Putting Them In Two Dollar Squalor

| CO, USA | At The Checkout, Money

(I am working the returns desk after Christmas. Our company has a somewhat flexible return policy; you are allotted store credit if you do not have a receipt. However, you will be given credit worth the most recent sale price, since we have no way of knowing when the item was purchased.)

Customer: “I’d like to return this lamp.” *she places it violently on the counter*

Me: “Certainly! If I could just scan your receipt—”

Customer: “I don’t f****** have it.”

Me: *taken aback, but friendly* “Oh, that’s all right. I can give you store credit.”

(The customer nods sullenly. I process the return and tell her the total; around $18.)

Customer: “You’re s***ing me! I paid $20 for that lamp!”

Me: “Sorry. You’re right, it’s selling for $20 right now, but since you have no receipt, and we can’t tell when you purchased it or what you paid, you’re automatically given the most recent sale price, and this product was $2 off last week.”

Customer: “Well, that’s f****** bull-s***!” *she takes the lamp and storms out*

(Most people are just happy to get anything back at all without a receipt!)


Has Some Holiday Baggage

| New Zealand | Holidays

(It is my second week at my first ever job at a cosmetics and body products store. It is a few days before Christmas, and we are running out of carrier bags. Our manager has told us only to give people a bag if they desperately need it, as we won’t be getting any more in until after Christmas. A customer comes up to the till with only one shower gel, also holding a massive bag from another store.)

Me: “Hi! Is this all today?”

(The customer grunts. I begin to put through the sale.)

Me: “Do you have a loyalty card with us?”

Customer: *grunts and throws a card onto the counter*

Me: “Now, we’re running very low on bags at the moment, so would your shower gel be all right to go in your other bag?”

Customer: “WHAT?!” *slams hand down onto the counter* “This was going to be a gift, but I guess that’s ruined now! I’ll have to go and BUY some wrapping paper!”

Me: *shocked* “I’m sorry; I can give you a bag if you need.”

Customer: “No, I wouldn’t want to waste your time! And I will be talking to your manager about this!”

(She snatched the shower gel and stormed over to my manager at the gift wrapping station. As it was only my second week, this was the first time a customer had shouted at me and I was terrified I had done something wrong. Luckily, my manager came over after she’d left and reassured me I’d done nothing wrong. She also told me that she was a regular difficult customer and seemed always find something to complain about!)


Next Christmas Will Look Crazy

| UT, USA | At The Checkout, Crazy Requests, Holidays

(It is about a month after Christmas, all our remaining Christmas ornaments, trees, decorations, etc. are up to 90% off. This woman comes in and pretty much clears us out of what we have remaining. She buys over $2000 of Christmas supplies, and most of it is under a dollar. She came in about three and starts to get rung up at about six.

Woman: “Can you get all of this rung up as quickly as possible? I have somewhere to be in thirty minutes.”

(We ended up having to get all our cashiers ringing her up all at once so she could get out on time, causing everybody else to wait.)


Tis The Season For Unreason, Part 4

| Phoenix, AZ, USA | Crazy Requests, Holidays, Time

(I work at a kitchen and bath store. It’s the day before Christmas Eve and the store is closing at noon. I’m closing the gates to the parking lot as a car pulls up.)

Man: “Open the gate.”

Me: “Sorry, sir, but we have closed until Monday for the holiday.”

Man: “No. We are going on vacation and we need to order faucets, so you are going to let us in.”

Me: “Sorry, but I can’t. Our systems are already shut down, the store is locked, and the alarm system is already on. There will be no business done until Monday.”

Man: “This is ridiculous. Open the gates and let me get what I want.”

Me: “I’m sorry. You will have to come back on Monday.”

Man: “No. I work, unlike what you are doing right now, on Monday.”

Me: “You can call in an order and pay over the phone.”

Man: “That is not acceptable. I demand to speak with your supervisor.”

Me: “They have already left. As I said, the store is closed.”

Man: “I’ll file a complaint.”

Me: “Sir, I’m not even on the clock right now. The store is closed. Everyone has gone home. It’s a holiday. The gate is closed. Come back on Monday.”

Man: “I’ll have your job!”

(He finally drives away and I finish locking the gate and go home. Monday, we get a phone call:)

Me: “Hello, [Store]. My name is [My Name]. How can I help you?”

Man: “I want to file a complaint! Your employee would not let me into the store on Wednesday!”

(I put him on hold and tell my boss. She knows the situation, so I put it on speaker.)

Me: “Can you explain the situation, sir?”

Man: “She locked the gate on me! I asked to be let in, and she refused. She was rude and told me that I was not allowed in!”

Boss: “Can I have your name, sir? And what time was this?”

Man: “Noon.”

Boss: “Sir, the store closed at noon that day.”

Man: “She was rude!”

Boss: “Sir, if she refused you entrance to a closed store, she was doing her job.”

Man: “She should be fired for her attitude!”

Boss: “You want me to fire an employee for telling someone they cannot get into a store when the store was closed?”

Man: “Yes!”

Boss: “Sir, please never call here again. It was a holiday, she did her job, and you are not the center of our universe. You harassed my employee and are now trying to interfere with her well being. Goodbye.”

Man: “I’ll sue!”

Boss: “Try it.”

Tis The Season For Unreason, Part 3
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Tis The Season For Unreason


Taking Out The Trashy Customers

| NC, USA | Bad Behavior, Holidays

(Holiday season has just ended; the year is coming to a close. Most of our customers are in the process of returning unwanted Christmas gifts. I’ve been running around the store all day helping in every department while also trying to put out my new stock. I get called to the registers to help with the line when a woman, her mother, and her son all come to my register and mention that they are returning a trashcan because it requires specific bags and they cost too much. The trashcan comes in a box and they’ve wheeled it in on a shopping cart and left it at one end of the registers. I go to grab the return, but when I begin to lift it, a putrid smell nearly overwhelms me and I turn to the coordinator in charge of customer service.)

Me: “[Coordinator], I think this has been used. It smells awful.”

Coordinator: “Hmm? You sure?” *she sniffs the box and steps back, quickly returning to her own customer* “Just take it back. We can mark it out.”

Me: “What? But it’s used—”

Coordinator: “We have to take it back. We always take everything back.”

(At that point, she was not even looking at me and I could see the customer staring at me. I was also aware that our manager was unavailable at the time. I wrote down the information for the return and processed the transaction without a word. All the while, the customer was talking as if I was some pathetic child who’s easily confused but being such a dear. In the end, the trashcan was returned for over $100 and she used it to buy $130 worth of merchandise. When I finished the transaction, my manager had finally returned to customer service and discovered the trashcan. I watched the customer run out the door with her purchases while my manager pulled the trashcan out of its box. It wasn’t just used, but full of trash. He was furious and had to dispose of it. I spent the rest of the day sick.)

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