11 Truck Drivers Who Are Keeping The World Running

| Right | May 12, 2020

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In our continuing effort to recognize those who keep the world running even as large parts of it shut down, (we’ve covered grocery store workers, healthcare workers, and postal workers!) we turn our attention to truck drivers. They provide essential services to make sure your grocery store is stocked with fresh produce, your pharmacies have medicines, and your hospitals have medical equipment. They are the reason so many of our lives are as comfortable and convenient as they are, and they don’t stop even when the rest of us have to.

We’ve compiled eleven stories from our archives of times when someone behind the wheel of several tons of moving vehicle deserved our respect.

So Trucking Nice – They’ll get you where you need to be, because they always know how to get to where they need to be.

A Key Moment In Solving This Problem – Wrong key, right driver!

The Death Of That Sale – We forget that trucking is a very dangerous job, and this woman in particular needs to be reminded of that!

Honk Twice For Bird Barrage – If you’re driving thousands of miles, you develop a dark sense of humor.

Blinker And You’ll Miss It – When truck drivers obey the law, it can be an annoying reminder to those who don’t.

Just Reading This Is Tire-ing – There’s no helping some people, no matter how far you drive.

There Are 20,000 Problems With This Order – When you have tons of potential disaster behind the wheel, you don’t take any risks!

Wait An Extra Hour For The Bigotry Bus – Technically not a truck driver, but a driver we still want to celebrate!

You Just Got Ownered – This story gets towed to a completely different place!

A Serious Error In Judgment – We think it’s amazing that an item ordered from the other side of the country gets to our front door sadly, not everyone is quite as impressed.

Trained To Take Trains From High-Vis Staff – Truck drivers have to know where they’re going, even when they’re not driving!

We hope you enjoyed this roundup. Please let us know in the comments! If have your own story to share, submit it here!

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23 Times The Post Office Was Unable To Deliver That Much Stupid

| Right | May 11, 2020

Similar to our shout to grocery store workers and healthcare workers, we here at Not Always Right want to continue our salute to our essential workers, who are putting themselves on the front line during these troubling times. Postal workers have kept on going through these tough times, making sure that mail gets to loved ones we can’t visit, parents suddenly thrust into homeschooling can order educational supplies, and hey if you’re bored at home and you need that videogame delivered by Amazon to keep sane, then that’s great, too!

We’ve gone through the archives and found 23 stories of postal workers having to deal with some… well… interesting people. We hope some of these put a smile on your face and make you appreciate the power of paid postage a little more!


Liar Liar Panties On Fire – We’re not sure this medicine is that essential…

… And They Say The Post Office Is Slow – If you ask the Post Office to give their two cents on a subject, be specific how you intend it!

Land That I Love – The only “great state” this woman is in is confusion.

Many Problems To Address – The “validity” of this address needs some clarification.

It’s Also A One-Way Trip – Does anyone know Heaven’s zip code?

Pushing The Envelope Of Patience – They’ve become a victim of delivering great expectations.

Exchanges At This Rate Will Get You Nowhere – The most painful “exchange” here is this conversation.

Some Calls Really Push The Envelope – The voice of the stupid is both loud and annoying.

Sender To Return – This problem is going to keep coming back to him, as regular as the mail!

To Some, Time Is A Foreign Concept – They are soooo not ready for timezones.

Plundered Pleasures – A story about special lady parts. You have been warned.

Around The Competition In 80 Minutes – Some people have no idea how the world works… literally.

A Case Of Misbehavin’ Identity – They need a change of attitude more than a change of address.

Best Not Berate Bob Or You’ll Get The Boot – Don’t mess with Bob  he has fans.

Didn’t Pass For The Passport – The post office provides many services explaining how to control your face shouldn’t be one of them.

Noisy Complaints Are All-Enveloping – Remember: reading is free.

Selective Stealing – Post staff have to be detectives, too.

This Is Why We’re In A Recession, Part 21 – Money orders… it’s kinda in the name.

Their Poetry Isn’t Priceless Yet – They have to be very good at valuations!

35 Cents Too Rich For That Wallet – We understand that young people don’t mail often, but this is another level.

Putting Your Stamp On The Language – To be franking, he needs stampings.

Trying To Stamp Out Stupid – The only flags we’re getting from this are a lot of red ones!

Banking On It Being An Actual Bank – We really feel for the guy, but we are also thankful for the honesty of the postal worker!


We hope you enjoyed this collection of stories! Know any that we missed? Let us know in the comments! Want to submit your own story? Do it here!

Stay safe, everyone!

23 Reasons Why Your Mother Is Awesome – And Why You Should Call Her!

| Right | May 10, 2020

It’s Mother’s Day! 2020 being what it is, it’s likely many of you would normally be planning on visiting your mother today but sadly have had to make other plans. Whether it’s a phone call, zoom chat, or an email, we hope many of you can show mom how much you love them today.

If you need further incentive, here are 23 stories from our archives that highlight why mothers are awesome!

That Is ‘Pretty’ Awesome – A mother would do anything to make her child happy in the darkest of times.

Bumbling For A Name – Mothers fully support her child’s sports team – even with a name like that!

Moms Always Intercede For Their Super Seed – Mothers protect their kids from the dangers of the world, like their dads…

Substitute Vices – This story is not for younger eyes – and definitely gives new meaning to strawberries and cream.

Photo-synthesise A Cure – Sometimes, they just want to fix everything!

More Telling Than Kissing – She’s there for you even during the ‘sore’ spots.

Christmas Is Off To A Rocky Start – Early on Mother’s learn the art of sarcasm – otherwise, the relationship can get a bit rocky.

Fractionally True – Mothers keep on going even if you’ve sucked the life out of them.

Tainted Love – She loves you no matter what you’ve done… or what you’ve done it on.

It’s Just Water Under The Fridge – From the very second they become a mother, it’s a challenge.

Kids Who Play Too Much Call Of Duty – We know it’s not the employees’ job to supervise children but it seems this mom has a decent strategy.

Hear No Evil, Saw No Evil – It’s great when mom is in on the joke – at least we really hope it’s a joke…

Kids Put Urine To A Tight Spot – We know it’s easy to moan about being on a flight with children, but it’s no picnic for the mother either!

In-Tents Humor Is Worthless Without The Perfect Pitch – Look, the NAR editors see a pun, we like it. It’s really that simple.

Visit The Narnian Embassy Before The Wardrobe – It’s easy to forget that mothering is a full-time job, so their career at the Narnian embassy had to go on hold.

I Can See It All Over Your Face(book) – A mother just knows, and then she ‘no’s.

One Review To Rule Them All – A mother has many talents – like strategically napping during all the boring talky bits.

Spelling Isn’t Tweasy – As editors, we appreciate a mother that enforces correct spelling in her household!

He Shoots, We Score – Motherly advice cannot be beaten. Ten out of ten!

Ah, Mothers, Part 4 – You never stop being their baby.

Smoke Your Veggies – Revenge is a dish best served with mac’n’cheese.

27 Stresses – Give… this… mother… a… round… of… applause!

Providing A Self-Service Service – A good mother is not self-serving even at self-service!


We hope you enjoyed our motherly collection of stories. If there are any you think we should have included, let us know in the comments! Got your own story to share, please do so here!

Now go and call your mother!

13 Reasons Why Healthcare Workers Should Rule The World

| Right | May 7, 2020

Similar to our shout to grocery store workers, we here at Not Always Right want to continue our salute to our essential workers, who are putting themselves on the front line during these troubling times. Healthcare workers represent the best of us, their skill for keeping us alive matched only by their empathy.

We’ve dug into the archives for some classic tales that list clearly why healthcare workers should rule the world. While the stories are nurse-centric, ALL healthcare workers, from doctors, carers, hospital cleaners and caterers, councilors and the admin staff that keep the hospital running, deserve our respect, and our applause.

Healthcare workers, we hope this gives you a smile and helps others to remember how much we depend on you.

Why Nurses Should Rule The World:

Part #1: – Brave kiddos get even braver nurses.
Part #2: – Nurses are allergic to your BS.
Part #3: – Remember that the next person to serve you fries might be a future nurse, and they BOTH deserve your respect.
Part #4: – The Hippocratic oath is 24/7, even if their shift isn’t.
Part #5: – Big scary man versus the head nurse… he didn’t stand a chance.
Part #6: – If you get through to a nurse, they’ll get you to where you need to be.
Part #7: – Always trust a nurse to tell it to you straight.
Part #8: – Nurses don’t have days off, they just have days seeing personal patients.
Part #9: – A retired nurse is still a nurse!
Part #10: – From patients to passengers, all get the best care.
Part #11: – Thank God they went to nursing school.
Part #12: – We love our doctors, but no one is as good hands-on as a nurse
Part #13: – Please say “Thank you” to your nurse!

Have a healthcare story to share? Let us know here! Know of anyone else that deserves a shout out during these troubling times, let us know in the comments!

Stay safe, everyone!

Some Inspirational Stories From April

, | Right | May 6, 2020

Dear readers,

It’s a strange time for all of us, so we here at Not Always Right thought we’d “inspire” you with some little packets of happiness from the last month. Whether these stories be heartfelt, inspiring, or maybe just cute, we hope we bring a little smile to your face today!

Rounded up below are ten inspirational stories from the month of April.

We All Like Spike – Preventing a potentially spiky situation in the best possible way.

Training The Public To Accept Alternatives – A happy gothic tale.

A Long-Lost Little Brother! – TWINSIES forever!

This Kindness Is Fully Baked – You’ll find naan better this month.

Hope For Humanity Is Elevating – The real figures you need to see increasing this month.

We Can Attest That These Are Good Neighbors – We see our best in the worst times.

Retail Workers Need Something Sweet – When candy never tasted so good.

Keeping Dad Close To Your Heart – This worker is a real jewel.

Hunting For Kindness — And Finding It! – For those who had to skip Easter this year.

Just His Pot Luck! – A cute little story to make you hungry!

We hope you liked our little roundup today! If you’d like us to make this a regular thing, let us know in the comments! Got your own inspirational story to share? Let us know!

Stay safe, everyone!