Shoe, Weird Sale! Shoe!

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(I need to buy a new pair of shoes for work. I find a pair that looks suitable. There are discount stickers on the shelves above and below the shelf that my size is on, so I make sure that the shoes are the same style before heading to pay.)

Cashier: “That will be [full price], please.”

Me: “I thought these were on sale.”

Cashier: “I’ll call someone to check.”

(Another associate checks and comes back to say the price was right.)

Me: “Wait a minute. The identical shoes in size seven and above size nine are discounted.”

Associate: “Yes, that’s right.”

Me: “But size eight are full price?”

Associate: “Yep.”

(The associate says that as if that’s a completely normal thing. I have never heard of that before.)

Cashier: “So, that will be [price]; how do you want to pay?”

Me: “I don’t. Keep them.”

(The teenage associate rolled her eyes when the shoes were handed to her to take back.)

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I work at a very popular nationwide shoe store known for it’s low prices. Today we are slammed, and I’m busy on the floor checking up with customers. I notice a woman at the end of an aisle looking for a particular style.

Customer: Hi, I was wondering if you have this in a [size]?
Me: Sure thing. Let me run it up to the front and check!
(I get caught up conversing with another customer near the register. I continue and find that we don’t have the shoe in the size the original customer wants, and as I print out a list of nearby stores that do have what she’s looking for, everything falls dead silent as the sound of fifteen shoeboxes falling off the topstock of the shelves hit the very filled and busy aisles. I run back over and find the original customer standing on one of our benches with a box in her hand, and a radius of busted open boxes and shoes laying on the ground.)
Customer: Don’t worry, I found it! You should have everything on the shelves so people don’t have to do this!
(We have a special pole to get boxes off topstock, and no, it wasn’t the shoe she was looking for.)

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I’m shopping and trying on some new work shoes when an old lady approaches me. I’m dressed in a heavy down jacket and carrying around a purse.

Lady: Excuse me, do you know the [brand name] boots? Do you know where they are?

Me: Uh, sorry I don’t work here so I’m not sure.

Lady: Could you please show me where they are?

Me: Um, sorry I don’t know where they are?

Lady: (getting impatient) Could you please show me where they are?

(Right then, a sales person asks her if she needed help and got her to the boots. Thank you kind salesperson!)

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I work in a small franchised “specialty” shoe store. The area we’re in is the main tourist hub, right on the beach, but there also happens to be a rather large homeless population. Once in a while we have a problem transient and are forced to call security, but it’s been quiet since the beginning of the year.
Next to us is a jewelry shop; on my way back from the restroom I noticed an oddly thin woman standing in front of my store. Because the door to my shop was closed she decided to go into the jewelry shop. I unlock and open up, as I’m standing behind the counter I hear someone walk in.
“Aloha!” I greeted two bodies without looking up as I worked on the POS system.
Two women had entered the store, one in a blue dress, the other was the oddly thin woman. As the thin woman approached the counter I could detect a smell unique to the homeless in the area. I look up to greet her, I can smell her, and she coughs in my face.
“So, how much are these?” She pointed to the caddie full of lip balm.
“Oh, they’re about five dollars. They have sunscreen in them too.”
She coughed again, a wet nasty cough.
“So are you just fucking rude to homeless people or something?”
I looked at her, having been working on the register. I gather very quickly that our neighbors in the jewelry store had to ask her to leave.
“What’s your fucking problem with homeless people? Like, are they allowed to be in here?”
The woman leaned over the counter to a point where it would have made anyone uncomfortable.
“Totally, if you’re going to buy something.” I didn’t give her my full attention, just sort of answered her question and continued working on my register.
“Well FUCK THAT. Can’t just fucking stand in the store if I want to?”
The other woman, having heard the thin woman cursing, decides to bolt and leaves the store. The exact reason we don’t like it when vagrants hang around.
“No, sorry. You should leave, I’m calling security.”
The woman coughed in my face again, then turned and ran.

Can’t Vouch For This Transaction

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(We have recently run a voucher promotion giving customers 50% off their next purchase. I am on my lunch break out back when one of the other two employees asks me to come help with a customer.)

Customer: “I’d like to purchase these shoes, but I don’t have my voucher on me.”

Me: “Well, unfortunately, ma’am, we do require the voucher to process the discount. Are you able to come back with your voucher? We can hold the shoes for you.”

(The customer starts becoming more upset and I realise this is why I was asked to help.)

Customer: “Why would I possibly need to bring the voucher with me? This is ridiculous! Is this some kind of trick to get customers to come back to your store and spend money, and then you don’t give them the discount?”

Me: “Not at all, ma’am. I’m sorry for the confusion, but I really do need the voucher. The code needs to go into our computer system, and the voucher sent to our head office. And unfortunately, the whole point of the voucher is that you need to bring it back. We can’t just give out 50% discounts.”

Customer: “I can’t believe this! I want to speak to a manager!”

Me: “Unfortunately, our manager isn’t in today, but I’m the most senior staff member here so I’m happy to try and help you. Or I can get my manager to call you tomorrow when she’s in?”

Customer: “No! Give me her mobile number, then; I want to speak to her!”

Me: *somewhat shocked* “Ma’am, I can’t give out my manager’s personal mobile number, or bother her during her day off. You’re welcome to call our head office if you aren’t happy with what I’m able to offer you.”

Customer: “Then I want your name, and I’m going to file a complaint about you to your head office!”

Me: “If that’s what you’d like to do, then my name is [My First Name], and here’s a card with our head office number.”

Customer: “And what’s your surname?!”

(I have a distinctive surname, so don’t want to give it to this crazy customer!)

Me: “Ma’am, I’m not going to give you my surname. I’m the only [My First Name] working at this store, so that will be enough to identify me.”

Customer: “Well, how do I know that’s even your name?! You’re not wearing a badge!”

Me: *sigh* “I don’t have a badge because I only recently started at this store, but the other staff members here will verify that [My First Name] is my real name.”

(The customer raises her voice in triumph, thinking I’ve been caught out.)

Customer: “Ha! You just said you were the most senior staff member, and you’ve only just started working here! This is outrageous! I demand to speak to your manager!”

(By this stage, I’m feeling thoroughly harassed by this customer and her barrage of questions.)

Customer: “Ma’am, I’ve been with [Company] for three years and recently transferred to this store from [Other Location]. I don’t have a badge because we have different uniforms and my new badge hasn’t arrived yet. So, if you like, you can either return with your voucher, my manager can call you tomorrow, or you can call head office with your concerns, and those are our options. What would you like to do?”

Customer: “Well, fine. I’ll just call your head office, then, and expect to hear about it!”

(She then slowly rants her way out of the store, stopping with my colleagues on the way, when I realise she has left her credit card on the counter. I take a deep breath and resist the urge to throw it straight in the bin.)

Me: “Ma’am! You forgot your credit card!”

Customer: “Hrmph!” *storms out*

(The next day, I spoke with my manager who assured me I’d done everything right, and agreed that the customer was crazy and/or very dim to not realise you need to bring a voucher in to claim its discount. I never heard from head office about her complaint!)

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