A Watered-Down Gesture

| Working | July 7, 2016

(It’s July and the company owner has decided to provide water for the convenience of the workers, who are toiling in the sun with very little opportunities for a break. Two pallets of bottled water are placed in the workshop, leaving the workers free to take as many as they need. Bear in mind these are half-liter bottles, easy to carry around but highly impractical for domestic consumption. At five pm, a worker comes in.)

Me: “Hi, [Worker].”

Worker: *somewhat embarrassed* “Hi…”

(He then proceeds to take at least three six-bottle packs, too much for a single person, especially since his shift just ended. I have a realization.)

Me: “[Worker], you aren’t taking the bottles home, are you?”

Worker: *yelling* “I’m poor! I have a large family!”

(Sadly, because of this guy and many others like him, the following year the workers were left to fend for themselves regarding water…)

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