Acting Like A Complete Deck

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Caller: “Hi. I wanted to check to see if you guys had the commander decks available today.”

Me: “Yes, did you pre-order?”

Caller: “No, what’s that?”

Me: “What is a pre-order?”

Caller: “Yeah, what does it do?”

Me: “Pre-ordering is reserving something before it releases so you can get it on the day it comes out.”

Caller: “Why would I do that?”

Me: “Because some items are limited in supply but high in demand, and you can only get them if you pre-order.”

Caller: “Okay, can I do that now?”

Me: “No, the commander decks have already been released and you can buy them now. Do you know which ones you want?”

Caller: “I need five of each.”

Me: “I’m sorry, we have a limited amount available after pre-orders and don’t have enough for that.”

Caller: “Well, then, why can’t I pre-order it now to get them?”

Me: *Agitated* “I already explained, pre-orders are done before a product comes out, not after.”

Caller: “Someone should have told me to pre-order. How are we supposed to get them now?”

Me: “We’ll have more sets in the future. If you’d like, we can contact you when we get more in stock.”

Caller: “No, I need them now.”

Me: “Then I can’t help you. You can try other stores; they may have more.”

Caller: “Listen, I’ll give you more than the retail price if you get me five sets.”

Me: “I can’t do that for you; we have orders to fill.”

Caller: “C’mon, man! Name your price!”

Me: “$1000 for one set, $7000 for five sets.”

Caller: “What the f***?! That’s not a deal; you’re trying to f****** rip me off!”

Me: “You said I could name my price. Now take it or leave it.”

Caller: “F*** you!” *Hangs up*

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Their Timing Is Very Photosensitive

, , , , , | Right | July 16, 2020

I work in a small photography studio. One of our duties opening first thing in the morning is to print the updated session list and call the clients to confirm their appointments; if a client cannot be reached to confirm, their session is canceled.

It’s Easter Sunday and my manager and I are the only two working a short shift for the holiday. We call all the clients. Only one does not answer, so we leave a message and remind them that we close early and failure to call back and confirm cancels their appointment.

It’s now thirty minutes from our closing time and that client has since missed their appointment with no return call. Since no one is scheduled to come in, and no walk-ins have arrived all day, my manager gives me the okay to start closing down the shop while she takes off early.

As I am closing the till, I see a group of around eighteen people walking in the door.

Me: “Sorry, guys, we’re closing early for the holiday.”

Older Woman: “But we have an appointment.”

Me: “What is your name and what time was your appointment scheduled?”

Older Woman: “It’s under [No Answer Client] and our appointment was at [three and a half hours earlier].

Me: “I’m sorry, but you never returned our confirmation call, and you missed your appointment time.”

Older Man: “But we are here now. We had to wait for family coming in from the airport.”

I called my manager to explain and she told me to go ahead with the job, while my family waited for me at home. The clients didn’t even buy anything that day.

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They May Not Want Blanc But They’re Drawing One

, , , , , | Right | July 12, 2020

I work in a fairly high-end wine shop that has an extremely knowledgeable customer base, so I am used to dealing with people who have a pretty good idea of what they like or want.

Customer: “Can you recommend a red wine under $20?”

Me: “Sure, any type in particular?”

Customer: “No, just a red wine.”

Me: “Okay… How about this Cabernet Sauvignon for $18?”

Customer: “No, I don’t want Cabernet or Pinot or Zinfandel or anything… just plain red wine.”

Me: “…?”

Customer: “Yeah, I don’t want one of those wines that’re made from a grape variety, just, you know, plain, regular red wine.”

Me: “…?”

Customer: “Like this one, over here!”

They point to a bottle of Aglianico del Vulture, with the words “red wine” in very small print on the label.

Customer: “See?! ‘Red wine.’”

Me: “Um, that one is made from a grape too. It’s Aglianico.”

Customer: “Okay, I’ll just take something that’s really smooth.”

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This Day Went From Zero To One Hundred Just Like That

, , , , , , , | Right | June 6, 2020

I work at a hardware store during the current health crisis. I’m ringing up an older gentleman one morning. At the end of his transaction, he tosses a bill on the counter and starts to walk away.

Me: “Um, sir, you dropped something.”

Customer: “It’s a tip!”

He gave me $100.00! Thank you!

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Need To Make Some New Connections

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It is during the quarantine period. I am experiencing some mild symptoms and have been advised not to leave my house at all for the full fourteen-day period. I am abiding by the rules perfectly.

Since I am stuck at home, I am watching a lot of shows and movies and my HDMI cord has broken, so I use a common delivery app to order a new cord. An HDMI cord is $5 to $15. Upon receiving the item and looking at the receipt, I realize the person had purchased a $75 HDMI cord. This is a common scam, since the commission is based on the price of the item. 

Immediately, I contact the app company.

Me: “Hello. I used your service to order an HDMI cord, which is about a $10 item. The person purchased a $75 cord, though. This is ridiculous. How do we fix this?”

Company: “Oh, we’re so sorry to hear that! All you have to do is go return the item to the store and send us a picture of the return receipt and we’ll refund it.”

Me: *Pause* “I can’t leave the house; I’m quarantined. I cannot be in public right now. Is there any other way to fix this?”

Company: “Oh, we’re sorry about that! Unfortunately, we cannot control what price a merchant charges for an item.”

Me: “I understand that you cannot control what a company charges for an item, but that is not the issue. The issue is that I requested a $10 item and your delivery person bought the most high-end version of HDMI cords for $75 when I requested a $10 cord.”

This was the last correspondence I heard back from the company. I continued calling and emailing them with no response for the next two weeks. I finally reached out to my bank to file a claim. A few days later, the delivery company issued a partial refund for the price difference between the expensive cord and the normal cord. They sent $65; I was still responsible for the delivery fee, of course.

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