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(My two friends and I are walking around the mall. We happen to be rounding a corner when a customer comes rushing out of the store right in front of us.)

Me: “Man, that store is really bright.”

Customer: “That store is s***!”

(We stop and look around. The customer is standing about 15ft behind us and looking right at us.)

Customer: “That store is s***. Everything in it is s***!”

(He then proceeds to rush off into the rest of the mall. My friends turn and look at me.)

Me: “I think he was talking to me. All I said was that I thought the store was really bright.”

(My friends couldn’t believe that he was yelling at us like that. I just felt bad for the workers in the store who had to deal with him.)

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My dad has very healthy for most of my life. He goes to the doctor as he has been having some health problems mostly as a result of aging.

Doctor: Okay we are going to run some tests, it looks like the last time you had a blood test was…(Looks at chart) 1992… I think we will run a full work up.

Yes it’s true my father hadn’t had a blood test in 25 years.

Emails Need Some Rejection Filters

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I work for a company that sometimes has to send candidates information, to fill out for jobs, to their email. I had the pleasure of re-sending a bunch of emails to various candidates over the course of several days, when we discovered they had all bounced back due to some glitch somewhere in the system.

Advice to candidates: if you are applying for a job, get a free email address and make it just for job hunting. Seeing email address like [email protected][site].com, [email protected][site].com, and [email protected][site].com will definitely make the employer wonder if they are choosing the right person.

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Holding Up A Mirror To Technology Dependence

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(I am the phone operator for the service department of an auto dealership. I take incoming calls, schedule appointments, and also notify people of scheduled maintenance and recalls.)

Me: “Hello, this is [Auto Dealership]. My name is [My Name]. How can I help you?”

Caller: “The back-up camera on my car went out.”

Me: “Okay, let’s schedule an appointment for you to bring the car in and get that looked at.”

Caller: ”I also need a loaner car.”

Me: “Ma’am, I’m sorry, but our policy is only to provide a loaner car if the customer’s car is broken down or unsafe to drive. Is there something else wrong with your car?”

Caller: “No, but how am I supposed to see behind me?”

Me: *without even thinking about it* “Use your mirrors?”

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