23 Stories To Show We Have A Long Way To Go For LGBTQ Equality

| Right | May 22, 2020

Dear readers,

Today is Harvey Milk day! The first openly-gay elected official in the US, Harvey Milk served the people of California and was an important public face for the rights of the LGBTQ community. Sadly, his assassination in 1978 showed that the world still had a long way to go, and still does to this day. As the man was honored with his own day to remember the struggle he fought for, we here at Not Always Right would like to partake.

Please enjoy the following 23 stories from our archives that show both the struggles and joys of the LGBTQ community, who are just trying to go to work and pay their bills like everyone else.

Just A (Cast The First) Stone’s Throw Away From A True Christian – We’ll set the tone with what a real Christian looks like. No, not her, the other dude!

You Couldn’t Make It Up – A story to make mascara run.

The Joy Of Sex(ism), Part 3 – Dealing with bigoted customers is just one of many talents…

Domestically Dimwitted – We get that he’s trying, but sheesh!

Not Just Ol’ Gay Paris Anymore – So, everyone with a British accent is gay? We have so many questions…

Bi-Curiouser and Curiouser – Getting it wrong bi definition.

Corrupt The Kids And You’ll Have H*** Toupee – Lesbians, listen! This mother has rules for you all.

Excess Of XY – To be fair, “they” have had “them” every day, but we guess this is progress.

Stereo-Griping – Look, some gay guys want to wear anime shirts and stay up all night playing Animal Crossing.

Queer As Folk Re-Vamped – We doubt the vampire community is as hung up on this as we are.

Separates The Men From The Boys – This guy is either secretly bigoted, or secretly crushing on his friend!

Grandma Won’t Be Outmatched – The only old-fashioned thing happening here is Grandma setting up her grandkids.

Best Not To Exchange With Haters – When teamwork and allyship come together beautifully.

This Boss Gets More Than Just The Check – The times, they are a ‘changing.

Setting Mother Straight – A very valid reason to look forward to turning eighteen.

Bigotry Unleashed – She needs to find a vet because her pet just got burned!

Served With Just Desserts – Read until the last line. So worth it.

God Loves Little Girls Who Stand Up For Others – Bigotry is taught, not something we’re born with.

Bigotry Is Not On The Menu  – Okay, we get this is playing up stereotypes too, but it’s for a good cause so we’re okay with it.

An Act Of Kindness Fit For The Movies – A Christmas feel-good story in May, because this year is already too weird so who cares!

Ornithologically Correct  – A story about peacocking, but in a good way.

Bringing Tolerance Up To Date – One day, hopefully, this one be a noteworthy story.

Getting Straight To The Point – One more educated!


We hope you enjoyed this collection of stories! Know any that we missed? Let us know in the comments! Want to submit your own story? Do it here!

Stay safe, everyone!

23 Times Waitstaff Had To Deal With Customers From Hell

| Right | May 21, 2020

Dear readers,

Today is international waitstaff day! We know that restaurants haven’t been in business lately, but as they gradually re-open, we’d like to continue our coverage of workers that put up with the worst of us while behaving like the best of us. We’ve covered grocery store workers, postal workers, healthcare workers, truck drivers , teachers , police and the emergency services already!

When the world calms down and you make your way back to a restaurant, remember these 23 stories we’ve compiled, and remember what they have to put up with!

Miracle On Placebo Street – You can’t choose the temperature, but you can choose your battles.

Even Owners Have A Stupid Quota, Part 3 – Worth reading for the manager’s glorious last line.

Waiter Hater – How has this person not been thrown out yet?

Wake Up And Smell The Snooty – The rich elite want their food first, and only then may you seek medical attention!

Tip Of The Entree Iceberg – Word of advice to those who want to put waitstaff down to make yourself look good to your friends: don’t.

Wait For The Waiter – Waitstaff know when their customers are also waitstaff. They just get it.

Snide Salad – We personally prefer a side of cake with our cake, but that’s just us.

Piercing Judgments, Part 2  – People with piercings don’t ruin the atmosphere, people that point them out do.

Red Light Bulb Moment  – It looks like he used to go there for dessert.

Pot Calling The Kettle Everything – Wow. If they think that is racist, they’ve lived s privileged life so far!

Thinks He’s So Grape – Please don’t go up against a sommelier unless you really know your stuff. And we mean like really know it.

Tis The Seasoning – Sometimes, the good customers can even out the bad.

Enough To Make You Cry – No matter how many layers we peel back, this is still stupid.

Shaping Up To Be An Awful Night – A complaint so stupid it makes us spin around.

Realized He’s Nuts Before You Did – Some requests are nuts. Thankfully, this one is only coconuts.

Scrambling Up The Order – First, there was the cheeseburger without the cheese… and now there’s this.

Overbooked Leads To Overcooked Attitude – Their sixteen was not so sweet, but the manager’s reaction was!

Say Your Prayers – Waitstaff are not afraid to get their hands dirty, but good Lord please don’t do this to them!

Dealing With A Very Sour Lemon – Some people wake up every day looking for something to complain about – and they usually end up in restaurants.

I Have A Hangry – The curse of being angry is no excuse.

She Has Taken The Black – Listen, if the waitstaff are trying to tell you what’s in your food three times, then they have a good reason!

H2-Over And Over Again – When you’ve experienced the water cycle four times in one day

I Propose Kicking Him Out – We present to you, the worst restaurant proposal ever.


And finally, a bonus story, not about an awesome waiter, but an awesome customer:
Good Customers Are Worth Their Waiter In Gold 

We hope you enjoyed this collection of stories! Know any that we missed? Let us know in the comments! Want to submit your own story? Do it here!

Stay safe, everyone!

23 Stories About Bees For World Bee Day!

| Right | May 20, 2020

Dear readers,

Today is world bee day! We know that they can sting, and you don’t always want them at your picnic, but without these feisty little pollinators, none of us would bee here (sorry)! So to recognize the most important animals on the planet, celebrate world bee day, we have gathered 23 bee-themed stories from our arc-hives (sorry, again) for you to enjoy over some honey!

No Brains And The Bees – People like this are who plastic plants are for.

Not On Their Best Bee-hive-ior  – You’ve got a friend in bee!

Emergency Disservice – For a bee, every day is a labor day!

This Movie Is The Bee’s Knees – The only good scene in that movie.

They Can’t Bee Serious – Can bees be free-range?

My Friends And Other Animals – Bees own the ‘bzz bzz’ sound and all uses of it in media mean the queen bee gets royalties.

Not Sure If He Is Bee-ing Serious – Don’t kill bees! They are endangered! But as things go this story is pretty sweet.

Bee Reasonable! – Bees hate Karens as much as the rest of us, it seems.

Has You Running Around Like Busy Little Bees – Why can’t you just let it bee free?!

More Truth Than She’ll Ever Know – This is the truth, and the truth stings.

Teaching Them About The Honey And The Bees – As opposed to the honey that comes from cows.

Honey Worms And Silk Bees – Next time you decide to wear a honey shirt, we really want to see a picture.

Don’t Give Bees The Finger  – That’s what you get for being rude to the bees.

Weird Bee-havior  – Even in her sleep she knows how important bees are.

Her Care For You Is Not The Bee’s Knees – Look, if the bees like it, then it stays!

There Better Bee An Explanation – Wait… just… what?

Bees Full Of Kryptonite – Some parents think their kids are allergic to everything, and others nothing. There should bee a middle ground!

Not On His Best Bee-Hive-iour – Ignorance tastes gross.

The Wax Is Waning – Totally worth it.

Bumbling For A Name – The balls and the bees…

Graded A Bee Plus – Bees can spark the imagination – so please don’t kill either!

A Sting To The Flavor – Maybe they meant honey mustard?

Dad Is The Bee’s Knees – And finally, this story does not actually contain bees, but we couldn’t help but enjoy the pun.


We hope you enjoyed our buzzing round up, and we’re sorry for all the puns. Got your own story to share, let us know here!

Stay safe, and smell the flowers everyone!

23 Funny Stories About Bookstore Employees And Their Terrible Customers

| Right | May 19, 2020

Dear readers,

Bookstore employees are often passionate about reading, eager to share their love of books with the customers. Unless you have this sorry bunch who don’t seem to get how bookstores, or in some cases even books, work.

Please enjoy, from our archives, these 23 literary classics, of bookstore customers not always being right.

Literary Emergency – I don’t think a gift card is bucket-list material.

Employee Of The Year – Making all the non-magical bookstore employees look bad!

Vague Question, Meet Vague Answer – Proof that life can be stranger than non-fiction.

The Blind Leading The Blind – Warning: This story is complete gibberish.

Oh, How The Truth Doth Sting – Allow us to look up a book for you on recovering from burns.

All The World’s A Book – They don’t want a book book, just a book, that’s not a book, but is also a book.

We Only Have The Other Kind – Just give them the Codex Gigas and let the sparks fly.

Fighting Ignorance With Ignorance – The more you force them to explain, the more stupid they realize they sound.

Might I Also Suggest A Dictionary – Words are going extinct.

Back In My Day, We Walked Barefoot, Backwards And Buck Naked – She’s been around since before books were invented.

Shopping Amongst The Commoners – This rich, elitist, man has got something coming to him.

At Least He’s Being Honest – Careful, he’s on the contrary.

Playing Hide And Don’t Seek – It’s time to pray for this to end.

It Was Either That Or Get Shocked By The Kite Again – The written word: available since 1791.

Conspiracy Weary – They want to know if you bought Oprah’s recommendation this month.

Always Imitated, Never Duplicated – We don’t think this is code for anything.

Sophocles, World’s First Toilet Humorist – An ode to toilet humor.

At Least She Has The General Idea – School reading that makes you want to drop dead.

Everyone Loves A Cynic – A customer’s definition of lazy is “not picking up after me.”

And They Wonder Why Customer Service Is Slow  – How dare you put the books away on the shelves?! How will I find them!

Like Comic Book Guy, Except Much Prettier – Introducing: Comic Book Girl! (People really need to stop being shocked they exist.)

How Do These People Remember How To Breathe? – Trying really hard to not kick this person out.

What’s A Synonym For Thesaurus – How very incongruous, paradoxical, satiric, wry…


We hope you enjoyed this collection of stories! Know any that we missed? Let us know in the comments! Want to submit your own story? Do it here!

Stay safe, everyone!

23 Stories From The Museum – From Stupid Visitors To Amazing Children!

| Right | May 18, 2020

Dear readers,

It’s international museum day! Museums can be amazing places of learning, adventure, and fantastic days out for the whole family. If you can think of a subject, there is likely a museum dedicated to it, from a dog collar museum in England, a Tap Water museum in Beijing, and even a museum of “Bad Art” in Massachusetts! One thing they all have in common, are visitors, and some of them can fight to remain ignorant no matter how informative the exhibits!

Gathered here for your amusement and bemusement, is a fine collection of 23 stories from the Not Always Right museum archives, showcasing why museums need to exist in the first place, to educate the idiots!


Jurassic Lark – Sadly, visitors like these are not going extinct.

When Reality Is An Iceberg – They recovered his body from the bottom of the ocean.

Stupid Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg – We suspect this is the same visitor from the previous story.

They Don’t Know Jack – In fact, we think all three are the same person. Hopefully, this ends at a trilogy!

Museum Hours Negotiable – The museum hours are not “open” to interpretation.

War Can Be Taxing – This lesson in history makes us weep for our future.

High Commission Brain Attrition – The longer you read this, the worse it gets.

Mother’s Little Yeller – Museums need to start hiring children to police the adults.

Un-Beaver-able – When the “wilderness” to most visitors is the line of trees along the street.

The History Of Photography Doesn’t Quite Click – The amazing ability to unlearn everything you have just learned.

Suffering For Art – Either she was taking photos, or she’s communing with the aliens…

This Apple Fell Far From Its Tree, Part 2 – We would like to “direct” this kid to a free cookie!

When Flippers Attack – The Sharknado people are running out of ideas.

Spaced Out – This visitor is astronomically stupid.

Please Do Not Titillate The Employees – Please no flash photography, outside food, or flirting…

When Photos Are Exposed – If there was a museum of “People perfectly caught in the act” they’d be the main exhibit.

A Mammoth Mistake – This visitor is so not ready for what they’re about to learn next…

Have Customer, Will Poke – Why museums can’t have nice things.

Tall Tail Tales – It was either tall tails or a whale of a tale, but either way, the punny title is not the most painful part of this story.

Very Old Lang Syne – Ah, yes, William Wallace would sing songs of him!

Grab Bag: MMA-SF – Knowing this site, these could all be the same customer.

There’s No Such Thing As Two Stupid Questions – When you make something idiot-proof, the universe makes a better idiot.

Kids Love To Wise-Crack – Sometimes the children can learn too much.


We hope you enjoyed this collection of stories! Know any that we missed? Let us know in the comments! Want to submit your own story? Do it here!

Stay safe, everyone!