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12 Riveting, Readable Stories About Library Patrons!

| Right | September 6, 2021

Dear readers,

Today is National Read A Book Day in the US, and what better place to start reading than the library? There’s something truly serene about a library, surrounded by books and hushed voices and those return date stamps. (Do they still stamp the return date in books? I confess I haven’t been to a proper library in years. Whoops.)

However, when you run into patrons like these, the peaceful atmosphere of the library dissolves pretty quickly. We’ve rounded up 12 stories from our archives about library patrons that will make you want to throw a book at them!


As Opposed To The Ones That You Can, Like, Smoke? – The eternal question: stupid or stoned?

A Series Of Unfortunate Questions – We really need Lemony Snicket to explain this one. He’s good at that.

An Interest In Corruption – People who owe large sums of money aren’t usually in the position to make demands.


11 Hilarious Stories About Movies, TV, And Plenty Of Stupidity!

, | Right | September 3, 2021

Dear readers,

I think it’s safe to say that in the last year and a half or so, we’ve all consumed a lot more movies and television than usual. And that’s totally reasonable; a lot of us have been stuck at home a lot more, and watching the struggles and triumphs of our favorite characters can help distract us from the real world, which is often a lot less simple or pleasant.

Today, we’ve rounded up 11 stories from deep within the archives of the Movies & TV tag (each of these stories is nine years old or older!) about people who manage to complicate even the simple joy of watching a good TV show or movie! So, grab your popcorn and get comfy!


Thorry Potter & The Norsely Hallows – Hits from the comments: “It’s not Harry Potter because Voldemort doesn’t have a Norse.”

Not So Crazy About Tim And Daisy – Would you prefer it be made with rage?

Doctor Sue – Sometimes you wish you could just sonic screwdriver the stupid right out of these people.


10 Stories Proving A Day At The Beach Isn’t Always A Day At The Beach!

| Right | August 30, 2021

Dear readers,

Today is National Beach Day in the US! This seven-year-old holiday is intended to bring awareness to the beauty of beaches and the need to keep them clean for the enjoyment of our fellow humans and for the safety of wildlife.

A day at the beach is usually pretty relaxing, if you have plenty of sunscreen and don’t mind sand. But the people in these stories aren’t necessarily having the best time at the beach. Lay down a towel and enjoy these 10 stories from our archives!


Their Demands Are Making Waves – Hits from the comments: “If your earring didn’t have the Heart of Te Fiti fitted on it, I guarantee the ocean won’t give it back.”

There’s Something Fishy About This Place – This is kind of funny, but mostly we’re just concerned.

A Life-Guarded Sense Of Self – Um, not to be a downer, but people drown in America all the time.


10 Stories About Lotteries That Will Make You Feel Like A Winner!

| Right | August 27, 2021

Dear readers,

Congratulations! You’ve won! “Won what?” you ask? You’ve won a chance to read our newest roundup!

What would you do if you won something a little more tangible? Say… a few million dollars? Today is International Lottery Day, celebrating games of chance and big payouts all over the world. People have been entering lotteries and dreaming big for centuries. In fact, the oldest country-wide lottery I found information on dates back to the early 1500s in France! Wild!

To celebrate International Lottery Day, we’ve rounded up 10 stories about lotteries from our archives that’ll make you feel like a winner! (By comparison, if nothing else!)


Scratch-Off Your Name On The Pool – This isn’t a zero-sum game. It’s a negative-3,000-sum game!

Working Retail These Days Is A Lottery – We really hope they’re joking.

It’s A Karma Lottery – Maybe I’m mean, but I’d have rubbed it in her face a little.


10 Stories About Toilet Paper You Won’t Want To Flush!

| Right | August 26, 2021

Dear readers,

You’ll never guess what “national holiday” is today. Go ahead, try and guess. I’ll wait.

IT’S NATIONAL TOILET PAPER DAY (US)! I know, I know. I’m excited, too! The panic buying of last year gave us all a much deeper appreciation for a nice, plush roll of toilet paper. (Or a bidet. You do you.)

In honor of our favorite cottony commodity, we’ve rounded up 10 stories from our archives about toilet paper!


Her Facebook Is Going Down The Toilet (Paper) – Hits from the comments: “And I thought people who Instagram every meal they have were weird.”

Best To Just Roll With It – I just want to know where they stored all of those rolls!

The Type Of Wipe Can Make One Gripe – Time to start carrying tissues or something.