10 Cool And Cuddly Stories About Polar Bears!

| Right | February 28, 2021

Dear readers,

Yesterday was International Polar Bear Day! This holiday was established in 2011 to draw awareness to the plight of the largest carnivorous land mammals on Earth; they’ve been endangered since 1973. Polar bears are one of nature’s cruel temptations: they’re so cute and I just want to pet them, but I would rather not die of claws to the face.

We’ve gathered 10 stories from our archives about polar bears – a safe way to enjoy these cuddly-but-terrifying creatures!


It’s Not Like They Had Snow Way Of Knowing – Oh, I forgot! We do have a couple of polar bears in the back room for you.

Did You Know Gullible Isn’t In The Dictionary? – A chilling tale of stupidity!

The Advice Up Here Is Polar Opposite To What You’re Used To – Hits from the comments: “Now I’m curious what kind of legal problems a polar bear can cause, and also how you would file suit against one.”


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10 More Hilarious Stories That Only Pokémon Fans Will Understand

| Right | February 27, 2021

Dear readers,

Today is National Pokémon day in the US, celebrating the first ever Pokémon video game release twenty-five years ago! The Pokémon franchise continues to entertain casual fans and hardcore geeks of all ages. And as we browse through our archives, we continue to find all kinds of fun stories from our readers about the Pokémon-obsessed and the Pokémon-confused.

Last summer, we brought you 23 stories about Pokémon. Grab your Ultra Balls and a handful of healing potions and let’s dive into 10 more!


Just Bowsing Through The Characters – When you’re a mom, everything’s a Pokie-man.

Gotta Eat ‘Em All – We can excuse not knowing all the Pokémon, but not knowing Cookie Monster?!

Gotta Catch Them All Ages – Just because you have assumptions, it doesn’t mean that you need to voice them.


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17 Crazy Tales About Parent-Teacher Conferences That Did Not Go As Expected!

| Right | February 25, 2021

Dear readers,

The phrase “parent-teacher conference” is enough to send shivers down the spine of students, teachers, and parents alike. It’s not so bad if the conference involves a “hardworking” student who is “a delight to have in class,” but for some of us… yikes. I’m sure I’m not the only one who got very familiar with phrases like, “talks too much,” and, “easily distracted,” and “not living up to their potential.”

But it’s not always students for whom these conferences are a painful experience! We’ve rounded up 17 stories about parent-teacher conferences that were anything but “a delight to have in class”!


That’ll Teach Him – He’s not like regular teachers; he’s a cool teacher!

B Minus In Parenting – Well, someone’s not getting an A for Effort.

Making A Complete Boob Of Himself – Wow! The teacher and the parents both handled this surprisingly well!


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12 Hilarious Stories About People Who Believed What They Saw On Crime Shows

| Right | February 24, 2021

Dear readers,

We’ve all seen those shows where simply saying “zoom and enhance” can get the perpetrator captured before the episode is up. Crime serials can be thrilling, but they are also wildly unrealistic when it comes to what is standard procedure for real life, instead choosing to max out the drama with supercomputers, impossible image correction, and even dangerously simplified medical procedures.

We’ve rounded up twelve stories that prove shows like CSI have a lot to answer for!


Forensics For Dummies – Maybe if someone had Photoshopped the person in front into the picture…

Why Don’t You (Law &) Order The New CSI-NCIS-H50 Computer?! – Even if they existed, would you have the brains to use them?

Conjured Coffee Conjugations – “Vegemite” sounds cool, too, but I don’t want a whole cup full.


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10 Stories About Horsing Around With Horses!

| Right | February 23, 2021

Dear readers,

We all know someone who was a “horse girl” growing up. This was a kid who doodled horses and ponies all over their notebooks, disappeared for days when the county fair was running, and wore boots in situations that really didn’t call for them. Personally, I think there’s a little bit of “horse girl” in all of us, though we may not all reach Tina Belcher-levels of obsession.

For some people, owning horses and riding them all the time is a beautiful dream. For others, it should probably stay firmly in the dream category and never progress to reality. In honor of horse lovers of all kinds (and a few other weirdos), we’ve corraled 10 stories from our archives about horses!


Equine Isn’t Fine – Riding a horse isn’t complicated, but there’s more to it than that!

A Merry-No-Sound – Let the wind in your hair be your music, sweetie!

Common Sense Is Dwarfed By The Ignorant – Hits from the comments: “Oh, what? You’re saying that this thing’s existence is nothing but pain? Oh, that’s okay. I want one anyway because OMG CYOOT!”


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