Talking Turkey About Bacon

, | Perth, WA, Australia | Working | March 15, 2015

(I’m in line at Well Known Sandwich Shop, and I ask for a six-inch sub with turkey and bacon. The teenager behind the counter nods and repeats my order.)

Attendant: “Okay, so ham and bacon.”

Me: “No, TURKEY and bacon, thanks.”

Attendant: “Right, ham and bacon.”

Me: “Um, no? TURKEY” *I point to the turkey*

Attendant: “Yeah, okay the white ham.”

(I’m gob-smacked, and then I moved down to pay, and I advise the cashier of what I ordered, she looks confused, until the teen yells down the line.)

Attendant: “She had the ham and bacon!”

Not So Closed Minded, Part 7

| VA, USA | Right | January 16, 2015

(About half an hour before we close, we get a sudden rush of customers, leading to us being unable to lock the doors once it’s time to close. Five minutes after closing, we only have one family left in the store to finish serving when another man walks in.)

Supervisor: “Sir, I’m sorry. We’re closed.”

Customer: *continues toward register*

Supervisor: “Sir, we’re closing!”

Customer: *stops to look at chips*

Supervisor: “Sir! I’m sorry, but we’re in the process of closing.”

Customer: *walks to register*

Supervisor: *now standing directly in front of customer* “Sir, I’m sorry. We’re not taking orders now. We’re closed.”

Customer: “Oh, okay. Um… I’ll take a large ham and turkey—”

Supervisor: “Sir! I’m sorry, but we closed five minutes ago. You’ll need to come back tomorrow.”

Customer: “Oh. Well, you should have said something.” *walks out*

(As soon as the previous customer’s food was ready and they were out, I ran at full sprint to the door and locked it.)

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Twice The Cheese, Double The Effort

, | Canada | Right | January 11, 2015

(I used to work at a small sandwich shop at which the manager and I were the only daytime employees. Our franchise serves shredded cheese on sandwiches, and customers often try to get us to put extra cheese on, since it’s more difficult to gauge the proper amount. The following happens during our regular lunch rush, as my manager and I are running back and forth, ringing people through and making their sandwiches.)

Me: “And what kind of cheese would you like?”

Customer #1: “Shredded.”

(I measure out the proper amount with our scoop and put it on his sandwich.)

Customer #1: “No, put more than that.”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but this is our standardized amount. If you want more, you’ll have to pay for extra cheese.”

Customer #1: “No, you didn’t put enough on. You need more than that.”

(My manager has just finished ringing someone through and comes over.)

Manager: “No, sir, I saw her measure it out. That is the standardized amount for a footlong sandwich.”

Customer #1: “No. I need more cheese than that!”

(This goes back and forth for a minute as I get to work on the next customer’s order, and finally my manager puts a full extra serving of cheese on.)

Manager: “So that will be [amount] extra when you get to the till, then.”

Customer #1: *mutters* “Well, put more than that on, then.”

(My manager ignores him, and I finish making his sandwich and start punching it into the till.)

Customer #1: “And I’m not paying for extra cheese.”

Manager: “I gave you double cheese. Are you saying you would like me to give you free food?”

Customer #1: “You didn’t put double cheese! You put a tiny bit extra.”

Manager: “No. You received the regular, doubled, amount. Are you going to pay for it?”

Customer #1: “No! You should have put more! I won’t pay for extra cheese.” *smiling smugly* “So, how much is it without extra?”

(My manager raised her eyebrows at him, canceled the order, threw the sandwich in the garbage, and went back to help the next customer in line. He stood there speechless until the other customers started applauding. Then his face turned red and he stormed out, muttering that we lost “$30.00.” His sandwich was only worth about $8.00, even with the extra cheese.)

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We’re Separated

| New Zealand | Working | December 20, 2014

(I’m quickly getting some lunch between classes, by myself. After ordering my sandwich I get to the register.)

Server: “So, are you paying together?”

(I turn to the stranger next in line to me. We both look confused.)

Both Of Us: “Separately”

Server: *to next customer* “You know if you’re taking her out for lunch you should be paying! It’s the right thing to do!”

(I paid for my sandwich and left hastily, without my ‘lunch date.’)

Hobson’s Sandwiches

| Cape Coral, FL, USA | Working | December 14, 2014

(I am a Canadian tourist on vacation.)

Subshop Worker: “Hi, welcome to [Sandwich Shop]. What can I get you?”

Me: “Hi, I’ll get a foot-long meatball sub.”

Subshop Worker: “Sorry, we don’t have meatballs right now.”

Me: “Umm… Okay, I’ll get a foot-long cold cut.”

Subshop Worker: “What bread?”

Me: “Italian herbs and cheese.”

Subshop Worker: “We only have Italian right now.”

Me: “Then Italian it is I guess.”

Subshop Worker: “What cheese?”

Me: *annoyed from my first two issues where he asked instead of informing me they were out* “Swiss.”

Subshop Worker: “We only have provolone right now.”

Me: “Do I really have a choice?!”

(I finished my order with no more problems until a casual conversation started as to where I was from. He then had the nerve to insult the Canadian Health Care system!)

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