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(Working as a cashier in a grocery.retail shop three men walk up being loud and obnoxious and obviously really high)

Me: -finishing checking out customer #1- Have a nice day!

Customer #2: Don’t mind us we are…really really high! hahaha!

Customer #1: O..k..-leaves quickly-

Customer #2: I am really high! Can you smell it?

Me: a bit…

Customer #2: I am really sorry ma’am..

Me: Its okay… Your total is **.**

Customer #2: -pays- Keep the change. Keep it.. Keep it and think about…me about the really stoned guy the next time you wanna help someone out, think of me!

Have A Go(o)d Day

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(I am a key holder at a small grocery and retail store. A woman walks up to the cash register to pay.)

Me: “Hi, how are you?”

Customer: “Great! I am good! Life is great!”

Me: “Great.” *starts to scan items*

Customer: “Speak it the truth! Don’t listen to the devil, for the devil will lead you astray. Come unto God and listen to him, not to what the devil must say.”

Me: *stares at her while scanning items, hits total* “Your total is [total]. Thanks, have a nice day!”

Another Customer: “Do you know her?”

Me: “No… I just asked how her day was.”

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