This Floor Is Unlucky Because It Doesn’t Exist

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(I am working on an issue for a user who will need an in-person dispatch.)

Me: “What is your location, floor, and desk number?”

User: “I’m at [desk number], on the thirteenth floor.”

Me: “Sorry, can you confirm that again? What floor are you on?”

User: “The thirteenth floor.”

Me: “And you’re at the [street address] building?”

User: “Yes.”

Me: “Sir, are you sure you don’t mean you’re on the eleventh floor?”

User: “No! I’m on the thirteenth. I’m sure I know which d*** floor I’m on. What’s with the twenty questions?”

Me: “Because that building only has eleven floors.”

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Customer 1, with her child, buying materials for a project the kid has to make or they fail: “Gee, this sure is an EXPENSIVE project.”

The child feels guilty. The mom carries on for a moment and walks away. Customer 2 walks up to my register from the line.

Me: “Hi, miss, how are you today?”

Customer 2: “Don’t you just love when people don’t bitch about stupid shit that their kids have to do anyway and there’s no point in bitching about it??”