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I’m a “barista” at a local coffee shop and it’s around 4pm, the time we start winding down to close (We close at 5pm on this specific day) when two men walk into the store. Important detail I’m a female.

Me: Welcome to [Store Name] how can I help you?

Customer 1: I’d like a blueberry scone

Me: Alright and for you sir?

Customer 2: I’ll take the “All American” coffee.

Me: Is that it?

Customer 1 & 2: Yep…

Me: alright your total is [Total]

I turn around to prepare the order and I hear one of the men gasp. I think he’s just looking at something at first or just breathing out or something but then I realize what’s actually happening….

Customer 1 to Customer 2 *Whispering*: She’s got a HUGE ass.

Cust 2 to 1 *Still Whispering*: I was thinkin’ the same thing.

Cust 1 to 2 *Still Whispering*: She’s gotta fucking have had surgery.

(I’ve never had plastic surgery done on my butt…)

Cust 2 to 1 *Wispering… Still*: Yeah. Why don’t women just embrace what they have and fucking deal with how they look?

Me: Yeah I know right? Luckily I’ve never had anything done with my bum. It’s a same how some women get that stuff done.

Their mouths both drop because they realize I heard them the whole time.
They grab their stuff and leave… very quickly…

The Shoe Doesn’t Fit

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(I work at a nail salon inside a popular mall. The direct line to our salon is very close to the number for the mall, so it’s not uncommon to have people call us by mistake.)

Me: “[Nail Salon], how may I help you?”

Customer: “Shoes.”

Me: *thinking I’ve misheard him* “Excuse me?”

Customer: *sounding angry* “Shoes!”

Me: *very confused now* “I’m sorry, we are a nail salon; we don’t have shoes. Do you need the number for the mall?”

Customer: *now very angry* “SHOES!”

Me: “One moment, please, while I connect your call.” *hangs up*

Coworker: “What was that?”

Me: “He just kept yelling, ‘Shoes.’ I think he thought I was a recording.”

Coworker: “Welcome to the service industry.”

Getting Them A Hot Slice Of Justice

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(I work as a server at a chain pizza parlor. We’ve had our fair share of prank orders, rude customers, and scammers. A family of five enters the store to order. I am assigned as their server. They originally order their food for take-out, along with a two-liter bottle of pop. They then change their minds and want to eat in, instead. Since I’ve taken the order, I am assigned to serve their new table. As I walk up to do my required server intro, they are rude right away. This happens often, but how they react is off-base.)

Mother: “Don’t bother with the introduction; just get us our food and some glasses with ice for our pop.”

Me: “Well, my name is [My Name], and I’ll be your server. Just let me make sure with my manager that I can do that, since we sell our pop as fountain drinks for dinner.”

Father: “Why does it f****** matter? We paid for our pop already.”

Me: “I know that, sir, but we would lose money if everyone bought a two-liter when they ate in and didn’t order drinks. I have to clear it with my manager.”

(At this point, I discuss it with my manager and return to the table. The parents are glaring at me the entire way, while the kids sit quietly talking to one another.)

Me: “I apologize, but my manager says that two-liters aren’t allowed on the floor when eating in. I’d be happy to put it behind the counter for you and serve you drinks while you’re here.”

Mother: “You’re trying to take us for more f****** money after we already paid for our drinks?”

Me: “I’m not trying to do anything, ma’am. It’s company policy. I don’t get to make that decision.”

Mother: “Fine! Just take it and get us some water and our pizza.”

(She practically throws the bottle at me and I place it behind the counter. I take their order to them immediately when it comes out and ask if they need anything else.)

Father: “Our bill would be nice. We’ve been waiting forever for our food, and at this point we just want to go the f*** home.”

(I’m now sick of the abuse and slide their bill onto the table. I check my other tables and go in the back to start the dishes. I hear them approach the counter to speak with my manager.)

Mother: “Our server was rude. Our pizza was cold and took an hour to get out here. We couldn’t even eat it. And she wouldn’t let us drink our own d*** two-liter!”

Manager: “I apologize, miss, but our policy doesn’t allow two-liters on the floor when the purchaser is eating in. As for the other things, we could remake your pizza and give you a hot one for take out.”

(As they originally ordered for take-out, they’ve already paid.)

Father: “I just want my g**d*** money back. I ain’t paying for a s*** pizza my family couldn’t eat.”

Manager: “I can do that, as well, sir. Let me see your receipt and I will refund you for the pizza. But the other things on the bill I can do nothing about.”

(They calm down a little and finish the refund process. My manager tries to send me home for being incompetent. She was in the office the entire time this family was here.)

Manager: “Their food sat for 45 minutes, and I had to refund them! If you can’t serve properly, go home.”

(A coworker walks up as I shamefully go to clear the table, knowing they had their food the moment it came out.)

Coworker: “[My Name] was the best server she could be with how she was treated.”

(I bring the half of a pizza into the back and have my manager look at and feel it. It’s half gone and still freshly hot.)

Manager: “Son of a b****.”

(She stormed into the parking lot where the family was seemingly waiting for their car to heat. I nodded to my coworker and went back to work. The police were called and the parents were arrested. Turns out, they’d done this to several other restaurants in the area. The best part is, I got promoted for handling them with class.)

A Depressing Realization

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(My parents and I have a rocky relationship, and they think that everything in my life is fine, when sometimes it clearly isn’t. They know I’ve had clinical depression for years and they have only recently taken action to help me, which apparently they see as some sort of achievement. This takes place while my mom is driving me to school one day.)

Mom: “You know, sometimes I’m glad you have depression!”

Me: *confused* “What? Why?”

Mom: “Well, having depression makes you fun and interesting! Raising a normal kid would be boring!”

(At this point we were at my school and I got out, obviously upset and angry. Several weeks after the fact, I still don’t know what prompted her to say this, but she still stands by her words. Here’s the real kicker though: she and my dad still think that my brother and I are going to be living with them for a very long time. My 21 year old brother is planning on letting me move out with him when I turn 18, and I can finally say goodbye to that toxic household.)

A Cornell Deaf Knell

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(I am eating lunch with my grandparents. They are in their late 80s and my grandfather is nearly deaf. He is sharing about the time he spent at Cornell University.)

Me: “I know someone who used to work at Cornell.”

Grandfather: “Really? What did he do?”

Me: “He’s a chemist.”

Grandfather: “He does table tennis!?”

Me: “No, he’s a chemist!”

Grandfather: “Okay… What does Dennis do?”