Their Behavior Is A Mixed Bag

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(I’m at the checkout at my local grocery store. I’m female, and although I’m in my mid-twenties, I often get mistaken for being high-school-aged. The cashier, a man about my age, has been very polite and professional. I’ve been bagging my own groceries up to this point when another employee, a man in his 40s or 50s, comes over to help with bagging.)

Bagger: *starts taking items OUT of my reusable bags* “Oh, no. I can do much better than this. You put way too much in this bag.”

Me: “Oh, well, I’m actually taking the bus home today, so I am trying to fit everything into as few bags as possible, please.”

Bagger: *not listening, keeps unpacking and rearranging my items angrily* “You have to put these heavy frozen items in a different bag!”

Me: “Sorry, but I was putting them in this bag because it’s insulated, and since it’s so hot outside today I really don’t want them to melt while I’m on the bus.”

(I try to reach around him to put some chocolate into the insulated bag.)

Bagger: “No! Why would you put chocolate there?! These things are cold! Chocolate is warm! Don’t mix warm and cold things!”

Me: “But it’s so hot outside, it will melt unless I put it with the cold things…”

Bagger: “What are you saying? You don’t know what you’re doing. I will fix this for you!”

Me: *getting exasperated* “Please! I’m going home on the bus…”

(The cashier has been watching this whole time, looking at the bagger with increasing bewilderment. Finally, he speaks to the bagger, calmly and casually.)

Cashier: “Hey, man, I think she’s taking the bus. She just wants to put the cold stuff together and keep the chocolate from melting.”

Bagger: “Oh, okay.”

(Finally, he bags everything the way I have been asking, and then wanders off without another word.)

Cashier: “I’m so sorry about that!”

Me: “Thanks. I just hope I catch my bus!”

(I paid and ran out, making it to the bus stop just in time. I’m grateful that the cashier was on my side, but it was so frustrating that the bagger would not hear anything I said until the cashier repeated it! Thankfully, none of my groceries melted on the way home.)

The Bread Bag Paradox

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(A customer walks up to my lane with a reusable bag. She’s purchasing several canned items and a loaf of bread. I start ringing her up.)

Me: “So, a layer of cans on the bottom, and I’ll put the bread on top?”

Customer: “No, thank you.”

Me: “So, I’ll bag the bread separately?”

Customer: “No, they can all go in one bag.”

Me: “…?”

(I just bagged her items as I initially said.)

At This Store, You Get What You Ask For!

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(I work in a popular ladies clothing store. It is a busy Saturday afternoon, with a line of customers. Our state offers tax-exempt shopping for customers from certain nearby states.)

Customer: “I’m an Alaska resident; I’m tax-free.”

Me: *jokingly, with a smile* “Prove it! I’ll need your driver’s licence or ID.”

(The customer rolls her eyes and tosses her licence at me silently. I cross to the other side of the register counter and pick up the paperwork I need to complete the tax-exempt sale.)

Customer’s Friend: “Ugh. Can you go ANY slower?”

Me: *smiles* “Yes.” *I start writing more slowly and carefully, and take my time typing in the computer and carefully folding all her items* “Thank you for shopping at [Store].”

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I work for a well known web company, and at least once a week I receive emails regarding verifying accounts. We send very specific crystal clear instructions to send an email to X email, with detailed information, to verify your account. More often then not I receive inquiries of this nature:

customer: I received an email telling me to send in verification information to this specific email. …WHAT DO I DO?

*facepalm* “have you tried emailing that information in to that email?”

Monsters From The ID

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(I’m a new cashier, still in training, but I’m doing everything exactly by the book. Whenever someone wants to pay with a check, I have to ask for a photo ID to make sure that they’re using their own checks. A middle-aged gentleman comes up in line, buys a couple of t-shirts, and wants to pay with a check.)

Me: “Okay, sir, can I please see an ID?”

Customer: “A what?!”

Me: “I need to see a photo ID, please.”

Customer: “You need an ID, do you?”

Me: “Yes, sir.”

(He glares at me, opens his wallet, and starts spilling out all sorts of IDs all over the counter.)

Customer: *obviously raging* “Here’s an ID from when I served in Afghanistan, and here are a few IDs from other states, and here’s an ID from when I was overseas, and here’s a photo ID from my job, and here’s an ID…”

(After a while I start blanking out what all IDs he offers, but he gets more and more angry as he’s throwing IDs down until he has emptied his wallet. I wait patiently and quietly for him to be finished, then I make a point of only picking up ONE.)

Me: “I only needed to see one, sir.”

(I finished ringing him up and waited for him to scoop up all of his IDs and stuff them back in his wallet. Then, he ended up leaving so angrily that he forgot his t-shirts.)

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