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That’s One Loaded Sandwich!

, , , , | Right | October 22, 2021

We do deliveries within about two to three miles of our store. One of our newer employees is taking a phone call, and he puts the address down and sends the delivery order through. It turns out that the customer is more than half an hour away from our store, but we decide to go through with it anyway because we aren’t very busy tonight. I call the customer back.

Me: “We’re just letting you know that it will take a while to get your sandwiches out to you because of the distance away from our store.”

He begrudgingly acknowledges this, even though he should have known beforehand that we don’t take deliveries that far away. He ends up calling back, furious.

Caller: “Where is my food?! It’s been fifteen minutes!”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, that isn’t possible when you’re that far away. Would you like to cancel the order?”

Caller: “No.”

I feel like he is calling just to complain. Later on, this guy shows up at our store. He drove more than half an hour to complain about a sandwich! He starts calling our phones over and over, without stopping.

Me: “Sir, can you please stop doing that?”

Caller: “No. I already paid for my order!”

He didn’t, because over the phone he said he was going to pay cash.

Caller: “I’m not going to stop calling the phones until you give me my food, for free!”

We ended up calling the police on him because he wouldn’t leave the store. The police escorted him out.

Later on, that same guy left a review on our website. It was a one-star review in which he lied about everything that happened so people wouldn’t think he was in the wrong.

And That’s How The Ninth Cookie Crumbles

, , , | Right | April 5, 2021

I work at a sandwich store which is connected to a gas station. There’s no wall separating the two, so both places can hear everything on both sides. My coworker and I have just rung up a couple’s order, and the man asks for eight cookies. As we take out the eight cookies he wants, he begins to yell at us.

Customer: “Where is my ninth cookie?!”

Me: “Sir, you ordered eight cookies.”

Customer: “Why would I have to pay more for a cookie I already bought?!”

Me: “You only bought eight cookies. If you want another, it’ll be $0.78.”

I continue to explain to him that he’ll have to buy another cookie for the ninth one. At this point, he’s not even arguing, just yelling.

Customer: “This is not my problem!”

Me: “I know, sir. I never said it was.”

I even take his receipt and show him that he was charged for eight cookies. As he continues to yell that it isn’t his problem, I am getting overwhelmed, so I have to step back so I won’t go off on him. Midway, he starts hacking and coughing himself blue.

A gas station employee has to ask what was happening. His wife, having said nothing this entire time, finally speaks.

Customer’s Wife: “Just shut up and go!”

She pushed her husband to leave and apologized.