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13 Enormous Stories For World Elephant Day!

| Right | August 12, 2021

Dear readers,

Today is World Elephant Day! These gentle giants are some of the most intelligent mammals on earth. Some elephants are endangered, and some are threatened. But in this thundering roundup, there are elephants aplenty!

We’ve rounded up 13 stories from our archives that’ll twist your trunks for World Elephant Day!


Mother Versus Nature – Okay, but we really want to know what she wanted them to do about it.

The Elephant In The Room – To be fair, I’ve never seen an elephant in the cleaning supplies aisle.

Step 35c: Ask Customer To Reboot Dumbo – I’ll have to remember this excuse next time I’m behind on work.


17 Strange And Darling Stories For Son And Daughter Day!

, | Right | August 11, 2021

Dear readers,

Today is National Son and Daughter Day in the US! Everyone is someone’s son, daughter, or non-binary kid, and everyone has some strange or funny stories about the relationship offspring have with their parents.

In honor of this day, we’ve dug into the recesses of the Sons & Daughters tag for 17 stories about weird and memorable antics between parents and their kids!


Sweet Revenge – Hits from Gilmore Girls: “I have no patience for jam hands!”

Not Being Five Makes Them All Sixes And Sevens – Kids are often very honest. Sometimes too honest.

Not Raising Them To Be Trash – And NAR’s Parent Of The Week Award goes to…


10 Brilliant Stories For Back To School Month!

| Right | August 10, 2021

Dear readers,

August is Back To School Month! This month has been celebrated since the sixties and it’s a busy, busy time for all kinds of parents with school-aged kids and young adults heading off to college. The stores are positively dripping with back-to-school sales!

To get you into that learning mood, we’ve rounded up 10 stories from our archives about the joys – and terrors – of back-to-school shopping!


Light On The Brain Cells – It’s probably a bad idea to teach kids to fear certain colors.

The Only Thing They Are Providing Is Indifference – Hits from the comments: “Uh-oh, looks like somebody slipped over here from a timeline that’s not completely horrible. Boy, are they in for a series of shocks.”

They Put You In A Bit Of A Bind – It’s bad enough that the kid was confused, but her dad, too?!


17 Unusual Stories About Underwear!

| Right | August 5, 2021

Dear readers,

Today is National Underwear Day (USA)! I know, it’s a weird one, but the other option for this roundup was National Oyster Day, and oysters just aren’t as funny as underwear. Sorry. This “holiday” was created eighteen years ago by a brand that wanted to encourage body positivity! And that’s something we can all get behind. (Get it? Behind? Like a butt?)

Anywayyyy… for your amusement, we’ve found 17 stories from our archives about adventures with underwear – from strange customer requests to funny couple antics to kids saying the darnedest things, and everything in between!


Shortest. Honeymoon. Ever. – This could either be a really good thing or a really bad one.

We Prefer Our Privates Private – I’m going to be very blunt: no one wants to share skidmarks!

The Naked Truth – Robes: never leave your room without one.


12 More Stories About Wine, And The Customers Who Think They Know All About It

| Right | August 4, 2021

Dear readers,

There are three kinds of wine lovers. First, you have your casuals; they may have a favorite, but they’re happy to just crack open a bottle of whatever you’ve got on hand and have a nice time with their friends. Then, you have your connoisseurs; they swish, sip, and spit, and from a single sample they can tell you everything from the variety of grape involved to what the vintner was wearing when they bottled the wine.

And then, there are these idiots. We’ve had a couple of roundups about wine before, but luckily, our supply of wine-loving morons never seems to run dry! In honor of National White Wine Day (USA), we’ve assembled 12 more stories from our archives about wine enthusiasts who don’t know what the heck they want!


I’m Drawing A Blanc, Part 2 – Tell us you don’t know what “blanc” means without telling us you don’t know what “blanc” means.

Sugar-Coating The Prices – She must really like hangovers.

The Right Wine Or The White Wine – It doesn’t take an expert to tell the difference.