Should Be Carted Away

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(I am shy, but can handle being around small crowds. My mom is the complete opposite: outgoing and unafraid to say what she thinks. While out shopping, my mom leaves me with the cart in the middle of produce section. I push myself to the side to not be in people’s way. The cart already has some items in it, and I am standing close to it while looking at some fruit. All of a sudden, an old man comes and takes the cart.)

Me: “Excuse me; I believe that is my cart, not yours.”

Old Man: *looks at me like I have three heads, frowns, and leaves with the cart*

(I told my mom and she got mad at me, and sent me to get another cart. As we were moving to another section of the store, I saw the old man look into his cart, realize it wasn’t his, and just push it away in rage.)

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A bit of background on this one- I’m twenty years old, but short, acne’d, and dressed in a romper and sandals. My fiancé is younger than I am, but tall, bearded and dressed in jeans and a button up. We approach the ticket window

Me: Hi, can we get two for [R-rated movie]?

*The cashier smiles and rests his head on his hand*

Cashier: Sorry sweetheart, you don’t look old enough to see and R. Ask your big brother there to buy them for you, and maybe then I can let you in.

Me: I understand. Here’s my ID.

Cashier: *ignores ID on counter* School ID doesn’t count, you know.

Me: This is a state issued driver’s license, if you don’t mind looking.

The cashier waves me off. I turn to my fiancé, who is standing behind me, and is not old enough to purchase R tickets for himself, let alone others, and hand him the money for the tickets. He pays, and the cashier does not check his ID.

Cashier: *to me, smugly* Enjoy the movie, darling!

Not Behaving Like An Adult

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(We have a promotion where children, after reading a few books, can receive a free kid’s meal with the purchase of a corresponding adult entree, A woman calls and asks some questions about the deal.)

Customer: “How exactly does your promotion work?”

Me: “Well, after the children have read the necessary number of books, they will receive a free kid’s meal when they come in, provided you order a corresponding number of adult entrees.”

Customer: “So if I have two adults and three kids…”

Me: “In that case, you would receive the two free children’s meals because you’re ordering two adult entrees.”

Customer: *who until now had been pleasant, but immediately became nasty & irate* “So that really sucks if I come in with two adults and three kids, huh?”

Me: “I’m so sorry, but unfortunately that’s how this promotion works.”

Customer: “Fine. We’ll just go somewhere else then.”

(She then hung up rather abruptly. I don’t know anywhere she could go to get three free kid’s meals after purchasing only two adult entrees, and if she knew of one, she should have just gone there in the first place!)

Scoring All Over The Awesome Spectrum

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(I have both ADHD and Asperger’s. Thankfully, both are relatively mild. I’m attending my friend’s son’s sixth birthday party. My friend has previously mentioned that he is worried his son might have ADHD and is planning on getting him tested. So as we’re watching the children play, I ask him if there’s been any reply yet. It turns out that his son does have ADHD, but is also on the autism spectrum. I ask him how they’re coping, and he responds with this:)

Friend: “The big thing is that I have to adjust what I picture for him. My mental image of the man he’d grow up to was, to be honest, a younger version of me. That’s not really in the cards now, and I have to accept that. So we started thinking of what we wanted for him, and we thought of you.”

Me: “Um, wow. Thanks.”

Friend: “You’ve got this stuff to deal with, but you never let it control you. You’re smart. You’re creative. So, yeah.”

(I’m not sure he even realized that he’d just given me the greatest compliment in my life!)

Shut Down Your Brain

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(I’m on a Skype phone call on my laptop with my ex-boyfriend. He just got done helping me finish a character for a Dungeons and Dragons game I’m trying to make. I start to talk about something when the Skype call drops and a second later my phone rings.)

Me: “Hello?”

Ex: “So, I am not a smart man.”

Me: “What happened?”

Ex: “Since we were done with your character and your voice was coming through my headphones I shut down my computer, which in turn ended the Skype call.”

Me: *cracking up for the next five minutes*