Sick Of This Pettiness

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I am a teacher. One day, some years ago, I woke up with the flu: delirious from a spiking fever and only able to croak a few words. I was in no shape to teach, so I called in sick.

Half an hour later, a substitute teacher called me for instructions. I told her that I could barely speak but it was also apparent that I had no voice. I was probably rambling a little due to the fever but managed to tell her the lesson plans.

I then hung up and dozed off in feverish dreams. Twenty minutes later, she called again. She had lost her notes, and could I possibly repeat them? I croaked the lesson plans, hung up, and dozed off.

Fifteen minutes later, she called again. She had lost her notes. Could I repeat the lesson plans?

Wheezing and croaking, I went through the lessons for a third time, told her that if she lost her notes again she would have to improvise as I had the flu and couldn’t talk. Just leave me alone.

Five minutes later, the principal called and wondered why I refused to give out the lesson plan to the sub.

He didn’t sound entirely convinced when I told him that I had. Three times in less than an hour.

The sub then called me again screaming that she’d lost the lesson plans and I’d better come to work and instruct her. I had a coughing fit into the receiver and hung up on her.

I was fuming, partly from the fever but also because the sub was trying to set me up. Her daughter was in my class, and a few weeks prior, I hadn’t fussed enough when her daughter was sick. I spoke to the teacher she had for the class after mine so that she would get home quicker, but that wasn’t good enough, and the sub had harassed me for quite a while.

However… My desk was opposite one of the school’s most senior teachers. This was a fabulous teacher who wasn’t afraid to voice her opinion on difficult matters. She was also the next-door neighbour of the sub, and the two hated each other. As the sub was in a foul mood, she fairly quickly began screaming at the other teacher, who in turn screamed back. The sub then began throwing stuff at them!

As they weren’t alone in the room, the sub couldn’t deny that she had begun the attacks, and she was banned from ever working at my school again.

During the screaming match, the sub bragged about how she had harassed me that day and in the previous weeks, so I didn’t end up in any trouble despite her scheming.

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Guilty By Reputation

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(One of my classmates, [Student #1], is always loud and disruptive or just doesn’t listen. As a result, one of my teachers dislikes him and ends up yelling at him a lot. One day our class is getting a little loud.)

Teacher: “[Student #1], shut up!”

Us: “[Student #1] isn’t here today.”

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Tinker Shaker

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(I am a basics dog trainer. I just finished my class showcase where I run through the commands with the dogs for the owners.)

Elderly Woman: *with teacup dog* “Well, that was just lovely.”

Me: “Thank you, ma’am. And your little Tinkers has come a long way.”

Elderly Woman: “I was wondering if you could teach Tinkers to tap dance?”

Me: *a bit amused at the idea* “I’m sorry, ma’am. I just do obedience training and the basic tricks like shake, roll over, and speak.”

Elderly Woman: “You can teach her to shake?”

Me: “I already did, ma’am.”

Elderly Woman: *a bit upset* “Well, I didn’t pay you to turn my Tinkers into a lap dancer!”

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He Should Be Keeping A Studious Eye On Who He Meets

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(I was pulled out of public school because my teacher violently assaulted and abused me in front of my entire class. In the years since, I’ve grown up; I’m nineteen and engaged. I graduated homeschool “high school” at sixteen, and then graduated with a bachelor’s degree this past year from college. I currently work on my family’s ranch. We are asked one day to attend a school fair, which we do. My fiancé and I set up our education/petting zoo before I am asked to help set up a classroom. I agree and head to the classroom where I start setting things up. A teacher comes in and introduces himself to me as I am setting up something on the floor with my back turned.)

Teacher: “Hello! I see they’ve put you to work!”

Me: “Well, yeah, not much to do while I wait for the fair to start.”

Teacher: “Are you with the dunk tank?”

Me: “Huh? Oh, no. I’m here with the petting zoo. Actually, my family owns it.”

Teacher: “Is that so?”

(It is only now that I turn to get a look at him, and my heart stops. My eyes narrow as I recognize my former teacher. He doesn’t seem to recognize me and extends a hand out.)

Teacher: “Well, I’m Mr. [Not His Last Name] and this is my classroom.”

Me: “Hello, [His Full Name].”

Teacher: “Are you one of my former students?”

Me: *thinking* “Yeah, I’m the one you went to jail for abusing!” *saying* “You could say that. Could I get a picture? Just to show my family that you’re still around?”

Teacher: *smiling* “Of course!”

(He posed and I took his picture. I quickly made an excuse to leave the room before running back outside and calling the police, as he was in violation of his parole AND the restraining order I had against him. With photographic proof, he was led away in handcuffs. My PTSD/ medical alert dog was right there doing her job when I came outside and broke down, and she helped me recover enough so I could still participate in the fair.)

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Feliz Navi-Bad

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(I work at a language school that also offers different kinds of student accommodation. I manage the homestay — local host families that take our students. Fall and winter were slow, but spring and summer come with a bunch of groups, so I have spent the last four weeks calling families to check if they are available. The Christmas season in Spain ends January 6th and both the 8th and 12th of December are bank holidays. In short, it’s a busy month for Spanish families, so to get in touch I have to call several times. Also note that we can call a family any time; we don’t control when a request for host family comes, so families are expected to answer the phone.)

Me: “Hi, [Lady]! I’m [My Name] from [School]; I’m calling to check if you can host some of our students.”

Lady: “Oh, hi, sweetie!” *has a small chat about the Christmas holidays and New Year* “So, [Guy that no longer works here] told me months ago about this group coming in March–”

Me: “Yeah, that group cancelled, but–”

Lady: “Cancelled?!”

Me: “Yup. They are not coming but–”

Lady: “Why didn’t you tell me?!”

Me: “Well, I’ve been calling lots of host families for the past four weeks, but I guess you might have been too busy with the Christmas season. Anyway, I have–”

Lady: “Well, it was Christmas. I was busy!”

Me: “I understand. There’s no big deal since the group is not coming but–”


Me: “Again, I called you several times and couldn’t reach you but–”

Lady: “You should have kept trying!”

Me: “I did. I called several times, different days and hours.”

Lady: “I had no calls from you! I had several calls from an unknown number, but not you!”

Me: “That was probably me, [Lady]!”

Lady: “Well, I don’t answer if I don’t recognise the number.”

Me: *stunned silence for a few seconds* “Well… I can only speak to you if you pick up your phone.”

Lady: “I don’t answer numbers I don’t recognise! You should have tried calling [Husband] or [Daughter]!”

Me: “Your number is the only one in the file.”

Lady: “So?! You should have tried!”

Me: *speechless*

(I’m still trying to understand how on Earth I am supposed to get in touch with someone if I only have one phone number and she chooses to not pick up the phone.)

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