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(This happened to a girl in front of me in line. Proof there are good people in the world.)
Cashier: I’m sorry, the computer won’t take your card. Do you have another form of payment?
Girl: I…No, I don’t. *getting visibly distraught*
Casheir: I’ll pay for you. *takes out personal debit card and swipes it*
Girl: No, I couldn’t let you!
Cashier: Don’t worry about it. I want to!
Girl: Thank you… Thank you so much!

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(So I work in a call center, and within the first few seconds of getting in contact with the intended person, we legally have to let them know that our calls are recorded. This is to prevent us from being rude, but also to prevent clients from saying anything they wouldn’t want recorded… And possibly given to police in extreme cases. As such, I never thought I would get a call like this. Just to note, I am female and have a rather bubbly, giggly personality, which my customer did compliment me on.)

*I just finished up talking my little spiel to this dude on the phone. He decided the service wasn’t for him, but kept talking to me.*

Customer: “So yeah, I mean I’ve got my license to drive truck, and –” *Goes on to name twelve other things he’s qualified to do professionally* “But my number one true dream is to marry a girl named [My Name].”

*This caught me off guard. I didn’t know what to do, so I just started laughing, Told him I had a boyfriend, and ended the call as quickly and politely as possible. To this day I’m not sure I can believe a guy seriously proposed to me on a recorded call after only hearing my voice.*

Directly Observing Credit Will Affect The Results

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(I work in a call center that tries to connect people with credit help. I get a customer on the phone, get through most of the scripted conversation, and give him the pitch for a credit repair company.)

Customer: “Wait, wait, wait. Are you pulling my credit?”

Me: “No, sir, I do not have authorization to do that, but [Credit Repair Company] can look at it to get a better idea of—”

Customer: *interrupting me* “No, you better not pull my credit, and they better not, either, because if you look at my credit it will bring it down.”

(This is not true, as the company only does soft pulls, not hard inquiries.)

Me: “Oh, no, sir. It won’t—”

Customer: *interrupting again* “Don’t you ‘oh, no’ me. If you look at my score, it will hurt my credit.”

Me: “No, sir, it won’t—”

Customer: “Oh, yeah? Why won’t it?”

Me: “Because, sir, [Credit Repair Company] only does soft pulls; they don’t do hard inquiries, which means it won’t show up on your credit report.”

Customer: “So, you’re guaranteeing to me, personally, that what they’re doing won’t hurt my credit?”

Me: “No, sir, they will not hurt your credit.”

Customer: “Because if they go and look at my credit and it hurts my credit, I’m going to personally sue you, and take away your house.”

(I have no idea how he thinks he might go about that, as he only has my first name and no idea where I live, and I happen to live in an apartment, so…)

Me: “No, sir, it will not hurt your credit.”

Customer: *starting to calm down* “Okay, well…”

(At this point the line went kind of fuzzy, and there was also a blip from his end that covered up what he was saying.)

Me: “I’m sorry, sir. I didn’t quite hear that.”

Customer: “Ah. Okay, buh-bye now.” *hangs up*

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