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(I am the customer in this. I was driving my new used car through the drive thru at at my town location of a big chain coffee shop. Apparently the car has a habit of over heating in the summer which the lady who sold it to me neglected to tell me. I have just pulled up to the drive thru window when my car sputters out and dies.)
Me(to cashier): I am so sorry.
Cashier: Not a problem.
(As my friends get out to push I leave my boyfriend to steer and stand at the window to pay. At this point the lady in the car behind me starts honking and swearing at me.)
Lady: Stupid bitch! Move that piece of shit out of the way. Fucking dumb bitch, hurry the hell up!
Me: I’m so sorry ma’am.
Lady: Dumbass that thing shouldn’t even be on the fucking road!
(At this point I am close to tears and start muttering apologies to the cashier. He leans out the window with my drinks.)
Cashier: if she thinks this is bad she should have been here when a guy came through on a pink tricycle! Took us ten minutes just to realize he was on the pad! At least your cute, you can get away with it.
(He wiggled his eyebrows at me and I started cracking up. Later when I looked at the receipt I realized he’d comped me my sandwich. Thank you for making my day better. Faith in humanity restored.)