Not Very Closed-Minded, Part 36

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I work in a rather popular restaurant. Our lobby has closed at 9:00 pm and it’s around 9:30 pm with some customers still sitting in the restaurant, finishing the meals they ordered before we closed. There are bright red signs on both entrances with big words saying “Dining Room Closed.” Because there are customers still eating, we cannot lock the doors.

A bus has just pulled into the parking lot and two girls open the door and half-step in the doorway.

Girl #1: “Can we come in?”

Coworker: “If you need to use the restroom, yes. However, our dining room is closed.”

Girl #1: “Oh, we wanted food.”

Coworker: “Well, since the kitchen is still up and running for drive-thru orders, we can let you order, but it would have to be to go.”

Girl #2: “So, we can’t eat in here?”

Coworker: “No, sorry. As our doors say and as I already mentioned, the seating area is closed.”

Girl #2: “Well, why do they get to sit in here?!” 

She is referring to the customers finishing their meals in the seating area.

Coworker: “They were here before we closed.”

The girls agree to take an order to go and wave in the rest of the people from their bus. About twenty to thirty teenage girls are now packed in our lobby. They all order food and aren’t out of there for about twenty minutes. Because of the large number of orders, the kitchen has to pretty much restart an hour of cleaning they already finished and I have to clean areas of the lobby again.

After they leave, I get a look of annoyance on my face and turn to a coworker who was hanging out and not on the clock.

Me: “What part of ‘we’re closed’ is so difficult for people to understand?”

Coworker #2: “You think people would know by now.”

This is not the first time something like this has happened and will not be the last.

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When I was the receptionist at a large printing firm I got a phone call asking to speak to Mike.

Me: “Which Mike can I connect you to?”

Caller: “I don’t know; I got a message to call Mike at (my company). What’s the problem?”

Me: “Well, sir, we have 17 Mikes. Any idea what department?”

Caller: “Finishing, I think.”

Me: “OK, (looking at the list) That department has five Mikes. You sure you don’t have a last name, or even an initial?”

Caller: “Nope.”

Me: OK, then, how about I take your name and number and give it Finishing. Maybe whoever called you will call you back.”

(Caller gives me the information, which I duly gave to the Finishing lead. I never did find out if he and Mike Whoever connected.)

She Just Invented The World’s Worst Jello Flavor

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I am manning a touch-tank exhibit at the aquarium and overhear this exchange between a mother and a young child:

Mother: “What does the starfish feel like?”

Three-Year-Old Daughter: “Um, uh… strawberries!”

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(i work at a plus size women’s fashion store. A lady comes in with a huge stroller for her six month old twins, her five year old, and a seven year old she’s babysitting. She want to try things on so I put her in the handicap room so she has enough room for the kids. I see her trying to walk out of the store about five minutes later without any of the kids, and I didn’t notice anyone walking out with them. She’s done this several times before, and each time it has gotten worse)

Me: So how did everything go?

Customer: It went really well! I’ll be back in a little bit so I can decide what I want.

Me: I see you don’t have the kids anymore! Lucky you, getting a shopping day without all the kids.

Her: Oh, no I left them in the fitting room. The seven year old is in charge. Don’t worry to much though, I’ll only be gone about an hour, and she’s done this before.

Me: Uhh ma’am, you can’t leave your kids here without a responsible adult watching them.

Her: It’s really not a problem. I told them you would help them if anything happens.

Me: I’m sorry, I’m not comfortable with you leaving your kids here in the fitting rooms. If you are leaving you need to take them with you, or I have to call security and they will take them.

Her: What the fuck lady? I told you it’s fine. They can stay here if I want them too. Why is this always such a big deal with you retail workers?

Me: Ma’am. I’m not going to argue with you over this. You need to get your kids before you leave.

She then proceeds to knock things off my tables and racks while yelling incoherently about how she should be able to leave her kids wherever she wants, and cursing random words together. I turn to one of my other customers.

Customer 2: did that really just

Me: Yes. Unfortunately that’s not thebfirst time she’s tried this.

That’s Bloody Disgusting

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My friend related this story to me. He stops by a chain coffee shop that also sells sandwiches and the like. Almost immediately after he’s been handed his order, he notices that there is a smear of what is clearly blood on the bag that his sandwich is in.

He returns to the counter immediately. 

Friend: “Excuse me, but there’s blood on my sandwich.”

The cashier does not sound at all surprised or alarmed by this serious health code violation.

Cashier: “Oh, that’s not good! You know, there are a lot of tomatoes that go into our sandwiches; it might just be a bit of tomato.”

Friend: “I know what blood looks like. I’m not eating this.”

Cashier: “Okay, we can make you a new sandwich. We’ll just need to take back the one you don’t want.”

As my friend went to hand back the bloody sandwich, he noticed that the cashier had a bandage on her hand but was not wearing a glove over it, as is expected when you cut yourself doing food prep. Hmm, I wonder where the blood could’ve come from?

His second sandwich was blood-free, and amazingly he still ate it. I’m not sure I would have.

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