His Loss As It Just Became Boxed Wine

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I’m working the express lane during the tail end of the lunch rush. I see the customer is purchasing four bottles of wine, which means he gets a free wine bag, so I get one before starting his transaction.

Customer: *Rudely* “Can I get a wine carrier?”

I hold up the wine bag.

Me: “That’s what this is, sir.”

Customer: “No, they’re usually cardboard.”

He looks around and spots one of our old boxes that was brought in by a customer earlier in the day and snatches it from the other register.

Me: “Sir, we’ve changed over to these new ones now; we don’t use those anymore.”

The customer begins loading wine into the box before I’m able to even scan them. He is pissed off.

Customer: “Can I just buy these and get the one I want?”

Me: “Uh… okay.”

We finished out the transaction and I offered him a new bag, which was free, despite his rudeness. He leaves and I turned to help the next customer. The next two customers tried to cheer me up, one suggesting that I should’ve carded him just to piss him off.

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Some years ago I was employed at a fast food chain. I’m working the drive thru one afternoon and a man pulls up to the speaker.

Customer: Hi, I have a coupon for buy one (Competitor’s Burger) get one free.

Me: I’m sorry sir, but that coupon is for (Competitor). This is (Fast Food Chain).

We have a CCTV above the drive thru register that shows us the car at the speaker. I look up and see him looking around.

Customer: Aw, crap. *puts the car in reverse and leaves drive thru*

Maybe The Employees Need Glasses, Too

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All throughout my life, I have worn glasses. But when I start working on cars, I am able to wear contact lenses so I may wear more comfortable safety glasses and even sunglasses.

When I am dating my girlfriend — now wife — at times I will either wear contacts or just wear glasses. One weekend, we happen to walk by one of those stores that sell only sunglasses and I notice that one of the brands that I really like is on sale.

After browsing and seeing one that I like at a reasonable price, I take it to the register to pay for it. Please note that this is one of the times I am wearing glasses, not contacts.

The cashier hands me my purchase in a bag.

Cashier: “Here are your sunglasses and receipt.”

Me: “Thank you.”

Cashier: “By the way, would you like me to show you how to properly clean those sunglasses?”

I look at her, through my glasses, then at her coworkers standing next to her, and then back at her. I am thinking that it is a joke considering that I am currently wearing glasses in front of her.

Me: “No, thank you. I can properly clean them on my own. See, my own glasses are very clean!”

The cashier just gave me a blank stare, still not realizing I was wearing glasses, and I just walked away.

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I’m in self check out, minding my own business wearing dark blue scrubs.
Lady rolls up in the motorized cart: “where can I find a manager?”
Me: (keeps scanning)
Lady: exCUSE me where an I find a manager?
Me: (looks up realizing she’s talking to me when I see an employee standing nearby). I blurted out “I have no idea”
Lady: well why are you scanning items?
Me: These are my items, I just got off work and want to go home. The store color is red, this is navy.
Lady: (getting irritated) Well I need a manager!
Me: (paying) well I suggest you find someone in red who can help. Sorry.
Lady: (sees employee) (loudly) excuse me! I need a manager! And this woman was rude and wouldnt help
Employee: I can call one but she doesn’t work here
Lady: (looks mad)
Me: I used to work for [company], my employee ID was [number] feel free to ask. (puts items cart)
Employee: (mouths sorry)
Me: (smile and say loudly) good luck!

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I am a cashier in a well-known craft store. An older woman comes to my check out.

Customer: “You know, if you’re going to have announcements about schizophrenia, you should use the word ‘crazy’ instead”.

(We make no announcements about schizophrenia in our store.)