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One day there was a middle-aged lady going through the security checking, during which she never stopped a hurricane of critical comments mainly aimed at our, TSA agents’, appearance – how we shouldn’t walk this fast, move this slow, talk this loud (“You think, I’m deaf yet, girl?!”), wear heels this high or mascara this bright… In the end, when the lady was over with her checking, one of the agents offered her to apply for the position of our staff manager, if she was so eager to discipline the workers.

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(I’m a customer in this story. I’m standing in the line and witnessing the dialogue between the store manager and a very angry – and extraordinary dressed – customer. Note: 5000 roubles is the biggest bank note in Russia, still accepted anywhere after the compulsory checking if it’s not fake)

Customer: I was here yesterday, tried to pay with 5000-roubles note and your cashier did NOT take my money!
Manager: Well, as you paid with such a big note, she had to check it in a special machine. The machine probably showed red light, so the cashier gave the note back to you. It doesn’t mean that it’s fake, but we can’t accept it. These are our rules, you know.
Customer: Ridiculous! I got it from ATM! It must be real!
Manager: Sure you did. But if the cashier’s machine said…
Customer: And that day I came in another shop and you know what? They accepted it! How do you explain this?!
Manager: Well, I’m not responsible for that shop… Maybe they have another machine. Still, what do you want from me now?
Customer: Fire your cashier!
Manager: What for? She’s just doing her job! She has to check the note and if the machine shows red light, she declines your note. So she did.
Customer: Fix your machine then! It must be broken!
Manager: No, it’s not. It must have been something with your note. It’s happening from time to time, sorry to tell it…
Customer: Impossible! I got it from ATM!
Manager: So. What do YOU want? To complain? I can’t prevent you do this. Or you can call the police, if you like. Or…
Customer: No! No! Your machine doesn’t work! Fix it! It doesn’t work!
(stroms out, repeatedly crying last phrase)

Mother Russia

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(I have been on holiday with my parents in Russia. We are now catching our flight home so obviously, we have to pass through border control. Although I am in my late twenties, I am baby-faced and quite short, and I dress very casually. A number of people we’ve met have assumed I am around 14 to 16, something we’ve found quite amusing. Until…)

Border control: “Passport.”

(I go first and hand over my passport. The officer looks at me, at my passport, and back at me. He frowns. He looks at my other documents and back at me, and then frowns again. He then reaches for a magnifying glass and begins to inspect my documents page by page, occasionally pausing to stare at me. My father goes through in about thirty seconds. My mother goes through after a minute or so, as she has to answer a few questions. I wait. And wait. And wait. After about five minutes, I see my parents poking their heads around to see if they’ve lost me. Another minute or two later, and I’m finally allowed through.)

Mum: “We thought we’d never see you again!”

Dad: “Come on, delinquent.”

Me: “Was it just me or did he keep me there for a really long time? I got really nervous; I thought he was never going to let me through.”

Dad: “Did he ask you any questions?”

Me: “No. I thought maybe he might ask me to take my glasses off, but…”

Mum: “You realise he thought your documents were fake, right? I could tell when I was stood next to you. He couldn’t put the teenage girl in front of him together with the 27-year-old woman your documents suggested you were.”

Me: “I have no idea. But at one point, someone else came into the booth and I thought, oh, God, I’m about to be arrested at Russian border control. But the other guy just wanted to unlock something.”

Mum: “You thought you were going to be arrested? He saw you with us. I was waiting for them to arrest us for child trafficking and was debating making a run for it.”

Me: “Thanks.”

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A customer of mine told me today: “You’re so sweet and polite, it feels so nice torturing you”

That explains pretty much everything about customer service.

In Soviet Russia, Mother Translates You!

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(I am on holiday with my parents. To enter many tourist places in Moscow, you have to go through metal detectors and a bag check. My first language is English but I can understand some Russian. However, I struggle if it’s spoken quickly. My mother, who is fluent, has gone through the detector. The guard says something quickly to me, which I don’t catch. I look at my mum for help, so she comes over.)

Mum: “Put your bag on the table and walk through.”

(The guard looks confused as I place the bag on the table and walk through the detector. The guard says something else, and I glance at my mum again.)

Mum: “Take the bag.”

(I do so. The guard frowns but says something else.)

Mum: “Open it.”

(I open the bag. The guard, still looking really confused, checks it and nods to indicate I can go. It is at this moment that I realise why the guard is so confused.)

Me: *in English* “Mum, thanks for translating all of his instructions into Russian for me.”

Mum: “Wait, did I really?”

(The guard apparently understood some English because at this point, he looked at us and laughed before returning to checking the next person.)

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