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<i>While working my normal shift, I’m dressed the same as I do every day, wearing store colors and my nametag, carrying a walkie and a scanner, and putting price stickers on items. I see a customer looking a bit lost.</i>

Me: “Hi! Can I help you find something?”

Customer: “I was just looking for someone who works here…”

Me: “Well, you’re in luck. What can I do for you?”

Customer: “Oh, you work here?”

Me: “…Yes. Yes I do.”

<i>That conversation repeated almost verbatim three more times that day…</i>

The Cat Sat On The Bat

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(I work in a call center environment. We sit in cubes and I can hear everything around me, much to my coworkers’ dismay; I can catch them saying some pretty funny things, either to themselves or to clients. My coworker is trying to phonetically spell something over the phone to a client.)

Coworker: “That is C, like ‘cat,’ A, like ‘apple,’ N, like ‘knife’…”

Me: “That’s not how this works.”

Coworker: “Shut up with your bat hearing.”

Have A Heart (Attack)!

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(I work in a clinic that has regular patients who have treatment three times a week, sitting side by side each treatment. We are very short-handed today and I have the section where [Patient #1], who is very demanding, is located. She wants to get off treatment early, at 1:00. However, right before [Patient #1]’s turn, [Patient #2] begins to have a heart attack. As the rest of staff is on break, three other nurses and I immediately begin to perform CPR and attend him.)

Patient #1: “[My Name], are you still going to take me off treatment at one?”

Me: *obviously doing compressions* “Right now is not a good time; I’ll get to you when I can.”

Patient #1: “Well, could you get someone else to get me off treatment, then? Is it so important you need four people there? Where is everyone else?”

(The other nurses and I continue to perform CPR. As one nurse is talking to the 911 operator, [Patient #1] starts bothering the nurse.)

Patient #1: “[Nurse], can you take me off treatment? Hello? Are you listening to me?”

(She repeats herself, getting louder and louder each time, but we continue to tell her we’ll get to her when we can. Finally, paramedics arrive for [Patient #2]. After paramedics take [Patient #2], we are finally able to return to our other patients. All the other staff who were on break are returning now. I am finally able to get to [Patient #1].)

Patient #1: *two-faced* “Well, you sure know how to make me late! Is [Patient #2] okay? I was so worried about him! Did you know his kids were going to visit him this weekend?”

(She continued to tell me all his kids’ business as if nothing had happened. I quietly just took her off treatment because I was so disgusted someone could be so concerned with herself despite the fact that he could’ve died. Thankfully, he is doing well since we acted quickly.)

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(I am a 14 year old who has been in dire needs of reeds for my clarinet and since I’m top clarinet in my highschool band I’ve been put under some high expectations)

Me: *walks into to store* Um hello?
Cashier: Hey what can I do for you?
Me: How much does a box of reeds cost?
Cashier: $28 if you count plus tax
Me: S*** I only have $25
Cashier: How much do you need exactly?
Me: Just a few
Cashier: Give me a moment *pulls out a box of reeds and gets three from it*
Cashier: Here
Me: Oh thanks! How much do I owe?
Cashier: None. My manager isn’t here. Don’t tell anyone
Me: Thank you so much!!

(To whoever you were man! You cheered up a young musician in need!)

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(It is nearing the end of a long day of work in the middle of spring break working at an aquarium/water park. One of the new hires did not mention that he had changed the cheese we put on the nachos in the heater and did not replace the second bag to keep it warm. A husband and wife approach the counter.)

Husband: “Hello, I just purchased these nachos and the cheese is cold. I was wondering if y’all can put them in the microwave in the back to heat them up?”

Me: “I am sorry, but we do not have a microwave. We can replace that for something else, though?”

Husband: “But I really wanted nachos; are you sure you can’t heat it up somehow?”

Coworker #1: “Yes, we are sure.”

Wife: “What the f*** is the f****** problem?! He asked you to heat it up; what is wrong with that! We do not want cold cheese on our nachos.”

Coworker #1: “We do not have a way to heat it up, as we said, but we can replace it for you.”

(I go back to helping the other guests as the line is still long.)

Wife: *while they are both eating the one they paid for in front of us* “F*** that, we want a refund and two more for free! We are not going to f****** eat cold f****** cheese!”

Coworker #1: “We cant do that if you are going to lie in front of us, and we cant give you a refund and two more.”

Wife: “This is bull-s***! What is your name?”

Coworker #1: “[His Name].”

(We never heard back from them or got in trouble. In fact it became a running joke.)

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