It’s Been A Hard Day

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I used to work IT for a bank. One morning, I got a call from a user about her workstation and, based on the troubleshooting we did and the information she’d given me, I came to the conclusion that, unfortunately, her workstation had died and needed to be replaced. I ended the call as she was going to talk with her manager to get the process started.

The day went on, and I got another call from her telling me that she’d gotten someone more technical to swap out the hard drive and the issue had been resolved. That was followed by a five-minute, mildly panicked conversation as I tried to figure out what she’d done. For various reasons, end users weren’t supposed to touch equipment or take it apart like that without being expressly told to do so by one of us. So, I was trying to figure out what she’d swapped, as well as the potential security risks associated with it, since she said they’d just had one lying around.

I finally asked to speak to the person who’d assisted her and found out that they’d swapped the monitor with one from one of their training stations. Cue my huge sigh of relief and my explaining to the original user why I’d panicked, because telling me they’d swapped the hard drive meant they were taking the computer apart.

Her response? “Oh, well, I didn’t do that.”

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(I am a delivery driver for a huge food courier service. I got a call for a delivery to a hospital. normally the customer is supposed to come down to the car, but I see special instructions to run it up to her office, which is on a hospital campus, so I oblige. I get a call while in the elevator)

Me: hello?

Customer: Hi, this is _________, I’m down on the street, but I don’t see you.

Me: Oh! I’m actually on my way up to your office.

Customer: Oh, I thought I was supposed to meet you on the street.

Me: normally, yes, but your note contained instructions to bring the food up to your office.

Customer: Oh, okay.

(I arrive on the 8th floor of the address she gave me and I find out that she has given me the wrong building on the campus, and that she was in the building next door. I call her again to confirm her location)

Customer: Hello?

Me: Hi, this is _______, your delivery driver. I think you gave me the wrong building, are you in the gynecology department?

Customer: Yes

Me: Okay, I’m on my way over and will be there in just a few minutes.

(A few minutes later I get a call from her)

Customer: Hi I think the first building I gave you was wrong.

The moral of the story: graduating from medical school doesn’t necessarily mean you are smart

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I work at a “drop in” daycare which means we take reservations for the time you need (which are only listed with time and their last name wich if the parents listen when we talk will know this) and are open really late. We bend over backwards to stay open 6 days a week and stay open for reservations even if we are have problems that make it super hard on us.
We one Monday and Tuesday we got snowed it. Or I should say our employees did so we had to close for two days.
So our owners change the voicemail, post on the website and Facebook we will be closed due to weather conditions and posted a notice on the door. I come in on Wed to open and I get two parents who address me this way.
Me: Hi, how are you today?
Parent: why weren’t you open Monday?! I came for my reservation and no one let me in! Where were you? I had a reservation!
Me: I’m so sorry we had an unexpected closure so-”
Parent: You can’t close when I have a reservation!
Me: Again I am so sorry but all of our employees were snowed in…
Parent: Well you should have called everyone!
Me: As I’ve said none of the employees…
Parent: Next time you better call!
Me: We will do our best next time. I’m sorry. (Finally the mom leaves)
Coworker: How are you going to call them if they don’t have a number on their account?

Sequel To The Children’s Classic, “My Teacher Sleeps In School”, Part 2

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When my brother is about five or so, he is at a grocery store with my mom. They happen to see our pediatrician there shopping for groceries, too. He and my mom greet each other, but my brother is confused.

Brother: “What are you doing here?”

Doctor: “I’m getting some things for dinner.”

Brother: “Don’t they give you food at the office?”

Doctor: “Sometimes people bring in food, but I’m having dinner at home with my family.”

Brother: “You have a home?”

Doctor: “[Brother], I don’t live at my office.”

For bonus points, our grandfather and two uncles are doctors, and Mom’s a nurse — and my brother was well aware that none of them lived at their offices or hospitals!

Sequel To The Children’s Classic, “My Teacher Sleeps In School”

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Our Chief Weapon Is Surprise!

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In the time before the plague, my husband and I used to be avid convention attendees. It was fun, both to dress up and see others in costume, and wherever we go, we always bring a digital camera with us, just so we don’t fill up our phones completely.

One year, on the third day of a three-day convention, we were on the signing floor, and my husband was waiting in line for a celebrity that I was not a fan of. Instead of waiting in line, I elected to go to the shop floor, digital camera in hand. On the way there, I spotted a trio of cosplayers dressed up as Monty Python’s Spanish Inquisition and got their permission to snap a picture. I (purposely) never got around to telling my husband about it, and it was quickly buried by pictures of other costumes.

A week later, after we had both gotten home, my husband was going through the camera with a friend while I was working on something else in the same room. It was very rewarding when the running commentary that accompanied each picture suddenly stopped, and my husband looked over at me in surprise. “Well,” he said, “I wasn’t expecting this.”

Best prank I’ve ever pulled.

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