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Call From The Grinch On Line Two

, , , , , , , | Working | December 25, 2020

My first real job is at a local boutique which, at the time — the mid-1980s — is still a fairly busy, mostly decent chain. The store is divided up into areas designated by number. When we need an employee from a department somewhere, we do an overhead page using the area numbers: “Area #1 Girlswear to register #3,” for example.

When we page Area #2 seasonal, we normally replace “seasonal” with the actual season. One really busy winter’s day, we need a price check on a Christmas ornament, so the page goes out.

Page: “Area #2 Christmas to register #4, please. Area #2 Christmas to register #4.”

But after a couple of minutes — it is REALLY busy, and no one from the floor is able to make it up to the registers without being grabbed by another customer — the customer at the register says that it is okay and she’ll pay the price that rang up. So, we cancel the first page with a second one.

Page: “Cancel Christmas, please. Cancel Christmas.”

I swear, the entire store packed with holiday shoppers fell silent for at least ten seconds. The laughter lasted a bit longer, with some of the customers at the registers fervently agreeing.

This story made the national internal newsletter for the [Boutique] chain.

Cake Is Promotion

, , , , , , , | Working | February 7, 2017

(While I love my job, it is very stressful and I couldn’t imagine being a manager or the theatre rep. My manager often threatens to promote me in a joking manner, which always gets a few laughs.)

Manager: “I don’t know what I want. Either coffee or food.”

Coworker: “Go for the caffeine, man.”

Manager: “Yeah, but I’m really hungry and only have time to grab one. So it’s either coffee or food. Maybe cake.”

Me: “Why not a—” *pauses for effect* “—coffee cake?”

Manager: *through laughter* “That’s IT! Promote her!”

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