Got A Chip On Their Shoulder About Using The Chip, Part 2

| MI, USA | At The Checkout, Extra Stupid, Technology

Me: “Is that a chip card?”

Customer: “Yes. Is there a chip reader? Do I insert it?”

Me: “Yes, it will tell you on the screen when to insert your card.”

(The customer tries to SWIPE her card, twice, both times backwards. Nothing, of course, happens.)

Me: “It’s a chip card, right? You’ll have to insert it.”

(The customer swipes again, this time backwards and upside down. Still nothing.)

Me: “You’ll need to insert your card.”

Customer: “It says ‘Error reading card, please insert.’ Should I swipe it again?”*swipes card again upside/backwards/inside out if possible, before I have a chance to respond*

Me: “You need to insert your card, ma’am.”

Customer: *finally inserts the card* “I don’t understand why these chip readers take so long.”


Got A Chip On Their Shoulder About Using The Chip


Gotta Steal ‘Em All

| Canada | Criminal & Illegal, Family & Kids, Non-Dialogue, Pokemon

A coworker and I are working the evening shift along the back wall in a local big box store, which means we’re just cleaning up after a day’s worth of customers have gone through.

The seasonal department is right next to the toy aisles, and while straightening up a row of patio furniture displays, we find a pile of Pokémon cards and three foil wrappers. There should be 30 cards from those wrappers, and we usually find all of the cards, or none. Typically none. This pile has 28 cards. Someone found what they were looking for, apparently.

Fast forward 10-15 minutes, and we’re cleaning up toys. We happen to be standing across from the collector cards wall, and a little boy (six-ish?) comes around the corner. He pulls two Pokémon cards out of his pocket and starts gushing at us about his super cool Pikachu and his super cool Jolteon.

My coworker and I just stood there speechless. The kid’s mother came around the corner and told the kid to stop bothering “the workers.” Kid covertly slipped the cards back in his pocket. The mother had no idea.


Won’t Lego Let It Go

| Canada | At The Checkout, Money

(A cashier pages for an associate covering the toys department to call the register. I respond. A customer says that a box of Lego was priced at $4, but it rang in at $12.86. I’ve been working on moving clearance items around all week, so I tell the cashier:)

Me: “Someone probably left it in the wrong spot. Just give it to the customer for $4.”

(Company policy lets us do that under $50. Not good enough; the customer wants to come talk to me. The cashier tells me the customer will meet be by the Lego. The customer shows up and points aggressively at the rest of the $12.86 Lego boxes.)

Customer: “There, I got it from right there. Someone took the label down, but it said $4!”

Me: “If you saw the box sitting by a Lego label that said $4, then you can have it for $4. The cashier has to adjust it, so we should go back to the register.”

Customer: “But I’m not making it up! There was a $4 tag right here, for these ones!” *points at a row of ‘Lego City’ boxes featuring a bulldozer*

(I pick up one of the boxes, read out loud the UPC number, pick up the nearest tag, and show her that the UPC matches. It is indeed $12.86.)

Me: “Our store policy says we can make price adjustments in cases like this, so you can still have it for $4. The cashier has to do it.”

(The customer phoned her boyfriend, put him on speaker, and told him to tell me that he also saw a $4 price tag below that box. Once again, I told the customer that she could have it for $4, but she had to go back to the register and let the cashier adjust it. She stormed off with a final “I’m not making it up!” Congratulations, you just wasted 10 minutes of my minimum wage time yelling about getting your way over a $12.86 box of Lego.)


The Cup Runneth Over With Complaint

| ID, USA | Food & Drink

(I work in a cafe in a large warehouse style store. We sell hot dogs, pizzas, pretzels, drinks, and frozen yogurt. It’s ten minutes until closing time, so we’ve either shut down machines or run out of certain items, so the pickings are a little slim. A family approaches me with several adults and children and begin to order. Several are talking at once, and things start to get confusing. Eventually I break in to try and figure things out.)

Me: “Here, let’s try this; how many drinks do you need total?”

Mother: “We need four.”

Me: “All right, so I’ll add four combo meals. You have four pieces of pizza and two hot dogs, plus the four drinks.”

Mother: “That sounds right.”

(They pay and then leave the counter with their food. About two minutes pass, and the mother comes up to the counter again.)

Mother: “We didn’t get one of our cups.”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry! I thought I gave you your four!”

Mother: “We needed five.”

Me: “I’m sorry; ma’am, but I only charged you for four. I must have not heard the fifth order.”

(Before I can offer to ring her up for another, she speaks.)

Mother: “I guess I’ll have to make do.”

(She leaves the counter again, and I go back to my cleaning. A few minutes later one of the other adults in that group approaches the counter.)

Customer: “We needed that fifth cup.”

Me: “I’m very sorry, ma’am, but I only charged for four. I must have misheard your order somewhere.”

(It’s at this point that I was going to offer to charge them about 50 cents for another cup, which would have been the price if one of their pizzas had come in a combo with the drink. She speaks before I can continue.)

Customer: “Well, that’s not our problem.”

(Now I’m getting slightly irritated with her, but I do my best to keep my cool.)

Me: “I’m terribly sorry, ma’am. I must not have heard the fifth cup order. I—”

Customer: *cuts me off* “Can’t you just give us a cup?”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, I can’t give you a cup for free.”

Customer: “Well, then, I need to see your manager.”

Me: “Sure, let me find him for you.”

(I went to find the manager, who went and talked to the group for nearly five minutes. He gave them the free cup, and to make things worse, when they left five minutes later they left a mess where they were sitting, and a cup completely full of soda that I ended up having to throw away!)


George And Gracie Take To The Air

| NYC, New York, USA | Extra Stupid, Pets & Animals

(Our store is in an incredibly affluent neighborhood, which is primarily white, well-educated, and often fairly pompous. We have placed a very beautiful humpback whale sculpture in the window display and many people have stopped in to inquire after it.)

Woman: “HI! I was just wondering what that creature in the window is supposed to be?”

Me: “The humpback whale?”

Woman: “Yes, that. Does it fly?”

Me: “No… it’s a whale.”

Woman: *confused* “Oh.”

Me: “It lives in the ocean like the other whales.”

Woman: “Oh! So it’s supposed to be like a real whale?”

Me: “Yes, it’s a sculpture of a humpback whale, which live in the ocean.”

Woman: “Weird. Thanks!”

(Then she left.)

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