23 Stories Of Truly Terrible Parent Customers

| Right | July 29, 2020

Dear readers,

Bad customers are such an everyday occurrence on this site that we thought we’d take things up a notch, to bad parent customers! Not only are they still entitled and terrible human beings, but they have their mini-me’s in tow, adding to, or sometimes the cause of, the chaos.

To help all those readers out there who need some solidarity with their fellow long-suffering customer service staff, we have braved the daycare of our archives to bring you 23 horrible examples of parenting, as witnessed by the staff.


Bad Parenting Is A Sticky-Fingered Subject – Thanks for ensuring we never get anything but plain fro-yo ever again.

A Stone’s Throw Away From Good Behavior – Those who stay in their houses should make sure their kids don’t throw stones… or something like that.

Childhood Innocence, Adulthood Nonsense – This mom is being a real boob.


23 Funny Stories About People Who Don’t Really “Get” Art

| Right | July 28, 2020

Dear readers,

We’ve all been to an art gallery. While many of us (including all the NAR Editors) might not always understand what the art is about (banana on a wall?) we’d like to think that most of you know how to behave in an art gallery, or understand what art is for and how to appreciate it.

Then there are some people… who do not. We’ve rounded up 23 funny stories about long-suffering workers in art galleries, museum staff, and others who have had to deal with some truly artistic misbehavior.


Suffering For Art – How many times has the “no photography” rule been interpreted as a suggestion?

How Artists Draw Blank Faces – Please do not confuse the art with the staff.

The Art Of Parenting – Your children broke it, you bought it!


23 Feel-Good Stories About Paying It Forward: Karma Can Be Good!

| Right | July 27, 2020

Dear readers,

We post a lot of stories on Not Always Right tagged “Instant Karma”, usually about some satisfying payback or the bad guy getting some sweet comeuppance. But it can also be a positive force, and we wanted to make sure we gave some attention to some GOOD karma today!

We’ve rounded up 23 heartwarming stories about people who decided to “pay-it-forward”, that beautiful selfless act in which someone throws a positive action into the ether in the hope to make the world just that little bit nicer, without expectation of a reward – a true good karmic act should be selfless!

We hope it’s the little burst of positivity you needed today!


Seize The (Mother’s) Day – Doing something nice for someone else can make your own day.

Pay It Forward Is Ballooning – Sometimes you just have the urge to be nice, twenty-five times over!

Any Given Sundae – The kid may not remember this birthday, but his parents sure will!


21 Ridiculous Stories About People Who Just Don’t Understand Service Animals

| Right | July 26, 2020

Dear readers,

Look. We get it. It’s hard to resist the urge to pet cute puppers that cross our paths! But just as you wouldn’t touch someone’s wheelchair, you should leave their service dogs alone, too. Some people seem to struggle with that concept.

Thirty years ago today, the Americans With Disabilities Act was signed into law, confirming the right of disabled Americans to access the world with greater ease. This included protections for service animals. In honor of the occasion, we’ve gathered up 21 stories of people who just don’t seem to understand the important place service animals hold in the lives of their owners.


Disservice Dog – Your cat may be mean, but he doesn’t trump the law.

Best To Let Sleeping Service Dogs Lie – A service dog is not an invitation to be nosy.

Blind To Reason, Part 6 – You’d have to be blind to miss the service vest.


23 Stories About Employees Giving The Customer The Perfect Comeback

| Right | July 25, 2020

Dear readers,

Customer service employees usually have to maintain professional composure, smiling and polite, never seemingly bothered by grumpy and overbearing customers. Sometimes, though, the customer can say or do something so profoundly unacceptable, that a response is required, and when the perfect one-liner or comeback presents itself, it would be a crime not to say it!

Here are 23 stories from our archives about the perfect zingers to put those customers back in their place!


When Life Presents A Fork, Choose The Right Way – When the customer demands free stuff, remind them exactly what they’re already getting.

Not A Believer – The customer gets out exactly what they put in.

Who’s Got The Power Now, Part 2 – If you work in a call center and don’t get daily death threats are you even trying?