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(I work in a very “gothic” like shop inside a theme park; as such I’m supposed to theme as semi-creepy. One day a guest comes up to buy something with his family – wife and three kids of varying ages.)

Me: “—and the total is [total].”

Customer: *while looking for payment inside wallet* “Can I give you an IOU? Pay you tomorrow, or Tuesday, next week maybe?”

Me: “I don’t think I can accept that, but I’ll consider a first-born sacrifice.”

(Without missing a beat, the man points to his oldest child.)

Customer: “You! over there!” *indicates my side of counter*

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I customer went to school with comes into my shop.

Customer: What size is this? *holds up cup*

Me: Large.

Customer: How can you know? You barely looked at it.

Me: It has LARGE written on it.

Customer: Well, you don’t have to be so F**KING RUDE! *leaves shouting that I’m stupid because I got a C in English while he got an A*

Beauty In A Bag

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(We’ve just walked into a store, and come face to face with the beauty section.)

Mum: “Look, all our beauty problems are over!”

Me: “I don’t see any paper bags here Mum.”

(The greeter was six feet away and trying desperately not to laugh.)

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Happens Every Holiday

| Right | May 6, 2015

(I am working on a till on a bank holiday Monday. I have finished scanning items, the client is paying, and we are engaging in small talk:)

Me: “The weather is good for a bank holiday, isn’t it?”

Customer: “Yes, isn’t it lovely that everybody gets to enjoy a day off?”

Me: “…”

(I am clearly not here for fun!)

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