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And To Top It Off They Don’t Check The Topping

, , | Right | March 28, 2021

I am a sandwich maker in a sandwich shop.

I’ve been a strict vegetarian since age twelve, so for well over twenty years now. It’s been so long since I ate animal flesh that accidentally doing so will make me physically ill, with the same effects as food poisoning. Therefore, I have learned to ask what is in things before I order them.

Customer #1: “What’s that on top of my loaded fries?”

Coworker: “Cheese, ranch, and bacon.”

After it’s made and handed to her:

Customer #1: “I don’t eat bacon. Can I get one without it?”

I am screaming inside as I have to throw away food.

Me: “Sure!”

I remake it without bacon. Not even fifteen minutes later, as I’m making an order consisting of two of my brand’s iconic sandwiches:

Customer #2: *To my coworker* “Hey, I ordered two [sandwiches], but what is that girl putting on them?”

By “girl,” they mean me.

Coworker: “Our [signature] sauce that comes on all [sandwiches].”

Customer: “Oh, I don’t want that on it. Can I have it without?”

I am screaming inside again as I have to throw away more food.

Me: “Give me a minute. I’ll have to toast new buns.”

I had to remake food three times in my first hour at work because of customer stupidity.  

I have four magic words for anyone who wants to eat out somewhere where they don’t know the menu but has things they can’t or won’t eat:

What. Comes. On. That.

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Looking For Change And A Change Of Customer

, , , , | Right | March 26, 2021

I work at a popular sandwich shop in a small town. My manager asks me to cover in another town because that store is running low on staff. I’m checking someone out and his total is six or seven dollars and he hands me a twenty. Our drawer only has a couple twenties and some ones.

Me: “Hey, [Manager], I need the safe code so I can grab some change real fast.”

She comes over and tells me the code, I grab out the zipped bag and search for some other bills. Unfortunately, there’re only twenties and ones in there, as well.

Me: “[Manager], we only have twenties and ones, no tens or fives.”

Manager: “We can’t buy either of those, so you’ll have to give change in ones.”

She explains that when we get change from the bank, we can only get it in twenties and ones, so whatever we have in the register from customers is all we have.

I grab the ones and count out the customer’s change. He has been listening to the whole conversation and doesn’t seem to mind about the change.

Me: “Here’s your change. Would you like your receipt?”

Customer: “No, thanks. Now I can go to the titty bar!”

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Maybe If You Ignore It Long Enough, It’ll Untoast

, , | Right | March 4, 2021

I work in a sandwich shop. I’m helping train a new hire, but he’s basically done and can be mostly left alone to deal with customers. An elderly couple comes in. I probably should have dealt with them myself because they’re known for being particular to the point of frustration, but I’m busy preparing for the next day. My coworker takes their order and I’m nearby if he needs help. They get all the way to him wrapping the sandwich when I hear:

Old Lady: “That’s all, but we didn’t want it toasted.”

I turn around when I hear this because that’s one of the earliest steps. They just watched my coworker put the sandwich in the oven, take it out, put the toppings and sauce on, and are just now mentioning they don’t want it toasted. The poor coworker just turns to me with a helpless expression and I sigh, going for the bread to make a new sandwich.

Me: “Did you not notice it was toasted?”

They just glared at me as I remade the sandwich. I 100% wasn’t allowed to say that, but what the h***?

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It Pays To Pay Attention

, , , | Right | February 26, 2021

I am at a sandwich shop that lets you pick your own ingredients and have the sandwich made in front of you. As I’m picking my vegetables, the customer ahead of me at the register suddenly shouts.

Customer: “What do you mean, no?!”

I look over, as does the employee helping me.

Cashier: “I mean that I know that that woman is not paying for your sandwich.”

She gestures her head toward me, which baffles me, as I’ve never seen this man before in my life.

Customer: “Well, that’s… I mean…”

He blusters a bit, glancing over at me a bit awkwardly.

Cashier: “This is the third time you’ve come in and tried to convince us that someone else is paying. Yeah, we remember. Now, that will be [price], and if you think about coming back to do it again, just don’t.”

The customer stands there, looking like he is flipping between being angry and being intimidated. Finally, he does pay, takes his sandwich, and shuffles out. I get up to pay and glance back over my shoulder.

Me: “Wow. Did he really try that before?”

Cashier: “Yeah. The first time, we didn’t catch it until after the other person had paid, so that was a whole mess, because of course, he’d run off.”

Me: “Ouch. Well, glad you could call him out now.”

Cashier: *Nods and leans in* “Yeah. Just, don’t tell my boss. He’ll just get mad about me ‘upsetting a customer.’”

Me: *Raising an eyebrow* “As if I wouldn’t be upset about being charged for someone else’s sandwich?”

The cashier just gave an eye-roll and a shrug, while his coworker nodded and laughed. Here’s hoping that guy learned his lesson and didn’t try that again.

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All Of The Meats, None Of The Class

, , , , , | Right | February 1, 2021

A large black man stumbles in, clearly under the influence, and goes straight to the counter where I am.

Customer: “I want a footlong on white bread with everything on it.”

Me: “Uh… like all veggies?”

Customer: “Yes, that, too! Now gimme all the meat and all the cheese!”

Me: “Is this a joke? Y’know it would be very expensive to order every meat and cheese, right?”

The man then slams his fist on the counter, making me jump along with the other customers behind him.

Customer: “I know very well what I want! You calling me stupid?! You racist whore!”

Me: “Sir, calm down. I never said I wouldn’t serve you because of your skin, nor was I rude. I’m just surprised; that’s all.”

I make this man his very large sandwich. It takes a long time to make because I have to cook all the meat and try to make it look as nice as possible. The man is cussing and complaining at me the whole time and whining about his wait.

Me: “All right, sir, this sandwich is extremely messy because I couldn’t close the bun due to how many items are on it.”

I ring him up and his total is over a hundred dollars.

Customer: “Are you kidding me?! I am not paying that much for one sandwich! I got this sandwich before and it was never that much! You racist a**hole!”

He stormed out of the store, screaming and cussing.

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