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People Are Seriously Still Asking That Question?!

, , , , | Working | April 11, 2022

I am a stay-at-home mom. I’m trying to make my toddler lunch and then get her down for a nap. My husband is currently working from home since his office hasn’t reopened. Someone knocks on the door. I answer and it’s a solicitor. We do have a “no solicitors” sign.

Solicitor: “My name is [Solicitor] and I’m with [Window Company]—”

I put my hand up slightly and cut him off. 

Me: “Hey, sorry. Right now really isn’t a good time. We’re not interested. We don’t own the house and can’t afford to buy new windows.”

I go to shut the door. He looks at me, annoyed. 

Solicitor: “Can I speak to the man of the household?”

I just stare at him before slightly chuckling. 

Me: “Excuse me? I am perfectly capable of speaking for this household, and I guarantee that I’m being a lot nicer than my husband would be. Now, get off my porch.”

He ended up coming back a few days later, and my husband answered the door. He immediately told him that I had already given an answer and slammed the door in his face.

The Only False Thing Here Is My Customer Service Smile

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: Ghostygrilll | April 5, 2022

I was working in the window department of a large department store. A woman made her way over to the clearance section of our window coverings. She scanned the shelves for a bit before bringing over about six of a specific type of curtain.

I began to ring them in as she watched the total add up.

Customer: “Whoa, your system is wrong. Those are supposed to be $30 each. Why are they ringing up as $60? There was a sale sign!”

Me: *With a brief smile and nod* “I can go check that sign with you if you’d like so we can make sure they aren’t ringing incorrectly.”

Customer: *With a huff* “Yes.”

We made our way over to the sale sign. It simply stated SALE with a list of three different styles of curtains reduced to $30.

Me: “Ah, I see the confusion. This sale only applies to [styles #1, #2, & #3]. The one you picked is [style #4].”

Customer: “I want a manager now!

I radioed my manager over. As soon as he arrived, she started to yell.

Customer: “THIS! IS! FALSE! ADVERTISING! DO YOU SEE THIS?! This is RIDICULOUS! I want these reduced to $30 as you are all trying to trick me into getting attached to this curtain and then selling it for MORE money than listed!”

My manager stared in astonishment before gathering his composure.

Manager: “Ma’am, this is not false advertising. It is clearly listed on the sign which items are discounted to $30, and I know for a fact that the one you picked out is discounted, as well. That is a $150 curtain you have in your hands, and it is now reduced to $60. It is simply not listed on the sign. False advertising would imply that the sign is presenting false information, which it is not.”

She ended up just throwing the stuff on the ground and storming out. My manager was defeated. He kind of just looked at me like “WTF?” and walked away to the back of the store.

Dirty Tactics For Cleaning

, , , , | Working | March 24, 2022

I hear some noise outside of my house, which I attribute to road works. It stops, and then I get a knock at the door.

Man: “Hi. We’re power washing houses today. Just did your neighbours’. Your render could do with a going-over.”

That’s a little blunt, but he is right. I’ve been meaning to get someone to do it. But from what I’ve read, this render shouldn’t just be blasted clean; it needs low pressure and cleaning chemicals. I don’t trust some random guy to not damage it.

Me: “No, thanks.”

Man: “Okay, okay. How about your path, then? It’s pretty slippery. You wouldn’t want anyone slipping over.”

Again, yes, it could do with a clean. But I really don’t like how this guy is coming across. It just feels rude now.

Me: “Again, thank you, but no.”

Man: “Oh, but look at how clean we can get it.”

He stands aside and reveals a small, clean square right in the middle of the path. It stands out like a sore thumb!

Me: “What gives you the right to do that to my path?”

Man: “What? Oh, it’s just to show you how dirty your paths are. Look how clean we can get it. It’s not even the same colour!”

Me: “I don’t care. You’ve come on to my property, uninvited, made a big mark in the path, and now you’re trying to guilt me into paying you?”

Man: “Oh, don’t be like that. I’ll even knock some money off for you.”

Me: “Get the h*** off my property.”

Man: “Wait, come on. I’ve already got the gear set up. It will only—”

I slammed the door on him, and I reported him for his pushy tactics. His company told me that they would follow this up.

I read later that others had also complained, and a man matching his description was taken to court for trading without insurance or licencing.

GrApHiC dEsIgN iS mY pAsSiOn

, , , , | Right | March 17, 2022

As an in-house graphic designer, I worked with an interior designer on a design for an exhibition stand for our company at a big London furniture show. With dark wood panels and simple silver lettering, it looked great.

However, a salesman who liked to make his own Powerpoint presentations had talked them into letting him create an animated presentation that would be displayed on a loop on a big flatscreen in the middle of the stand.

I arrived at the exhibition to see the company name in Comic Sans, flashing in purple and yellow, and pictures of chairs flying around the screen.

I expressed my dismay to another member of staff who was also watching it. He said that he thought it was comparable with anything I’d ever done.

Wish You Could Sail Away From These Sales

, , , , | Right | February 12, 2022

In the store where I worked, we had different products on sale every week. These sales were divided between Monday to Thursday and Friday to Sunday. This interaction happened many times.

A customer comes to the register with a product. I give them their total.

Customer: “It said in your weekly magazine that this was on sale!”

Me: “Was there a sign stating that the sale started?”

Customer: “No, there wasn’t! But it was in the paper, so it should be!”

Needless to say, the customer had come in on Tuesday trying to buy from a sale that started on Friday.

Then, there were customers who screamed at me for false advertisement because they couldn’t read the ten-centimetre-high letters stating which product was on sale.

These kinds of things happened around twenty times a day, every day of the year, and sometimes even more. We all definitely lost some brain cells and had some venting screams in the break room.