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Potential Customer calls. We are closing early today for a staff event. Our website, where she likely got our phone number, has huge flags all over it saying we close at 2 pm today for a staff barbecue.

PC: Do you have any large lockers?

Me: No, I’m sorry, the largest we have is (size), it starts at (cost) per month plus GST. (A fairly small locker, all things considered, but pricey, because of where we’re located)

PC: Oh, do you have anything smaller?

Me: Sure. (gives rates for smaller lockers)

PC: And you’re open today?

Me: (thinking *well, I answered the phone….*) We’re open now, but our office closes at 2 pm today.

PC: I was thinking about coming by around 3…. *tone says “You’ll stay open for me, right?”*

Me: Our office closes at 2 pm today.

PC: Is there any particular reason why?

Me: We have some things to attend to. May I suggest you come by tomorrow?

PC: But I wanted to come by around 3 today.

Me: Our office closes at 2 pm today.

PC: Oh. *click*

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Stored Excuses For Days

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A customer leaves a huge pile of crap on the side of our storage building. I know it was him because when I came in, I saw him put the all the same stuff behind his vehicle. My manager has him charged for the clean-up. He later calls asking about the charge. When I explain, he gets angry.

Customer: “You can’t prove that was my stuff. This is totally unfair! I wasn’t even at my storage unit today.”

Me: “Sir, I saw you with that stuff just this morning by your car, and you came into the office and spoke to me twice personally, so I know you were here, and we have you on video.”

Customer: “Well, that doesn’t matter because I didn’t touch the stuff. It wasn’t even my stuff. My mom was working with some guys I hired and they left the mess.”

Me: “Sir, it’s your storage unit, you were present at the time of all of this, and you are the one responsible.”

Customer: “But you don’t understand! I didn’t touch the stuff! I shouldn’t have to pay for the clean-up, that’s my mom’s and the guy’s! It’s the hired guy’s fault! All I was doing was sitting in my car and playing on my phone.”

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*I work in a relatively small storage facility, and this is at the very beginning of the day. Not one minute after I walk in the office, we aren’t technically open for another 10 minutes, a customer yanks the door open because I decided to set my belongings down before locking the door behind me*

Me: “Good morning sir.”

Customer: “No, it is NOT a good morning.”

Me: “I’m sorry to hear that, what seems to be the issue?”

Customer: “WHY didn’t you tell me the elevator is broken? My movers are here to remove my items and now I’ll need to reschedule them.”

Me: “Unfortunately, the east elevator is out of service and will be repaired soon. In the meantime, you’re welcome to use the west elevator on the opposite end of the hall so you won’t need to reschedule your movers.”

*At this point, the customer looks at me dumbfounded*

Customer: “You mean to tell me there is another elevator in the building?

Me: “Yes sir, it is on the west side of the building approximately 75 feet from the elevator that is currently out of service. It’s at the other end of the hall.”

Customer: “Well that’s just UNACCEPTABLE! You’re supposed to have called me to tell me the elevator isn’t working!”

Me: “Sir, I do have over 400 other tenants in the facility, I can’t call every single person to inform them that one of the two elevators are broken when they can use the working elevator or the stairs to access their space.”

Customer: *shouting at me* “You know I’m moving out, so you are REQUIRED to pick up the phone and call me, [customers’ name], and tell me the elevator is broken!”

Me: “Again sir, I have over 400 other tenants, and I interact with most of them a daily basis. I understand your frustration, and as I stated earlier, you are more than welcome to use the elevator just 25 yards in the other direction. Other than that, there is nothing I can do for you at this time.”

Customer: “Yeah, well, thanks for nothing. You ****ing a*****e.”

Me: “Have a fantastic day!”

*The kicker is that the elevator that is currently working is the elevator we use to show tenants where their space is prior to renting, and is closer to his unit.*

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My husband and I own and run two sets of self storage units. The office phone is advanced to my cell phone after hours in case of emergencies. Just as I get dinner on the table at 6 p.m. on Friday night, the phone rings. It’s a very loud gentleman who is yelling at me, “They can’t get in. She paid her $21 and they’ve got a trailer there and they are waiting.” Since we have two sets of units — one that is fenced in and one that isn’t, I ask him if the issue is that they can’t get in the security gate or the actual unit, thinking it will at least let me know which of my locations he is talking about. “They can’t get in the gate and you need to go down there and let them in because they are waiting with the trailer.” Since we work with a web based program, I pull up our database on the home computer (while dinner is getting cold on the table) and ask “Can you give me a unit number or a name so I can see if they are current on their bill.” He could only tell me the woman’s first name, he couldn’t remember her last name, and gave me a number to call “Annie.” The number was disconnected. I called back, he gave me a different number, it was disconnected. I called back and he has me on a three-way conversation where he is yelling at some guy with extensive profanity about Annie’s number and I get a third number where I finally get in touch with Annie. The conversation goes like this:
Me: “What’s your unit number and maybe I can figure out what the problem is?”
Annie: “I don’t have one, I put the money in the kiosk and I was supposed to get a unit.”
There is only one set of storage unit in our small town that uses that system and it’s not us. Me: “I’m sorry, that is not one of our storage unit sites so I can’t help you.”
Annie: “I’m just trying to find out why I can’t get in and this is the number I called to get the unit.”
Me: “I’m sorry but you couldn’t have called earlier about the unit because I would have taken the call and I haven’t talked to you before. Those are not our units and we have nothing to do with their management.”
Annie: “Well I’m just trying to clear up the confusion and you aren’t being helpful. And I don’t like your tone. The least you could do is be polite.”
Me: “There really isn’t much I can do to help you. Those are not our storage units and I have nothing to do with their management.”
Annie: “You don’t have to be so rude.” Then she hangs up on me.
I think the whole thing is over and we sit down to eat our dinner. The phone rings again. This time my husband, Rick, says, “Let me talk to her.”
I can overhear Annie insisting that she called our number and rented a 5 by 10 unit from Destiny for $21.
Rick: “We have no one who works for us named Destiny. We have never rented a storage unit for $21. We have nothing to do with XXX Storage Units.”
Annie: “Well I know I called this number and I rented a storage unit from Destiny and I’m just trying to clear up this confusion.”
Rick: “The only one confused is you. I don’t know how we could be clearer that have never had anyone working for us by that name, we have never rented any of our storage units for $21, and we do not manage XXX Storage Units. You were also rude to my wife and we are trying to have dinner.”
Then he hung up.
She called back again and I used the call blocking feature on my cell phone. There are advantages to being the owner/manager.

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Boxes Of Entitlement

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(We are a company that offers self-storage, apartments, and office space. One of our residential tenants asks about storage for just one night. I explain what we have available but that we only have month-to-month agreements. He does not want to pay for the full month but since he has an apartment right next to our office, we decide to do him a favor and allow him to store about 30 boxes in our conference room for the night at no cost. He promises to have them picked up in the morning. The following morning at 9:00 am, as soon as we open, a man and woman come in.)

Customer: “Hi. I’m here to meet [Tenant] to pick up the boxes he left here yesterday.”

Me: “Great! We’ve put them into the conference room so that they are out of the way. Is he on his way?”

Customer: “Yes, he will be here in just a minute.”

(The man and woman go into the conference room and start moving around the boxes. The tenant comes and goes, but no boxes have been taken out of the conference room. I peek in and see that they have started to unpack the boxes and are looking through all the files on our conference room table. They aren’t hurting anything, so I let them do what they need to do. They even bring food in to eat lunch at the conference room table. After about four hours, they walk out, again with no boxes.)

Customer: “We’ll be back!”

Me: “Okay…? What time do you think you will be done moving the boxes out?”

Customer: “Well, what time do you close?”

Me: “We close at 4:30 pm. You’re planning to be here all day?”

Customer: “We will make sure to be out before you need to leave; we wouldn’t want to take advantage of you letting us leave the boxes here.”

Me: “Uh… okay.”

(They leave for about an hour. When they come back, they are in and out and move about ten boxes to their car. The entire time, I am trying to get through day-to-day activities and helping customers around them.)

Customer: “Okay, we need to close this door. She’s been having people in and out of here all day. We can’t even hear each other.”

(He then closes OUR conference room door to block me out of my own conference room so that they can have a meeting.)

Me: *to one of the owners* “Apparently, I’m disrupting them!

(They then stay until after 3:00 pm, when I finally have to say something since they still have unpacked boxes in the conference room and are simply in there talking.)

Me: “Are you guys almost all set in here?”

Customer: “Yep, we’ll be out of here by 4:30.”

Me: “Well, our office closes at 4:30, so in order to get everything out by then, you will have to start packing and moving the rest of the boxes out now.”

Tenant: “Yep, we’ll get out of your hair.” *to the couple that have been there all day* “We gotta get out of here, guys!”

(They finish packing up and finally move the rest of the boxes out. Right before I start closing up the office, the tenant is the last one to walk out. He says as he’s walking away

Tenant: “I’ll say it for you, ‘Never again!’ But at least you can say you were part of a CIA investigation.”

Me: “Uh… what?!”

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