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(I get a customer who wants to know if his movies order came through. I look it up and our system show he has no orders. He is irritated, but ask that I look up movies with a certain 80s child actor.)

Me: “Okay, after the seven results that we’re able to order, looks like you already have six.”

Customer: “Good, can you order them for me?”

Me: “…Which ones?” *calls out the names of ones that showed up on my system*

Customer: “No, I already have those. Can you just order the others for me?”

Me: “There are no others, sir. These are the only ones available for order.”

Customer: *sighs, clearly heavily irritated* “You know, I’m not a child molester…”

Me: *?!*

Customer: “I just like this one, child actor, you know. Could you just order it for me?”

Me: *shocked, confused, and a little worried* “Um… we can’t order any ones that you don’t already have.”

Customer: *walking away* “So you’ll call me when they’re in?”

Me: “…Uh, yes, sir.”

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(At the cinema I work at, there’s one lady that’s been working here for eight years, but she has only been in concessions once. I asked her why, and she told me about this exchange that happened on her first day:)

Coworker: *to customer after he places his order* “Will that be all for you? Any candy for you today?”

Customer: *with an attitude* “If I wanted candy, I would’ve told you.”

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(I work at a retail store that sales clothes as well as housewares.)

Me: “How are you today? Did you find everything okay?”

Customer: “I’m great, thank you for asking. Yes, I found some great stuff for my granddaughter’s birthday.”

Me: “That’s great.”

(I start checking out her items.)

Customer: “Oh, I thought the little girl’s tops were two for $3; I can show you the sign.”

Me: “It’s okay, but the sign says two for $3 each, with the normal price of each as $3.99. The register has taken $1.98 off for the tops.”

Customer: “Are you sure?”

Me: “Yes, ma’am, but there are some shirts that are $1.99 over in the girls section similar to those.”

Customer: “No, it’s okay. I think I’ll just get these.”

(She has a full chart but decides just to get three items, and then begins to look for her card and can’t find the cash and says she can’t find it and stares as me for three minutes before continuing her search and finally finds her card and identification.)

Customer: “Finally, I found it but also my cell phone died and I’m stranded and can’t get home, I need to find a way to call my husband.”

Me: “You might be able to use our phone but I don’t know if you can call out on it I will have to ask.”

(She pays and then begins to pick up the previous shirt and ask if I could get one of the ones I mentioned earlier in a size 10/12. I run over to the section as we do not have a line, look for three minutes as we sold almost all of them and fins 1 in a 10/12 and pink, and get it. Then she looks at it and debates on whether or not it will fit her and she decides it will. Then she decides that she needs another dress in a certain pattern and I oblige and retrieve that as well and return. Now my manager is watching as she debates with herself and decides she needs another size top like the other one I got for her.)

Manager: “Ma’am, you will have to go get the top yourself as it is time for her to go and I have to close her register. But you can get the rest of your items at register one.”

Customer: “Thank you. Where did you get these tops, young lady?”

Me: “I point over to the wall and tell her on the wall in girls near the girl’s PJs.”

Customer: “Thank you.”

Me: “You’re welcome, and I will put your bag down at register one as well as the transaction the we weren’t able to complete.”

(When she is out of earshot:)

Manager: “You must have the patience of a saint. She took forty minutes to make you run around and do her shopping and being a pain to not really buy anything.”

Me: “It’s okay, she did take my mind off of everything.” *laughs*

(I walk down to register one. I tell my coworker about the customer, the items, and which ones she paid for. By the time I get back to my register, the woman returns and again asks about the location of the top. I tell her, she leaves, and returns two minutes later. By then I am counting my drawer. Before I can say anything my manager steps up.)

Manager: “She is counting her drawer; you will have to wait in line.”

(There are only two people in line, each person only has two items each.)

Customer: “Ugh! I don’t have time to wait; I have stuff to do.”

(My coworker hands her her bag. As she leaves she asks to use our phone but my coworker tells her that it doesn’t dial out.)

Customer: “Ugh, whatever, BYE! I wont be returning to this store!”

Manager: “You don’t have two minutes to wait but you can waste forty minutes of my cashier’s time?”

(We all burst out in laughter, and tell her to have a good day.)

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(I work at a well-known office supply and electronics store. A customer calls the store to complain about a product she has purchased.)

Customer: “I’d like to make a complaint against the store.”

Me: “Okay. What happened?”

Customer: “Your employees are idiots and gave me the wrong ink for my printer, and now I have to drive all the way back to the store. I’d like to be credited for the time that I’ve lost, as well as for the ink cartridge.”

Me: “I’m sorry about the service you received;we try our best. What ink cartridge did you ask them for?”

Customer: “I told him it was an [Extremely Popular Brand].”

Me: “Did you give them a printer model number or an ink cartridge number?”

Customer: “I am a busy person and don’t have time to find that kind of information. You guys are supposed to know what I need!”

Me: “There are thousands of printers and cartridges. We can’t possibly know what you need without a printer model or ink cartridge number”

Customer: “Well, then, why did he sell me this ink cartridge? Is that how you train your employees? You have them sell things to people even when it’s not going to work”

Me: “You said the box looked the same and you were going to try it.” *click*

One Ink To Rule Them All

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(We’re experiencing heavy rain for the first time in over a decade. The hospital I’m working at is understaffed for the flood of patients, and I’m pulling a graveyard ER shift even though I’m a radiologist. A presumably homeless, middle-aged man comes bursting through the ambulance-bay doors; he is drenched from head-to-toe and what I assume to be mud is dripping from his hands.)
Man (shouting loud enough for the whole floor to hear him): The Lord has told me of the endtimes and told me to bury His seed so His world can grow anew! He said I must find Saviors for His new world!
(He approaches me)
Man: You, child, have the Glow of a Savior. Join me in His mighty world!
(Again, I usually don’t deal with crazies; I’m just here to help with the X-rays, MRIs, and CTs)
Me: Uh, sure?
(He grins, displaying rotting teeth and draws a cross on my forehead. A nurse manages to get a syringe to pierce through his coat and administers a sedative)
Man (fading into unconsciousness): Bless you, child.
(The nurses load him onto a gurney and take him to a bed. They check him over and find that he’s fine. Once he’s conscious again, he’s released.)