A Close Shave With Judgment

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(I’m 21 years old and have been living on my own for just over two years. I am female, and I have one side of my head shaved to help keep my super thick hair manageable. I have had my hair this way for over a year. I got to my usual hair salon to get the shave touched up. As I am checking out, an older woman, waiting to be called up for her haircut, approaches me.)

Lady: “Does your mother know?” *referring to my haircut*

Me: “Uh, yes.”

Lady: “I can’t imagine what would happen if you came home and your mother didn’t know.”

Me: “Well, considering I live on my own, that isn’t a problem.”

Lady: “Oh! You look like a teenager. I just couldn’t imagine what your mother would say.”

(What I should have said is that I have two moms, and not only do both of them approve, one of them also has her head shaved.)

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You Were Short With Me, So I’ll Be Short With You

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(A regular customer of mine comes in on a busy Saturday morning for her monthly trim. She is very particular, but we get along really well. I have been cutting her hair for at least ten years. After I cut her hair, I ask her to feel it, show her the back with a hand mirror, let her hold the mirror and look at it herself, and she confirms she is satisfied with her trim… except for one thing. She wants the back shorter. This is a usual request, but this time she specifically said she wanted it left longer, so I am surprised when she asks me to go shorter. I tell her to give it a try for a couple days and if she still wants to go shorter, I will do it for free. She agrees and leaves the salon. Two hours later, she comes back, red-faced.)

Me: “Hi! Did you decide you wanted to go shorter after all?”

Customer: “No! You cut my hair way too short! This is terrible! How dare you do this to me? You used to be such a good hairdresser!”

Me: *stunned* “I’m very sorry you feel that w—“

Customer: *cutting me off* “You stop talking and give me my money back! Not another word!”

Me: “I understa—“


(I hand her the money and she leaves, and I think it’s all over. But wait! There’s more! Two weeks later, she comes in and demands “the free haircut” I apparently promised her and makes a big fuss about how long I left her hair. I gently ask her to not return to my salon, as I no longer feel I could meet her needs since she so bluntly told me I suck at my job. She shouts at me, and tells me this is unacceptable because:)

Customer: “I live so close to here, but you want me to find a new salon?”

(I mean, we live in a city with a thousand salons, sooo… Yes. Yes, I do.)

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The Final Unpedicured Nail In The Coffin

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(A wealthy-looking, middle-aged woman comes into the nail salon while I’m waiting for my appointment.)

Customer: “Hello. I’m here for my one o’clock appointment with [Nail Tech].”

Receptionist: “Okay, if I could just get your name, please?”

Customer: “It’s [Customer].”

Receptionist: “Oh, no, it looks like you’re late for your appointment.”

Customer: *laughs, thinking the receptionist is joking* “I know it’s 1:10 right now, but you know how it can just get so busy!”

Receptionist: “No, I mean your appointment was booked for noon.”

Customer: “No, it wasn’t. I know for a fact that it was one o’clock.”

Manager: *takes over* “Ma’am, it’s written right here as being booked for 12:00 pm.”

Customer: “No, look.” *pulls out smartphone* “I have it written down here as… Oh. Oh, well. I guess the appointment was for noon. But I still need [Nail Tech] to do my mani-pedi now.”

Manager: “Ma’am, I’m very sorry, but [Nail Tech] is booked up all day. However, we can have another employee help you at this time.”

Customer: “No, that won’t do. I must have [Nail Tech]. Anyone else is a waste of my time and money!”

Manager: “Well, we can book a new appointment with [Nail Tech] for another day.”

Customer: “No. I have a party tonight and I need my nails done before then! Can’t you just… give me someone else’s appointment with [Nail Tech], and schedule them with someone else?”

Manager: *starting to get impatient* “No, ma’am, we can’t do that.”

Customer: “You should have called me, then! I live only a couple of blocks away! If you’d have called me when I missed my appointment, then I would have been here on time!”

Manager: “We would have called you, ma’am, but you never gave us your phone number.”

Customer: “Well, I never! I guess I just won’t have my nails done for my dinner, then! I hope you feel bad about this!” *storms off in a huff*

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This Salon Has Very Bad Reception

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(I am a client at a very busy hair salon. They never take walk-ins and usually there is a four- to six-week wait for appointments. Since they are amazing at their narrow specialty — and the only ones around in this particular specialty — I am always willing to wait for an appointment. They have just hired a new receptionist, and she knows none of the clients.)

Receptionist: “Hi, welcome to [Salon]. You’re [Other Client], right?”

Me: “No, I’m—”

Receptionist: “Sorry, we don’t take walk-ins. I can schedule you for sometime next month.”

Me: “I don’t need an appointment. I just need—”

Receptionist: “Look. We aren’t like those cheap places where you just walk in, sit down, and wait. We are professional specialists and—”

(The salon owner notices what she’s saying and rushes to the front.)

Owner: “Stop! That’s not how we speak to clients.”

Receptionist: “But she doesn’t have an appointment!”

Owner: “So, we ask why she’s here.” *turns to me* “Sorry, [My Name]. She’s new, and I guess the training isn’t going as well as I thought. What’s up?”

Me: “I was just stopping to buy some shampoo and some travel sizes before my trip.”

(The owner apologizes to the client she has in the chair and personally rings up my purchases. All the while, the receptionist is fuming and muttering under her breath about needing an appointment. A month later I come back for an appointment and there’s no receptionist.)

Me: “What happened to the new receptionist?”

Owner: “I had to let her go. I found out you weren’t the first person she yelled at about appointments. She sent two other people away without letting them buy their products because they didn’t have an appointment. She insisted they needed an appointment to buy shampoo and conditioner.”

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Cutting Any Potential Mix-Ups Short

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(I work in a salon. A woman comes in sporting a large hat that covers most of her hair; what sticks out looks terrible.)

Woman: “I’m looking to get my haircut like this picture.”

Stylist: “Um, that’s a guy with a really short cut.”

Woman: “Exactly.”

Stylist: “Well, let me see.”

(He leads her to a chair and she removes her hat. Her hair is completely a mess; it’s scissored randomly, mostly super short, and then longish in other places.)

Stylist: “Oh, jeez. What happened with that hair? Did someone hurt you? Do you need police?”

Woman: “No, I cut my hair so you can cut it the way I want, immediately. It was at the middle of my back, and the last time I wanted it this short the stylist wasted a lot of time cutting it way too long with me yelling at him.”

Stylist: “…”

Woman: “…”

Stylist: “I see… You butchered your hair because men like me can be sexist and won’t cut that way.”

Woman: “Exactly.”

Stylist: “Well. I admit it. I was thinking of asking you to consider longer lengths.”

Woman: “Well, it’s out of the question now. Cut it exactly like the picture, please.”

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