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So I was working on my 21st birthday and it was fairly slow at the restaurant. We had a reservation of 5 people and I took their table. They were very talkative and friendly, super awesome people. They mentioned that it was one of their birthdays and they were going to see a show afterwards. I said that it was my birthday as well, my 21st. They were so happy for me and asked me what I had planned after work. They were joking around saying their 21st birthdays were back in the early 1900s! I had some other tables, so I left their almost $200 check and went to do my other work.
I saw that they were leaving so I walked over to the door, saying goodbye and to enjoy the show they were seeing. The older woman that paid the bill leaned over to me.
Customer: We left you a little birthday present. Enjoy your 21st, you only get one!
Me: Thank you so much, you should not have done that!
I walked over to the table and see that they have left a “Happy Birthday” note with $21 ON TOP of the 20% tip they left me for the bill. Not all customers are asswipes!

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Will Have You Out In A Flash (Drive)

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(I work as an associate in the copy department of a multi-department store. In my town, customers think that they are better than anyone because they have money, and they frequently like to cause scenes.)

Customer: “I want you to print something off of my flash drive. The file is called [file].”

Me: “Sure thing. It will just be a minute.”

(I go to my computer and plug in the drive. After searching for the file, I can’t locate it anywhere on the flash drive.)

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but I can’t seem to find it.”

Customer: “What do you mean, you can’t find it? Let me see.”

(I plug the flash drive into a computer closer to him so he can see that the file is not on his flash drive.)

Customer: “It was on here! You deleted it! Why did you delete my file?”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, you could have unplugged your flash drive too quickly and not have allowed it to finish saving. But I assure you, I did not delete your file.”

Customer: “Yes, you did! Every time I come here, I get treated like s***! This is ridiculous! What are you, [ableist slur]?”

(The customer is now being very loud and screaming in front of other employees and customers. I am near tears; I have a mentally-challenged uncle and so find this customer to be very offensive.)

Me:  “I’m sorry—”

Manager: *comes running over* “What seems to be the problem here?”

Customer: “You clearly have a [ableist slur] working here! She can’t do anything right, she always treats me like s***, and she deleted an important file off of my flash drive!”

Manager: “Are you okay?”

Customer: “No! I am not! I am very upset!”

Manager: “Actually, sir, I was talking to my associate. I want you out of my store!”

Customer: “You can’t throw me out!”

Manager: “I beg to differ! I have it on security cameras showing you verbally harassing her. Leave before I call the police and have charges pressed against you!”

(The customer storms out.)

Me: “[Manager], we don’t have security cameras.”

Manager: “What that b*****d doesn’t know won’t hurt him.”

(That customer never came back into our store again. I don’t think he ever realized that we don’t have security cameras, or anything that even resembles a security camera. I never respected my manager more than I did that day.)

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This Boss Actually Gives A Crap

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(I am cleaning out the locker room, which involves taking all of the towels out of a towel bin and bringing them to the washing machine. At the bottom of the bin lies a human turd. I run out of there as fast as I can to talk to my boss.)

Me: “Uh, [Boss]?”

Boss: “Yeah?”

Me: “Well, there’s a turd in the locker room towel bin.”

Boss: “Oh, God. Come with me.”

(We walk to the locker room.)

Me: “What should we do?”

Boss: “We gotta clean it up.”

(He looks in the bin.)

Boss: “I’ll clean it up; you don’t get paid enough to do that.”

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I Knew There Was Something Fishy About That Wall

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Customer: “Are your fish over there?” *pointing to the dog toy aisle*

Me: “No, sir. The fish are under the giant sign that says fish… where the huge wall of fish is.”

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Dying To Be Just Okay

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(My grandmother’s friends come into the room and sit down next to me.)

Male Friend: “How are you doing, [My Name]?”

Me: “Okay.”

Male Friend: “Just okay? Not fabulous? Not superb? Not fantastic?”

(I turn and look at my grandmother, who is laying in a hospital bed on life support and is predicted to pass sometime in the next 24 hours.)

Me: “Well, maybe if circumstances were different, I’d be more than okay.”

Male Friend: *stiffly* “Well, you should be using other adjectives than ‘okay.’”

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