Keep On Truckin’, Girl!

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I’m taking a walk, going a little slow because I’m still recovering from an ankle injury, and I start crossing the street — admittedly jaywalking — right as a small convertible, roof down in the sunny weather, pulls up from a cross-street and gets ready to turn. A truck pulls up behind her after a few seconds and honks almost immediately, since she’s waiting for me, and I almost feel guilty about my slow pace until the young lady in her little car twists around to glare at him.

Lady: “There’s a pedestrian! Quit acting like an a**hole!”

Truck Driver: “Hey, watch your mouth! I could run right over you.”

Lady: “So, do it, then!”

The truck driver didn’t seem to know how to respond, and with a flip of her ponytail, the girl turned back and started moving, since I was finally out of the way.

I don’t usually enjoy road rage, but something about that young woman in her tiny car chewing him out without hesitation and calling his bluff just tickled me that day!

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