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(This happened around the holidays when our store was having a sale. A couple comes in, they look like hippie/hipsters, but I’ve seen all kinds of odd people. The girl approaches me at the counter. I’ve been experiencing severe vertigo all day and feel very dizzy.)

Customer#1: Are you having this sale for Hanukkah?

Me: ….No?

(They go about the store and eventually wave me over as the man tries on some shoes. They start asking me questions about my religion.)

Customer#2: Are you always honest?

Me: Yes.

Customer#2: That’s impossible. Everyone lies. So do you pay a full tithe or offering?

Me: Absolutely. It’s part of [my religion]

Customer#2: Oh so you’re [religion]! We used to be part of that religion too! Did you know that the leaders of your church practice witchcraft and white magic?

Me: ……Really.

(This continues for about a half an hour. Meanwhile, my vertigo is getting to the point where the world is swimming in front of my eyes and I am desperately trying to catch the eye of my manager to rescue me. Eventually I tell them I’ll let them look around and they promise to introduce me to someone who will convince my my religion is full of deceit and lies. I go into the break room and my manager tells me they left without buying anything. I never see them again)

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I work in a reasonably high-end shoe store. Most of our shoes retail for ~$100+ and are really good quality. This man comes in about five minutes after I finish my shift, but I still have to walk out past him so I decide to ask what he wants.

Me: “Hello there Sir! What can I help you with today?”

Customer: “Well I bought these shoes about two months ago and they’re completely ruined!”

The customer takes off his shoes and passes them to me. I notice they are one of our higher brand, retail at $160, and it looks like someone has taken a knife to the sole and cut a hole in it. The shoes look at least a year old.

I nod and encourage him to continue this story. I smile at this point.

Customer: “DO NOT laugh at me. This is a real problem. I have been walking with these shoes for two weeks now. It is unacceptable.”

Me: “Sorry sir.”

Customer: “I do NOT want to enquire about a warranty, I just want to tell you not to buy these shoes!”

As a woman with small feet, I am not able to but this brand. Our shoes do not come with a warranty, only a refund if not worn & within 2 weeks of purchase. The customer walks off and I go out the back to retrieve my things and go home. As I’m walking past my manager, I see the same man speaking to her.

Customer: “I cannot believe the service here! I came in to ask about getting an exchange on these shoes and all I got was this girl laughing at me!”

I left the store quickly, hoping he hadn’t seen me again. I spoke to my manager the next day and she said that nothing came from it. The customer was not within his rights to get a refund or exchange.

The Ins And Outs Of Retail

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(I work at a shoe store that has an in door and an out door. I could fill up a couple pages of Not Always Right with stories of people coming in through the out door despite it not having a handle, but this one takes the cake. My manager and I are closing up for the night. We have locked the in door and turned our open sign off. We go to the back to put the money in the safe when we hear:)

Customer: “Hey, are you guys open?!”

(Something to keep in mind here is that the lights were turned off. Anyone with ANY common sense would think we were closed, so I respond with:)

Me: “Uh… no.”

Customer: “Oh. Your door is unlocked.”

Me: “Our out door is unlocked but our in door is locked.”

(The customer turned around and walked off. Seriously, how do you pry open a door with no handle and not realize that the dang store is CLOSED?!)

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Cobbled Together Some Clothes

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(I like to get all my errands done as early as I can on a weekend so the rest of my time off is mine. I go to a cobbler to get a zipper replaced on a boot whose teeth keep separating.)

Cobbler: “Hmm. This repair is expensive.”

Me: “What? What’s expensive? How much are you thinking?”

Cobbler: “It’d be, like $35.”

(The boots are over $600 new; their worth should be pretty obvious to someone in his field. I imagine the manufacturer would repair it for me — being a defective zipper — but I don’t want to waste my time figuring it out if I don’t have to.)

Me: “That’s… not expensive.”

(I pay and then head out, calling my aunt to complain that the race-to-the-bottom pricing we face every day now makes $35 seem too expensive to fix a boot.)

Aunt: “What are you wearing?”

Me: “Umm, a rock shirt and jeans.”

Aunt: “Ironic rock shirt or real rock shirt?”

Me: “Real rock shirt.”

Aunt: “Do your jeans fit?”

Me: *confused pause* “No.”

Aunt: “How’s your hair?”

Me: “Greasy and messy… Aww, man, he thought I was homeless.”

(Now I know why I get all my best deals when I shop Saturday morning.)

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(I’m the customer in this story. My mum’s taking me shopping for shoes. I’m 18 and we’re being helped by an attendant, the same age as me.)

Attendant: Wow, you have big feet! You know what they say about big feet!

Mum: I don’t think that’s appropriate.

Attendant: …Big shoes.

(Me and the attendant smile at each other at my mum’s naiveté)