Wrong Kind Of TV Package

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(A fairly regular customer, known for asking lots of questions about merchandise he has no intent of buying, wanders in to the electronic department.)

Customer: “What’s this?”

Me: “It lets you browse the Internet on your TV instead of requiring a computer.”

Customer: *excited* “Really? Wow!”

Me: “Yep, and if you buy the optional keyboard, you can even use it for email.”

Customer: “Email? I’ve heard a lot about that. What is it, exactly?”

Me: “Well, it’s kind of like regular mail. You type up a letter and send it off,
except it gets there instantly and there’s no postage.”

Customer: “Really? Wow! Does it do packages?”

Digical Is Made Up Of Ones And D’ohs

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Customer: “Hello, could you help me find a TV I was looking at yesterday?”

Me: “Yes, of course.”

(I show her the wall with TVs mounted on. There are around 40 different models.)

Me: “Which TV were you looking at?”

Customer: “I’m not sure. It’s digical.”

Me: “These are all digital TVs. Can you remember the brand?”

Customer: “No, it’s one of the digical ones.”

Me: “Okay. Do you know what size or color it was?”

Customer: *pauses* “It’s digical.”

Me: “Okay, I’m not sure what you mean. I’ll go find one of the sales staff and see if they can help you.”

Customer: *as I leave* “Tell them it’s digical!”

Remote Chance Of A Refund

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Customer: “Hi, I would like to return this TV.”

Me: “Okay, what seems to be the problem with it?”

Customer: “It doesn’t work right.”

Me: “Okay, I will just have to take a look at it. May I see your receipt?”

Customer: “You can’t look at the TV. It doesn’t work, that’s all! You need to know give me my money and send it back!”

Me: “Sir, it is store policy. I have to look at the returned item before I can give you your refund.”

(The customer stays silent. We open box to find a remote actually stuck into the TV screen.)

Customer: “So, am I not gonna get that refund now?”

Don’t Bet On This One

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Customer: “Wow, this wheel spins around and I think you put a ball in it.”

Me: “Yes madam, it’s a roulette wheel.”

Customer: “And what’s the point. Do you have to guess the numbers?”

Me: “Some people actually bet on the outcome as well.”

Customer: “That’s an awesome idea. They should have those in casinos!”

It Will Be Kilo-Hours Before He Get’s It

| Montreal, QC, Canada | Canada, Math & Science, Uncategorized

Me: “Alright, your cell phone will be in service in twenty to thirty minutes.”

Customer: “How much is that in American time?”

Me: “I’m sorry?”

Customer: “Well, in Canada you use the Metric system, right?”

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