Have You Tried Just… Not Being Epileptic?

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(For my first job, I work at a tanning salon. I have had epilepsy my whole life. During the interview, I explain everything to the general manager and the procedures in case I have one at work. Well, the inevitable happens and I have a seizure when it is just me and one coworker, with a store full of customers. One of the customers calls 911 and I wake up surrounded by the fire department. Naturally, I have to take off for a few days to recover. This is the conversation between me and the general manager as soon as I return for my next shift.)

GM: “[My Name], I need to see you in my office.”

(We sit down and she hands me a piece of paper.)

GM: “You need to sign this incident report.”

(I look over it carefully and sign it at the bottom. She looks at me sort of sideways and then continues.)

GM: “Why didn’t you just not come into work that day?”

Me: “Well, it’s not like I woke up and knew it was going to happen. I only have about ten minutes to one hour of warning. And I did call you almost exactly an hour before and told you how I was feeling. You told me to stay.”

GM: “Yeah, I didn’t think it was actually going to happen.”

Me: “Um, okay? Then what do you want me to do about that?”

GM: “You need to get a hold of yourself. I can’t have you seizing out in front of everybody and scaring away my customers. Did you skip your medicine or something?”

(I start to choke up and begin to cry because I can’t believe she just said something so rude, as if I can just control my disability whenever I feel like it.)

Me: “No, I didn’t skip my medicine. These things happen like clockwork every single month regardless, and you were fully aware of that at my very first interview. If I could control it like you seem to think I can, I would never have another seizure again. I can’t believe you just said something like that to me.”

GM: “Oh, don’t be so sensitive. Dry your tears and go clock in.”

(I just looked at her before I walked out of her office. This created a permanent wedge between me and the general manager. Neither one of us ever spoke of it again, and I didn’t have another seizure at work for the rest of the time I worked there. I eventually quit on the spot one day because I couldn’t handle the way she talked down to me like I was some insubordinate. Who would really say something like that to someone?!)

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A Hair Overbearing

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(I work from home with a toddler and I do the majority of the housework, as my husband works a lot, too. As things get pretty busy, I never get around to haircuts, and I probably only have one or two a year. Because of this, I also tend to just go to any hairdresser rather than committing to a single one. I am nine months pregnant and have just finished having a haircut. Even before the baby, my schedule was pretty hectic.)

Hairdresser: “You look amazing. So great. It’s a great cut.”

Me: “Thanks.”

(Internally, I’m saying that I hate it, but I honestly don’t care because I wear it up all the time and I am super pregnant.)

Hairdresser: “So, do you want to book in again? Let’s say four weeks?”

Me: *gesturing to very pregnant belly* “No, thank you. I don’t know what my schedule will be like. I’ll just call and make an appointment when I want it.”

Hairdresser: “I can make it six weeks.”

Me: “No, that’s cool. Honestly, I often go six months between cuts as I get pretty busy. I’ll just sort it out when I get to it.”

(She gasps at me saying six months, but she just smiles and processes my payment. Time goes on, along comes the baby, and I have just gotten out of the hospital when I get a voicemail asking me to call the hairdresser back. I call out of curiosity and another hairdresser explains she’s confirming my appointment for my haircut the next day.)

Me: *laughing* “No, I don’t have an appointment.”

Hairdresser #2: “There’s a cancellation fee if—“

Me: *laughing more* “Yeah, no. You’re a hairdresser, not a medical specialist, and you cannot charge someone to cancel an appointment that they didn’t make.”

Hairdresser #2: “I can see on my file here you made this appointment when you were here seeing [Hairdresser], and you’re booked in for every six weeks until next year.”

Me: “Have fun with that. I have haircuts once every six-ish months. That appointment I had with [Hairdresser] was the first I’ve ever had there, and she did an awful job. I most definitely didn’t arrange appointments for her to ruin my hair on a monthly basis. Good luck charging me.”

(I hung up. I received a text message later confirming my cancellation of my appointment.)

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(I work in a salon that has a large number of walk-in clients. I don’t have a client in my chair, so I am at the front desk when a lady walks in.)

Me: “Good morning! What can I do for you?”

Client: “Are you busy? I want to get my hair cut.”

Me: “I’m available right now. Let me just enter you into our system. Have you been here before?”

Client: “No, I haven’t… What’s that?” *points at the very large sign with our prices on it*

Me: “What’s what?”

Client: “It says, ‘Shampoo and haircut, $15.97.’” *pause* “Wait. Does that mean I have to pay?”

(She then huffed, rolled her eyes, and walked out of the salon, never to be seen again. I still can’t believe she didn’t realize that we don’t do hair for free!)

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Needs A Color And Husband Correction

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(I am working as a stylist and assistant manager at a hair salon in a mall. It is closing time and there is only one stylist working on a client who came in for a rather complex colour correction that is taking longer than expected; everyone else is cleaning their stations and the salon in general. As assistant manager, I need to count out the till and balance everything for the day. Luckily, the woman who is still having her hair done instructs her husband to pay for her services before she is done so I can count out the till and send everyone but myself and the stylist still working home.)

Me: *counting the till*

Client’s Husband: *standing over me shouting numbers* “42, 86, 12!” *laughs* “Lost your count did ya?!” *laughs more*

Me: “Yes, sir, I did and I am trying to balance out the till so all the others can go home.”

(I start my count again.)

Client’s Husband: “22, 6, 89!” *laughs* “Gotcha again! If I have to wait for my wife, so should everybody! I paid good money on this!”

Me: “Well, all of these stylists are commissioned-based, so they are not being paid to sit here and wait, yet they cannot leave until I can be assured that the till is balanced.”

Client’s Husband: “Well, then, I want my tip portion back. They shouldn’t be paid to just sit there and wait!”

Me: “Again, they are not being paid to just sit here and wait; they are merely stuck waiting unpaid and have places they need to be. The only people that have to stay until after the till is balanced are me and [Stylist working on his wife]. You are delaying this by preventing me from doing my job.”

Client’s Husband: “Well, what if I wanted to buy some products? You can’t refuse a sale, can you?!”

(He proceeds to grab the priciest items from our retail area, none of which would be helpful for him or his wife.)

Client’s Husband: “Keep the tills open and keep everyone here until we leave!”

(It is then that the client herself comes from the sinks, water dripping in her eyes.)

Client: “[Husband]! Stop being such a d**k! Go get in the car outside and stop it!  Let [My Name] do her job and [Stylist] do her job so everyone else can go home! It is no one here’s fault that I tried to colour my hair myself and it is taking longer to fix it than expected!”

(The client’s husband walked out sheepishly, and I managed to balance the till in no time so everyone else could leave for the night. BONUS: The client came back with flowers for [Stylist], left a generous tip for both the stylist and me for staying extra late, and pizza showed up later with an apology to the entire salon for her husband’s behaviour.)

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Perm-anently Avoiding That Place

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(My boyfriend has very curly, brown, shoulder-length hair, and I have black, straight hair a couple of inches longer.)

Me: *pointing to boyfriend* “I’d like a perm with curls just like those.”

Hair Stylist: *glares at me like I have two heads* “No can do.”

Me: “Er… no?”

Hair Stylist: “You want hair just like his?”

Me: “The curls, yeah. Is it possible to perm my hair that way? His are natural.”

Hair Stylist: “If you want his curls, he’s got to cut his hair.”

Boyfriend: “Are you saying match my length, too? No, I don’t want a cut.”

Hair Stylist: “If she curls, her hair will be much shorter than yours! She just can’t have curly hair your length if you won’t cut yours!”

Me: “I meant only like his in the size of the curls.”

Hair Stylist: “Look… If you curl your hair, it will be much shorter than his!”

Me: “I know!”

Hair Stylist: *to boyfriend* “Are you getting that cut?”

Boyfriend: “No, I’m not.”

Hair Stylist: “Then she can’t have your curls.”

Boyfriend: “Forget the length already. She would like curls that match these.”

Hair Stylist: “I’ve already said, she can’t have your curls if you aren’t getting a cut yourself.”

Me: “I know my hair will be shorter! The whole point is to have curls that look like that.”

(Even a second hair stylist repeated the first one. Nothing was ever said about matching color. We left and went somewhere else where they gave me my shorter, curly perm with no problem.)

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