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Customer: *comes up with multiple potted plants* They told me you know how to bag these correctly.
Me: Who is they?
Customer: They told me you know how to bag these correctly.
Me: Well how would you like me to bag them?
Customer: *getting incredibly irritated because I don’t understand her crypticness*
Me: From the bottom or over the top? (our floral girl has told us that to protect the tops of the plants we should bag over the plant instead of around the pot) and would you like paper or plastic?
Customer: *speaking slowly so I understand her* Well I think putting them in plastic will keep them from spilling don’t you?
Me: (puts plants in bags. They’re rather large so attempting to tie the tops would hurt the plants) Ok that will be $xxx.
Customer: *screaming* these will tip and make a mess! They told me you knew how to bag these correctly!
Me: I bagged the the way you said you wanted them bagged. You wouldn’t even tell me how “they” are so I couldn’t even ask what they meant.

My customer then stormed out of the store saying she would never shop here again. Promises, promises.

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(I work for a grocery store and sometimes find myself at the help desk. The phone rings and I pick up.)
Me: Thank you for calling [store name] in Warwick. How can I help you?
Woman: Hi, I want to know if you have this certain product in stock. One of your employees recommended it to me last time I was there and I want to make sure you have it before I come in.
(I check the inventory on the computer and sure enough, it’s in stock.)
Me: Seems I do have it in stock and it should be on our shelves right now.
Woman: Fantastic! That employee really turned me onto it.
(Suddenly she stops and laughs.)
Woman: “Turned me on.” I shouldn’t say things like that! I’m such a dirty girl!
Me: Uh…
Woman: (still laughing) I’m such a bad girl, saying things like that!
Me: Okay. Is there anything else I can help you with today?
Woman: (laughing has turned to straight-up cackling) Oh, no, I’m all set now. It was just such a dirty thing to-
(I hung up at that point. As far as I know, she never came in. I still wonder if it was a crank call or just the most immature woman in the state.)

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(I work the evening/night shift at a gas station. It’s raining and one guy comes in without an umbrella and gets 2 cans of soda and a lighter. After I hand him is change)

Me: Have a good evening sir.

Customer: Do you have a bag?

Me: Uh, for 2 cans of soda?

Customer: It’s a long walk from [Next town over]

Me: Wouldn’t it just be easier to get the soda at a store in [next town over]

Customer: (In an angry tone) Are you giving me a f****** attitude!? I’m thirsty now!

(The customer grabs his stuff and walks off. There is a store not far from where I work that he actually went by)

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Some random douche walks into the sunglass shop I work at. He enters and asks me:

Guy: I won some free (well known sunglass brand. We will call them Aloha John’s) from the company but I do not like them. Can I trade them for another pair here for the same value.

My boss: …No man we cannot do that.

So he asks me to let him try on other ones anyway.
As he is trying them on.

Guy: I bet if I take these to (big name sunglass shop) or another big sunglass store they will let me trade them.

Me: …Nah man they won’t. It affects inventory. You cannot exchange stuff to stores if you did not buy it there.

Guy: Well I bet I can! If you have the ones I have in stock I should be able to.

Me:….No it doesn’t really work like that.

Guy: *grumbles and storms out.

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(Note: for this story I am doing surveys for a bank. It’s around 7pm on a Monday I also see the customer is in the same time zone as me.)
ME: “Hi this is *my name* calling from *bank* may I please speak with *male/female customer*
Customer: *male customer speaking* “may I ask what this is in regards too? We’re just about to sit down for family dinner”
ME: “it’s just a survey on customer satisfaction regarding your recent visit to the *bank branch name* if it’s a bad time I can…”*he cuts me off*
Customer: “whoa whoa whoa… on a Sunday?????
Me: “I apologize sir it’s a Monday where I’m calling from if it’s a bad time I can…” *he cuts me off again*
Customer:*angrily* “This is the lords day!!! There should be no work on Sunday!!!”
Me: “I do apologize sir like I said its Monday where I’m calling from and if it’s a bad time I can…” *he cuts me off again*
Customer: *still angrily* What pagan bank are you calling from again???”
Me: *bank name also realizing it can’t be Sunday anywhere in the world*
Customer: “And they have you work on a Sunday?!?!?!”
Me: *Getting upset* “Sir it’s a Monday.”
Customer: “Bull S***”
Me: “okay… have a good evening thanks for banking with us.” *hangs up, too manager* “I’m going home I’ve had enough stupid for one day.”