Taxes Roundup 2019

| Right | April 15, 2019

Today is the day when most Americans need to have their income taxes filed.  (Folks in Maine and Massachusetts get two extra days.)

It’s an annual ritual and it brings out tales of suffering folks trying to navigate crazy taxpayers and frustrated taxpayers trying to get the right forms filed… 1040? 1040EZ?  1040MOUSE?  It’s all so confusing!

Here are some favorite stories about dealing with the US income tax system!


The Ocarina Of Crime — Do not try to scam the experts if you want to keep your eardrums.

What’s A Few Years Hard Labor, Anyway? — Nobody wants to tell them, friend.

Too Taxing On That Brain — It’s a good thing he went to a pro because math is not his field!

Time To Cash Out Early — This is a sure way to get into deep trouble with the tax agencies.

Taxing Taxing — Getting your tax refund should not be this hard!

IRS = Irate Rambling Scammers — Remember that the IRS will never call you to talk about your return or say that you ‘owe’ money.

Taxing Taxes, Part 2 — Dealing with out-of-state taxes can be hard, but this is ridiculous!

No Returns On The Return — The professionals are professionals for a reason.

Making Tax Taxing — Hey, that form can be confusing the first time you deal with it!

A Product of Fraudulent Taxes — This is not how to fix your employment problems.

A Taxing Conversation, Part 2 — Sounds like Financial Hokey Pokey.


How is your tax day going? Did you get your forms filed early, or are you going for that last minute push?  Tell us your most frustrating or whacky income tax story!

Are you not an American? Tell us about how income tax works in your country, and tales of the tales of mayhem it can bring!


All About Cats Roundup

| Right | March 25, 2019


Just look at that image.  Our Senior Editor, who hates cats, allowed this roundup under protest. Everyone boo the Senior Editor.

The rest of the editors adore cats.  We have our own tales of cats past and present, and we love the cat stories on NotAlwaysRight.

Here’s a sampling of some of our favorite NAR cat tails!  Erm, tales…


Looks Like This Is Your Cat Calling — Two adopted cats aren’t quite what they seemed to be.

My Pet Halloween Project — This is the real reason why you can’t adopt black cats in October.

Kitteh Sez STFU — Remember LOLCats? This person sure does…

A Lack Of Common Scents — “…and we’ll name him Stripey!”

A Victim Of Fur-Ball Abuse — Don’t worry. There’s no real abuse here, just *hand wave* stupidity.

You’ve Got To Be Kitten Me — Even the cat can’t figure out what that person is going on about.

A Very Purr-sonable Cat — Poor Corky. So misunderstood… and misidentified.

Models Are Always Catty — Ma’am, this isn’t a factory showroom.

Bring The Whole Animal House With You — This is a really smart idea!

It’s The Stray Details That Matter — A heartwarming story of a cat and her person being reunited.  It’s ok, we understand that someone is cutting onions nearby.


(Don’t worry, we love dogs and other animals, too! Stay tuned this summer for a roundup of our favorite dog stories and a future roundup of other animal stories.)


Do you have a favorite NotAlwaysRight story about cats? Do you have a story of your own furry feline?  Tell us all about your favorite kitty in the comments below, or submit it to us here!