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14 Stories About Artists And Designers Dealing With Terrible Clients!

| Right | December 8, 2021

Dear readers,

If there is one thing the last couple of years have taught us, it’s that we wouldn’t be able to get by without art. Be it the kind we stream on Netflix or go see in a gallery, it’s all art and it all takes effort. Sadly, some clients who like to commission art and graphic design didn’t get this memo, so we’ve dedicated this roundup to all the long-suffering artists and graphic designers who have to put up with them.

We’ve rounded up fourteen stories from the archives about artists and designers dealing with terrible clients!


Photoshop Will Solve Everything – You’ve heard of impossible demands? Well, get ready for this one!

Mega Moochers, Inc. – Hits from the comments: “I wonder how many other companies they have this sort of ‘relationship’ with. Journal subscriptions, the electric company, office supplies…”

The Good, The Bad, And The Single-Minded – As many commenters have said… bullet dodged!


12 Mystifying Stories About Microwave Ovens!

| Right | December 6, 2021

Dear readers,

Here at NAR, we like to joke that there really is a “holiday” for everything, and today is no exception. It’s National Microwave Oven Day in the USA! Microwaves have been making leftovers warmer, solid butter softer, and cooking simpler for decades, and today, we’re celebrating them…. or rather having a good laugh at the people out there who can’t even handle opening a door and pushing some buttons.

Zap yourself some popcorn and enjoy these 12 stories about microwave ovens and the people confounded by them!


All Games Rated D For Delicious – Where… how were you plugging this in?!

Customers Can Stop You Cold – Not everything frozen has to be heated!

Technically, He Set It To Vibrate – Hits from the comments: “This is why we’re doomed: we keep putting smart devices in the hands of dumb people.”


12 More Stories About The Worst Job Interviews Ever!

| Right | December 1, 2021

Dear readers,

Nowadays, the job market is… chaotic, to say the least. We’ve been through some weird times, and they just keep getting weirder. That being said, one constant in life is that job interviews are hard. They’re often awkward, anxiety-inducing, or both, and the results can change the course of your life!

A year ago, we brought you a roundup of stories about hilariously bad job interviews. Today, we’ve rounded up 12 more stories from our archives about job interviews that were weirder than most. Sit back and enjoy the cringe!


Trust Me, Best Manager Ever, Like You’ll Never Believe… – May none of us ever have a manager like this one.

What Goes Up, Must Come Crashing Down – This interview was over before it even began.

Too Many Assumptions Spoil The Broth – If you don’t ask for what you want, you’re stuck with what you get.


10 Totally Terrific Tales About Thanksgiving!

, | Right | November 25, 2021

Dear readers,

It’s Thanksgiving again! Already! It’s been another wild year, and we’ve got a lot to be thankful for. We’re definitely thankful for all of you! Now, enough of the gushy stuff and onto what you’re really here for: the laughs!

Last year in our Thanksgiving roundup, we focused on the plight of retail workers everywhere. This year, we’ve decided to dive into another aspect of Thanksgiving that can cause all kinds of stress: family. Whether you’ve got drunks, bigots, or pranksters at the table, we hope you get through your holiday without coming to blows!

For your dining pleasure, here are 10 funny stories from our archives about families at Thanksgiving!


Thankful For The Shift – Honestly, this is fair. Sad, but fair.

Pranksgiving – How does a person get to be old enough to drive and not know that?!

Getting High On Misinformation – Bringing a date to Thanksgiving dinner is stressful. Might as well make it fun!


25 Of The Best Stories From Not Always Right – October 2021 Roundup!

| Right | November 22, 2021

It’s time for the October roundup! We’ve decided that we’re going to start doing the monthly roundups later in the month to let the stories ‘settle’ and let you, the readers, decide through comments and voting what should be worthy of attention. Out of all the stories we posted in the month, we’ve singled out twenty-four!

If there are any stories from the last month you feel we should have included, please let us know in the comments!

Now That’s What You Call A Clap-Back – A story where everyone did clap!

Fighting Stupid With Stupid – It can be so satisfying when you play the same assumption back on them.

Stacks Of Parenting – Parent customers who actually parent?!