors my parents are out with. I also realize none of the houses on our side of the street have power. Turns out he’d looked out his window, saw the only other houses he could see still had lights, and had the exact same “serial killer” thought process I did.

We seek shelter with the couple across the street and call our parents to alert them the situation. They happen to be heading back, and tell us they passed a car crashed into a power pole near our neighborhood. It just happened to take out only our side of the street. Since I still have to work on my final project and my laptop needs to be plugged in to work on it, our neighbors graciously let me work on it at their house, even after they go to bed. The power comes back on around eleven, and I return home soon afterward.

When I mention the “serial killer” thought process to my parents, my dad teases me about watching too many murder shows, but I still say it’s a logical conclusion when the only other houses you can see still have power.

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