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Waitress: Hi, I have a customer who wants an extra dish of the white sauce
Me: (dish up some alfredo and send it to the table)
Waitress: (carrying alfredo sauce) He doesn’t want alfredo. He wants the white marinara sauce.
Me: The white sauce is alfredo sauce. Marinara sauce is made from tomatoes, which are red. Not white. There is not such thing as a white marinara sauce.
Waitress: He says he’s had it on fettuccine before.
Me: That’s alfredo sauce.

Efficiently Pointing Out Maleficent

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(It’s the first day of training for my new job at the Disney store. We’re doing “team-building exercises,” which are really just games involving Disney characters in one way or another. One of these games is to write down our favorite character and try to guess whose is whose as the manager reads them off.)

Manager: “Cinderella.”

(Two people are pointed at, and one is correct.)

Manager: “Lumiere.”

(Three people get pointed at, and once again, one is correct.)

Manager: “Maleficent.”

(EVERYONE points at me.)

Me: “We’ve only known each other for TEN MINUTES! And yeah, that was me.”

(This was several years before the Maleficent movie came out; I’m pretty sure it’s a more common answer nowadays.)

It’s Not Big Easy Staying Alive

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(In 2012, I’m getting ready to move to Louisiana with my boyfriend, and as the moving date gets closer, I’m excited enough that I’ve started yapping about it to customers every so often. Most of them have fairly generic, “Good for you,” “Have fun,” and, “Aw, romance,” type responses. Some of them suggest specific restaurants and attractions I should visit if I’m in the right area. However, one guy’s advice sticks out to me in particular.)

Customer: “Stay away from New Orleans. That’s a murder city.”

(My now-husband’s father lives in New Orleans, and we visit him regularly. I’m pretty sure I haven’t been murdered yet.)


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(I work at the deli department in a grocery store. I am part Filipino and part white. Everyone thinks that I’m Mexican. I am currently the only one in the department; my other coworker is on lunch. A customer stares at me and then stares at the hot case.)

Customer: *speaking loudly and slowly* “UNO. BURRITO. POR FAVOR.”

Me: “One burrito? Did you want the bean and cheese, or the chicken and rice?”

Customer: “Don’t you talk to me, you [Mexican slur]! Think you’re smarter than me? I’m tired of your people coming over the border and taking our jobs. Go back where you came from.”

Me: “I’d love to go back to Hawaii where I was born; the military hospital is really nice, so I have heard.”

Customer: “So, an islander, huh? Hawaii isn’t part of the US, idiot.”

Me: “So, bean and cheese, or chicken and rice?”

Flipped Their Last Bird

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I have severe motor skill impediments, which includes an inability to lift parts of my hands independently. In gym class, there are two teachers; one is hated as she is extremely strict, rude, and generally not nice.

We are playing soccer out on the field, and the opposing team is a group of bullies who are well-known for accusing people of things they didn’t do. My team has just scored a goal, and the bullies, who dislike me a lot, run up to the teacher, claiming that I flipped them off. The teacher, who also dislikes me due to my lack of athletic ability, immediately yells at me, while I try to explain to her what really happened.

She sends me to the discipline secretary, who is a notoriously cranky woman who loves her job and hates kids. Upon hearing what the teacher said, she writes a referral, and tells me to sign it.

I stubbornly refuse to sign it, as I have done nothing wrong.

They call my dad in, and, when they had explain the “situation” to him, he tells me to do something any student would love to do: flip the teacher off. I do so, or try to; due to my motor skill problems, I cannot lift my middle finger by itself. Upon seeing this, the principal decides that I am telling the truth.

The bullies get detention for lying to the principal. After a full investigation, which includes several union reps, the teacher is reprimanded, and fired the next year. Turns out that this is not her first lying incident to cover for her favorite students.

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