17 Stories That Make You Better Aware Of Autism

| Right | April 2, 2021

Dear readers,

Today is World Autism Awareness Day. We’ve already run a roundup last year about understanding autism better, but since there’s no rule that we can’t come back to important subjects, and today is a special day, we’ve decided to go back to our archives! We’ve rounded up another seventeen stories about autism, from those reacting badly to it to those with autism and trying their best to get by in a society that doesn’t make it easy for them.

We hope that the following stories will help be helpful and educational for many of you!


Gettin’ Schooled 101 – Daaaang, we can feel the burn from here!

Causing Disorder – Not gonna lie, I would’ve bitten them.

Break Your Fast, Break Your Gaze – Pop that yogurt in your mouth and Pop will leave you alone!


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11 Hilarious Stories About Pranks – Happy April Fool’s Day!

| Right | April 1, 2021

Dear readers,

No joke! We thought everyone could use a little more levity and so we’ve pulled out some of our favorite, older stories about pranks and such, for April Fools’ Day.


How To Neuter A Prank Call — Sometimes, timing is everything.

Ordering Fish In Troubled Waters — When is a prank not a prank?

Your Prank Got Spanked, Part 2 — These jokes are so old they have grandchildren.


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17 Crazy Stories That Show What Transgender People Still Have To Put Up With

| Right | March 31, 2021

Dear readers,

Today is the International Transgender Day of Visibility. In a perfect world, a day like today would not be necessary as all marginalized members of society would just be…

well… society. One day that dream will come true, but for now, we need days like today to shine the positive spotlight on transgender people all around the world and the sheer amount of effort it takes to become the people they are meant to be.

We have rounded up seventeen stories from our archives about these struggles that many transgender people have to endure every day. We hope they will be educational to many unfamiliar with these struggles and will provide solidarity for those who sadly are.

A Lousy Example Of A Man – You’re hot until you deny me.

Children Can Man-age To Listen – Trans people do not owe you clear gender presentation!

Nice To Get Helped For A Change – If you’re not trans, you need to be a friend like this to those who are.


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10 Hilarious Times Criminals Were So Stupid They Got Themselves Caught

| Right | March 30, 2021

Dear readers,

While we would never, ever advocate stealing anything, we’re almost happy the incidents mentioned within this roundup occurred. The dumb thieves in these stories are so woefully inept at stealing that all you’ll be able to do is laugh, and then take pleasure that they also come with a dose of Karmic justice.

These ten stories from our archives show that while crime never pays, getting caught can sometimes be worth a few laughs…


Pre(Car)ious Insurance, Part 4 – “Why are you screaming, sir?”

Honesty Among Thieves – I’d think they were joking, but on this site…

Highway Robbery – Hits from the comments: “He’s got a beautiful train of thought, but it’s stuck in the railway depot.”


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13 More About Customers Who Are So Stupid They Needed Their Own List

| Right | March 29, 2021

Dear readers,

Even though we’ve already made one roundup about those extra stupid customers, it seems that we (and therefore, you) are gluttons for punishment. Just when we thought that we’d hit the bottom of the intelligence pile, the customers found a way to dig deeper.

Therefore, we’ve rounded up thirteen more stories from our archives about customers who are so stupid they needed their own roundup to stand out on a site dedicated to stupid customers.


Mothers Can Be A Daily Grind – Oooh, it could be like those hand towels that expand when you add water!

This Spells Disaster – Wait until they hear about the Dewey Decimal System.

Doesn’t Enjoy Bird Watching But Quite Likes The Woods – What does that have to do with you being an idiot?


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