Canada Day, 2019

| Right | July 1, 2019

Oh, Canada! Sometimes we don’t appreciate you enough.

In celebration of Canada Day, we give you stories of folks — and not just from the USA — who can’t seem to figure out where Canada is or why it exists… or maybe even how it exists.


Personally, I Prefer Stars And Polkadots — It’s a flag, not a decoration!

Canada, America’s Baseball Cap — We promise that Canada Day is a real holiday with no pretending going on.

Yukon Spend It — It’s almost like other countries do things differently.

Independent From Your Day — What do you call July 4 in Canadian?

Canada, America’s Hat (Part 7) — See? It’s not just the Americans who don’t understand Canada!

Yukon Freeze It — How big is your igloo?

Leap Days Of Logic — Canada: Large enough to move the calendar.

Sorry, I Canada Understand You — Even outside the US, Canada remains a mystery.


Happy Canada Day! Have you experienced people who don’t grasp the whats or wheres of Canada?  Do you have stories of those who don’t understand our grand neighbor to the north?  Tell us about them in the comments or submit your story here and we might use it!


Monthly Roundup: May 2019

| Right | June 20, 2019

It’s time for the May roundup! Our editors have decided among themselves which stories in May deserve the extra attention, regardless of the number of thumbs-ups they received. Out of tall the stories we posted in the month, we’ve singled out fifteen.

If there are any stories from the last month you feel we should have included, please let us know in the comments!

Don’t forget to vote for your favorite stories in the poll below! Note: You can choose up to three*. 


So Awful She Brings Down The Roof – RULE NUMBER ONE: Pay your contractors!

Ultimatum Results In Ultimate Victory – Never threaten the IT guy… never!

Do Not Address Me About My Dress – Thou shalt not tell me what to wear!

A Shot Of Humanity – The Comedy Hospital! Come for the treatment, stay for the jokes!

Going Out On A Limb Here, But They’ll Be Fine – The next generation is enabling itself.

Time Out Is Time Well Spent –  Foster a new opinion on the system.

Got Yourself An Allocated Ringside Seat To Their Disagreement – Bavarian Fire Drill in action!

Best… Seizure… Ever – European labor laws versus the rest of the world…

Mating Fall – The call of the wild was never so domestic.

Vaccinations Against Nazis – Vaccinations: worse than Hitler apparently…

A Reversal Of Fortune – Note to everyone: GET A DASH-CAM!

Dealing With Her Lack-Of-Baggage Baggage – When they act like a child, treat them like one!

Sounds Like They’re Playing A Gaming With You – ISPs, out to make money! It’s criminal!

Needs A Color And Husband Correction – The hair we can fix, your marriage on the other hand…

Babies: The Madness! –  Babies – don’t let them bite you.

Please choose your favorite story of the month!

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*Not Always Hopeless stories are not included in the poll. This is because often they are so lovely they win by default. 

We’ve decided to separate our favorite ‘Hopeless’ story of the month from the section above, since it’s not part of the poll:

Cuddles Cure All – One of the many adventures of Sif & Freya.

Mother’s Day Roundup 2019

| Related Right | May 12, 2019


Today we celebrate those who do one of the toughest jobs on the planet.  A mom is a mom in so many ways: pregnancy, adoption, fostering, step-parenting, blended families, and the moms we adopt ourselves. Mothers are strong and powerful and are not afraid to show it.

We’ve gathered together stories that exemplify the mothers you do not want to mess with.


You Made A Gross(ery) Error — Exhausted mom is not taking your nonsense today.

Stupidity Is A Forgon-orrhea Conclusion — This mom does not ration her ire when her child is sick!

The Mother Of All Voices — Imitation (of your mom) is the sincerest form of flattery.

Very Bad Reception, Part 7 — Don’t try to fool a mom when you’ve been slacking off.

Stuck In The Middle — It’s all about the name rage.

The Shift Takes a Sudden Shift — Do not complain to a Mom about her child.

Moms Can Be Scarier Than Robbers — She’s not the main focus here but this mom is still not putting up with your nonsense!

It Pays To Have Your Complaint Be Genuine — Mothers make great managers; they can see through any BS.

This Place Is A Train Wreck — When families don’t know they’re being short-changed, this mother handles it!

The Disappointed Mom Look Is Mightier Than The Sword — Moms have special superpowers.

For those of us who are spending the day celebrating with a mom, being a mom, or remembering a mom, Happy Mother’s Day from NotAlwaysRight!

Got your own awesome (or terrifying) mom story? Let us know about it here!

Avengers Roundup

| Right | April 26, 2019


Save a Thor-t for our poor customer service staff, especially those working the movie theaters this weekend with the release of Avengers: Endgame. The Stark raving mad customers will Smash their way through the cinemas with a Hawkeye for trouble and a without a S.H.I.E.L.D to defend them, for the defenseless staff it will be like Black-Widow-Friday all over again!

To show solidarity with our friends in the multiplexes, we promised after our last superhero roundup that we’d have an Avengers roundup. Here it is  – and just in time for the new movie!


The Avengers: Extended Cut (Or Uncut) — That’s a pretty valid, er, point…

Loki They Met — When you want a nerd, find a nerd!

The Hero The Avengers Needs, Not The One They Deserve — Caution: This story may cause headache.

C***-blocked By The Captain — Many of us would, too.

Hulk Smash Conventions — He’s a different kind of Hulk.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Me From This Stupidity — Captain America: Documentary.

He Forgot Hammer-Man — A fan is a fan, no matter their age.

I Marvel At Your Chauvinism — A fan is a fan, no matter their gender.

The New Job Is Very Loki — Sometimes a bad guy is a good guy.

Karkat, Thor, and Loki Walk Into A Bar — And when a bad guy and a good guy team up, watch out!

A Smashing Deal — The Avengers are fighting real criminals, too.

Granola Bars, High In Iron, Gamma Rays, and Vibranium — The Avengers touch the heart of a wonderful child.


Leave a comment below and tell us your tale about the Avengers!  Has the new movie caused any mayhem for you?  We’d love to hear about it!

Unfiltered: Best Of – January to March 2019 – The Winner!

| Right | April 18, 2019

Dear readers, you might recall this post about how we asked for you to vote on the best stories from the first three months of the year. You voted in your thousands, and we got a winner, but it was a very tight race!

With only around twenty votes separating the top two stories, we’ve decided that we’re going to upgrade BOTH of them to the main feed! Keep an eye out in the coming week for them to appear.

Thanks again to everyone who voted!