Doesn’t Get The Closed Concept

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(I work at an IT company that’s situated right above a very popular store in my area. There are thousands of customers daily, but the store is closed for two days for renovations. There are workers outside with power tools, and because the store has a glass front, you can see people inside picking up the floor and working in general. There are also large flags outside saying when the store will reopen. You can access the store through our door, but you need an access card to go in. A potential customer of the store walks up the stairs to our door while I’m outside on my break. He tries the door but it won’t open.)

Customer: “How do I get in the store?”

Me: “I’m sorry, but the store is closed for the next couple of days.”

Customer: “Okay, but how do I get in?”

(I’m visibly confused.)

Me: “You can’t. They closed the store since they’re renovating. It wouldn’t even be safe, or sanitary, since they’re picking up the floor.”

(I point to the stack of tiles in front of the store.)

Customer: “Do you have an emergency exit or a fire escape at the back?”

Me: “Yes, of course. But you need an access card to open it.”

Customer: “Can I get to it?”

Me: “Technically, yes, but you have to be an employee or visitor to enter, and that door is only used for emergencies.”

Customer: “Well, then, how am I supposed to get in the store?”

Me: “You can’t.”

(He got visibly angry and stormed down the stairs. As I got up to go back to work, I saw him talking to one of the workers in front of the store. I wonder what they were talking about.)

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(I’m the customer in this story, sitting in the cafe, when I see two employees coming out of the Men’s bathroom, talking)

Employee #1: So what do you think he does in there?
Employee #2: I don’t know, but he’s so creepy, I don’t want to deal with him anymore.
(By this point, the two see me staring at them and come over. I’m a regular at this cafe, so they know me well.)
Me: What’s going on?
Employee #1: There’s this strange customer that always comes in and orders the same thing, a strawberry tea. After he leaves, we find the whole sink and the mirror in the bathroom covered in the red liquid.
Employee #2: I actually saw him going into the bathroom with his cup today.
Employee #1: Yeah, we’re pretty freaked out by this. The manager told us to be careful when he comes in.
(They later told me he confessed he was washing his hair with the tea because he thought it smelled good.)

Your Attitude Can’t Be Scanned At The Checkout

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(It’s Friday evening before Easter and I’m checking out my groceries at a busy local supermarket. I’m a bit in a rush, but the cashier is very young and it looks like she’s in her first days of work. Some guy in his forties behind me taps his feet nervously and stares at her slow scanning. Of course, this doesn’t improve the scanning speed at all. After about five minutes or so:)

Impatient Customer: “GOD! Can you hurry up? It must be painful to be so stupid you can only be hired as a cashier.”

Me: “I agree she’s slow, but why do you think she’s stupid?”

Impatient Customer: “All she has to do is scan some labels; how smart do you think she has to be?”

(Visibly offended, the stressed cashier scans one of my products twice by mistake. She calls a supervisor to cancel the double-scan.)

Impatient Customer: *superior* “See? What did I tell you?”

Me: “You were right. I bet you can do it faster than she does.”

Impatient Customer: “You bet I can!”

(The supervisor arrives to cancel the double-scanned product. I approach him:)

Me: “Hello. Can you please get me a manager?”

Supervisor: “Good evening. I’m the shift supervisor; what seems to be the problem?”

Me: “Your employee here scans the products very slowly and the gentleman behind me is in a rush. He’s a lot smarter than your employee and much faster at scanning products. Since the line behind us is quite big, I was wondering if you can let him check out his own groceries to speed up the line.”

Cashier: “…”

Supervisor: “Excuse me?”

Impatient Customer: *turning red* “I didn’t…”

(Silence. I showed a massive grin to the smiling cashier, paid, and waved the smarta** good-bye. All I heard was a faint, “I’m sorry,” while pushing my cart to the parking lot.)

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Not Speaking The Same Programming Language

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(My father repairs computers as a secondary job. A customer is asking him for help with his new computer.)

Customer: “I want some programs on my computer.”

Father: “Bring the PC and—”

Customer: “What?”

Father: “You have a screen, a box, a mouse, and a keyboard. Bring the box.”

Customer: “Okay.”

(He brought the box in which he received the PC. He even had some chains to keep the box closed, so that the programs wouldn’t fall out!)

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Hungry Never Forgets

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(This happens when my brother is four or five years old. We have a rule that it’s okay if you don’t want any dinner, but you won’t be getting anything else until the next morning.)

Mom: “Guys, dinner is on the table.”

Little Brother: “I’m not hungry.”

Mom: “[Little Brother], please eat something, or you’ll be hungry later.”

Little Brother: “No. I don’t want to.”

Mom: “That’s fine. Just wash up and get ready for bed, then.”

(In about twenty minutes:)

Little Brother: “Moooom, I’m hungry. Make me something, please.”

Mom: “No, sorry. You’ve had your chance. You’ll have breakfast in the morning.”

(After a little crying and pleading he goes to bed. Fast forward a few weeks later, when our grandfather comes to visit and stays with us for a few days:)

Mom: *to grandfather* “Dad, are you hungry? I can make you something to eat.”

Grandfather: “No, thanks, honey. I ate before I left home, and I’m not that hungry.”

Little Brother: “Pop, you’d better eat, or she will make you go to bed hungry.”

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