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While at the grocery store checkout I was standing in line waiting to pay for my stuff when the cash drawer jammed. The cashier had to wait for the manager to open the register since she didn’t have keys. The lady that was in front of me decided to have a hissy fit, and take it out on the cashier.
She huffed, “I’ve got things to do! This is extremely inconvenient. You should be on top of things better!”
I was sick of listening to her taking her anger out on the cashier so I said, “It’s not her fault the cash drawer is stuck. And if you want to b*tch go see a therapist. Otherwise do us all a favor and shut up!”
She just stared at me in silence. The guy behind me busted up laughing at her stunned expression. She was quiet the rest of the time in line, and left without a peep. Silence is bliss.

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I was in the checkout line at Wal-Mart after a very frustrating experience trying to do an exchange, and I literally had two things in my hands. The line I was in was really long and another register opened up next to us. The cashier over there called us over and the lady behind me with a full cart bolted ahead of me and started unloading her groceries onto the belt. At this point I had been in the store for almost 45 minutes and I was very tired and frustrated.
me: (very politely to the woman) “Excuse me ma’am, I only have two things, would you mind if I checked out while you unload your stuff?” (I neglected to mention the fact that she had already cut in front of me)
customer: *sighs heavily* “I guess, but next time you should really just choose a register with a shorter line if you’re in such a rush.”
me: “Well this one was a short line when I got in, but I guess I didn’t notice how full some of the other people’s carts were.”
customer: *really rude and frustrated at this point* “Well there are shorter lines over there”
(She points all the way to the other end of the register line, on the opposite side of the store where I parked)
me: “Well I parked over here so I just chose the shortest line on this side”
(at this point I don’t think I’ve said anything rude, but she obviously disagrees)
customer: “Well you don’t need to be a b*tch about it”
(This middle aged woman then proceeds to shove all of her groceries on the belt, pushing my two things off, which I barely caught before they fell on the ground and broke. The whole time I’m checking out she is glaring at me and pushing me forward with her cart. I decided to just ignore her because if you are a forty-something year old and you feel the need to bully teenage girls at the grocery store, then you seriously have other problems

Taco’ Bout Crazy

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When I am a teen, I am walking down the street, enjoying the summer sun, and sipping from a Gatorade bottle that I brought from my house. Set up in a parking lot along the street is a taco truck. I haven’t come within fifty feet of the truck.

A vendor leans out of the side of the truck and points at me.

Vendor: “Hey! Hey, you need to pay for that!”

Me: “Huh?”

Vendor: “You need to pay for that bottle!”

I shook my head at this and kept walking, but the guy actually climbed out of the truck and started chasing me. I ended up booking it down the street and outpacing him, but it was still one of the scariest events of my life at that point, and I ended up avoiding that stretch of street for a couple of years afterward.

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Even This Conversation Is Out Of Tune

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Customer: “I would like to order a pack of Martin Strings in the gauge of 9-46.”

Me: “Great, do you have an item number or SKU number for those strings?”

Customer: “No, I don’t, I just thought you would have that already.”

Me: “Well, sir, we sell thousands of different musical items every single day and it’s hard to keep record of everything. I would be happy to look that up for you, though.”

Customer: “Okay, thanks!”

As I’m pulling up the item on our website, the customer is mumbling something under his breath.

Me: “Okay, sir, I believe I found the set you’re looking for?”

Customer: “Now make sure it comes in the right tuning of EBGDAE, okay?”

Me: “Well, sir, the strings come how they come and it is up to you to tune them correctly.”

Customer: “So, you mean to tell me that they don’t come tuned?”

Me: “Sir, you have to put the strings on the guitar before you can tune them.”

Customer: “Well, I believe that is bad customer service. If you expect me to order, then you must make sure they are in the correct tuning.”

Me: “Sir, the strings don’t come in a tuning; the term ‘tuning’ refers to the tension you set the string on the guitar that creates a certain pitch. There is no such thing as strings that come in a standard tuning.”

Customer: “Fine. Then I will order from a different company that will tune them for me, so I can play my guitar without sounding like a [disabled slur].”

Me: “Okay, sir, make sure the next company you order from gets the standard tuning for you on the strings!”

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I was taking my sister to get laser surgery done on her eyes. She is two years older than I am. We have just sat down at the receptionist desk to give her medical card and to pay the co-pay. The receptionist is just making small talk to us waiting for the card to clear before we are seated in the waiting room. She asks me sister her name? My sister replies with her name and then she turns to me and asks me if I her daughter and that I’m so nice to help my mom today. My sister was shocked speechless but I couldn’t stop laughing. When we finally got into to see the doctor she was still mad and told him that he needed to give his receptionist a free treatment since she couldn’t see a thing. All through the appointment I would just turn to her and start laughing without saying a word. I think she told me to shut up 25 times before we went home. Best doctors appointment ever.