Textbook Case Of Textbook Loss

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(I’m the idiot in this story, but it’s not entirely my fault. I’ve had to order this particular textbook online twice now, as the first one never arrived and the vendor could not provide me with accurate tracking information. I have been waiting for a week now for the second copy, and classes have long since started.)

Me: “Hey, [Roommate], did you get the mail?”

Roommate: “Yeah, it’s on the table.”

(My textbook is not among the mail on the table. I continue checking the mailbox for several days, to no avail. Finally, I give up hope and email the vendor, hoping for a refund.)

Me: “I never received this item. Can I have a refund, please?”

Representative: “Certainly! I just need [personal details] to process the refund.”

(I provide the details they need. At this point, the email thread changes tone, so I can only assume that a different person is on the other end.)

Representative: “Upon looking at your order, your tracking number is [number], and according to the carrier website, your item was delivered several days ago. Please check around your porch area.”

(I go to find my roommate.)

Me: “Are you sure I haven’t received anything in the mail recently?”

Roommate: “Oh, yeah! I have this book that isn’t for any of my classes. Maybe it’s yours?”

(It turns out she’d just assumed that all of the textbooks that had come in the mail were hers! Still, I’m the one who had to email the company back with a shamefaced apology. I’m sure they thought I was trying to scam them!)

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(The company deals with packing and shipping items from local auction house. I am new to working there and hadn’t been trained yet on what to say to the people who bought auction items when they call, but I do know that when an auction buyer calls, the first thing you do is get their name and find their information. I am closing with a coworker, and my coworker is with a customer when the phone rings.)

Me: Do you want me to finish with your customer so you can get the phone? [Assistant manager] hasn’t trained me in that yet.

Coworker: No, it’s fine. Just say “Thank you for calling [store], this is [name].” Get his name and see what he wants.

Me (answering the phone): Thank you for calling [store], this is [name]. What can I do for you?

Customer: Yeah, you can help me. My name is [name] and I ordered something from [auction house].

Me: Ok, hold on just one second while I find your papers.

Customer: What papers??

Me: The papers that the auction house provides us. They go with the item you bought from them.

(the phone connection went bad for a second, so I didn’t catch what the customer said.)

Me: I’m really sorry, but I didn’t catch that. Either your phone or our phone dropped out for a second there… can you please repeat what you just said?

Customer (yelling): YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME?!?

Me: No, no, the connection just went bad, so I didn’t catch what you said.

Customer: I can’t believe this! I spent all this money and to be disrespected like this! You’re incredibly unprofessional! Your whole business is unprofessional!

Me: I… I’m really sorry, sir. I’m gonna hand the phone to my coworker now.

(My coworker talks to the customer. She’s on the phone with him for less than a minute.)

Me: What did he want?

Coworker: He just wanted to confirm that his items were shipping out tomorrow.

When Thinking Outside The Box Is Not Thinking At All

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(I’m a supervisor in customer care at a call center for a major cellular provider. When we do warranty replacements, we send a phone out and require the defective one to be returned. If, however, it returns physically damaged outside of the warranty, we bill a damaged device fee. The following is one of those escalations.)

Me: *taking over escalated call from agent* “Hi, ma’am. I’m a wireless care supervisor; how may I help you?”

Customer: “I want my money back! You HAVE to give me my money back!”

Me: “I’m very sorry, ma’am, but I’m looking at the pictures of the device you sent in, and the phone’s screen isn’t just cracked, it’s completely shattered. Our warranty doesn’t cover this, and I’m afraid we have to charge you.”

Customer: “No, you HAVE to get rid of this charge. There was NOTHING wrong with that phone when I sent it in.”

Me: “I don’t know what to tell you, ma’am. When we received it, it was pretty beaten up. Did you pack it well when you mailed it?”

Customer: “I packed it exactly like the other rep told me to! It was fine when it left here!”

Me: “Perhaps you could take it up with the postal carrier?”

Customer: “I thought it was weird, the way the rep told me to pack it, but I did it exactly like they said!”

Me: *curious where this is going to lead* “Okay, ma’am. What did they tell you to do?”

Customer: “He said to tape it to the box. I’ve never done that before, but that’s what he said to do, and I did. If it’s broken, it’s your fault!”

Me: “Actually, ma’am, taping the phone inside the box is a good idea, as it does prevent the phone from jostling around and possibly breaking.”

Customer: *quiet for a moment* “What do you mean ‘inside the box’?”

Me: *thinking I see where this is going, checking the pics of the broken phone, and the box it came in, again* “Ma’am… did you tape your phone to the OUTSIDE of the shipping box?”

Customer: “I just did what the representative told me to do! That’s the way you guys package your return phones, and I did everything I was supposed to do!”

Me: “…”

Customer: “You have to get rid of this charge! You just have to!”

Me: “Ma’am, you taped the phone to the outside of an empty box, shipped it to us, and you don’t know why the phone is broken?” *barely able to contain laughter at this point* “I’m sorry, but there’s just no way we can refund this.”

(The customer launched into tirade of profanity, yelled for my manager, and ended up getting disconnected for being abusive. And I don’t think she ever realized that she shouldn’t have taped it to the box.)

This Kind Of Weirdness Can’t Fit In A Box

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Customer: “I have six boxes I want to ship. Can you do that?”

Me: “Sure, we can.”

Customer: “Okay. They might be heavy; I have a lot of clothes in them.”

Me: “That’s okay; the max weight for shipping out is 150 pounds.”

Customer: “Oh. I have a lot of cotton clothes. But there’s six boxes.”

Me: “Okay. Do you have them here?”

Customer: “No. But you’ll be able to tell me, right?”

Me: “Tell you what?”

Customer: “Yeah… see, ’cause I have to send all these costumes back, and some of them are heavy, like one of them is 7 pounds on its own, but most of the other clothes are just cotton.”

Me: “…oh.”

Customer: “So, you’ll have an idea, right?”

Me: “An idea of what?”

Customer: “Of the cost.”

Me: “Oh, well I can create an estimate. Where’s it going?”

Customer: “California.”

Me: “Okay, do you have the zip code?”

Customer: “No.”

Me: “Do you have the address?”

Customer: “No.”

Me: “I’ll need one or the other in order to get a proper quote for you. Do you have it saved in your phone or something?”

Customer: “No. But yeah. You can get an idea. Yeah, there’s a lot of clothes that I’m sending, and I’m so mad that I have to send them all back. It’ll probably be 150 pounds once I fill all the boxes.”

(I kind of want her to stop talking, since I don’t even know how to respond to her, so I type in 90210 as the zip code so that I can give her some kind of quote.)

Me: “This quote isn’t totally accurate, because I just put in 90210 for the zip code, but it’s coming up to [price]. That’s for six boxes at this size, all equaling 150 pounds.”

Customer: “WHAT?! That’s so expensive! How much would it cost to send it Canada Post?”

Me: “I’m not sure; you’d have to go to the post office.”

Customer: “Because this guy, his size is like 34x34x34! Like, you’ve got to be joking! So I put the pants on and they come up to my neck! I was so mad! I can’t wear these! They said they’d send me 50 bucks to mail them back, but there’s so many costumes!”

Me: “…oh.”

Customer: “But, oh my gosh, you’ve been so helpful! Thank you so much! Oh my gosh, I’m so happy now! Thanks!”

(She leaves and I turn to my coworker:)
Me: “That was weird.”

New Mexico, Old Problems

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(I work at a chain clothing store that also has a website that you can order from. Sometimes, if they are out of an item online, the call center will direct a customer to a store that has it in stock and have the customer order it from the store. One day an online rep calls me for this type of transaction, to check if I have the item a customer wants. I look, find the item, and this takes place…)

Me: “It looks like we have that item!”

Online Rep: “Great! Let me patch the customer over to you and you can get that sent to them!”

(A lady answers with a thick Southern accent:)

Caller: “Hello?”

Me: “Hello! So, you want to order [item] today?”

Caller: “Yes… so, it’s going to be shipped from a store to me?”

Me: “Yes, that’s right! We happened to have it in stock, even though they’re out online. “

Caller: “So, wait… how long is it going to take?”

Me: “It’ll be the standard three to five day shipping, ma’am.”

Caller: “Where is this store located?”

Me: “We’re in Albuquerque, New Mexico. “

Caller: “You’re going to ship it all the way from New Mexico? I’m not sure I want to wait that long…”

Me: “Well, it’s still three to five day shipping, so you will get it in three to five days.”

Caller: “But all that way? I don’t think I want to wait that long… I’ll just wait for them to get more online. ”

Me: “Okay, but if you do that, you might have to wait several weeks for them to get in, and then you’ll have to wait for it to ship to you. I can get it to you in three to five days.”

Caller: “I just don’t want to wait for it to come all the way from New Mexico… bye.” *hangs up*

(It occurred to me after she hung up that she might have gotten New Mexico, the state, confused with Mexico, the country. Either way, three to five day shipping still means you’ll get it in three to five days. And, ironically, our warehouses are on the west coast, so it probably would have to have gone a longer distance if she had ordered online.)

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