Not An Interview You Want To Pass(word)

| Pleasant Hill, CA, USA | Working | March 14, 2014

(I’ve been called in for an interview at a store. Things seem to be going well until…)

Interviewer: “All right, so all I need is your Facebook password.”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Interviewer: “I need your Facebook password. We do this as part of a check to make sure you’re not using social media for criminal activities.”

Me: “I think I’m going to pass. Thank you for the opportunity, but this job isn’t for me.”

Interviewer: “What’s the problem?! Do you have something to hide?”

Me: “Not at all. It’s just that if I mention a disability, political stance, or religion that I may have on Facebook, and you saw that, it would be the same as asking me and that’s illegal.”

Interviewer: “Uh…”

Me: “Also, giving out my password to my Facebook account, or even just letting you access my account at ALL is a violation of Facebook policy. If I violate Facebook’s policy just to make you happy, how could you trust me to not violate [Company]’s policies?”

Interviewer: “Er…”

Me: “As I said, thank you for the opportunity, but this company isn’t the right company for me.”

(Interestingly enough, asking for Facebook passwords or access to Facebook accounts became illegal in several states in January of 2013 shortly after it was reported on by several news companies.)

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Save That Idea For ‘Sharknado 3’…

| Erie, PA, USA | Friendly | March 13, 2014

(I overhear two mid-40s women talking.)

Stranger: “Are there wild cows? Like, can you go into the forests and hunt them like sharks?”

Try Not To Sweat The Sweat Shop

| USA | Right | March 13, 2014

(I am in a fitting room, and I overhear a conversation.)

Customer: “I like this top, and this dress, but it doesn’t quite fit well. Do you guys have another one of the same size in the back?”

Coworker: “I’m sorry, ma’am. I know for a fact that that top is the last one we have, and that dress is the last one we have in that size.”

Customer: “Oh… That’s okay. I can wait.”

Coworker: “…”

Customer: “…”

Coworker: “Umm… May I ask what you’re waiting for?”

(The customer leans in to whisper loud enough for everyone in the sixteen fitting room area to hear.)

Customer: “I don’t mean to sound racist or nothing like that… but… like… don’t you guys have little Asian kids in the back to make these?”

Coworker: “Umm… I’m sorry, no… We’re not a sweatshop. All our merchandise is legal.”

Customer: “Oh… Okay…”  *leaves*

Falling With Stylus

| Brisbane, QLD, Australia | Working | March 13, 2014

(I have a 10″ tablet. I enter a popular tech store to buy a stylus and a new screen protector as the one on the tablet is peeling off. I go over to the stylus area first and an employee approaches me. She shows me the different types of styluses.)

Me: “I’d like one that’s quite fine so I can handwrite and sketch with this app.”

(I bring up the app. The employee proudly brandishes the most expensive stylus at me.)

Employee: “This one is the only one that will do what you want. Have a try with the prototype.”

(I take the opened stylus and try to use it on the app. It’s not very responsive and only picks up every other stroke.)

Employee: *patronizing* “You’re not doing it right.”

(She snatches the stylus out of my hand and tries it herself with the same result. She then notices the peeling off screen protector.)

Employee: “Well of course it doesn’t work; you’ve left the screen protector on.”

(She then notices another customer.)

Employee: “I need to go help that guy. Have a test of that and I’ll be back.”

(She leaves me with the prototype. I’m a bit disappointed that the supposedly best stylus isn’t working but I figure since I’m also here to buy a new screen protector there is no harm taking it off to try the stylus without it. It turns out, it’s not any better, but I wasn’t particularly hopeful. The employee comes back.)

Employee: “So, will you be buying a stylus today?”

Me: “I don’t think I will, thanks. But I am in need of a screen protector.” *jokingly holding up the one I removed* “Would you mind showing me one for my tablet?”

(The employee gives me a funny look.)

Employee: “I don’t think so.”

(I look around the store and see that they’re behind the counter.)

Me: “They’re right there. One for a [my model tablet], please.”

Employee: “I don’t think so, ma’am.”

Me: *frowning in confusion* “Do you need the manager to open the screen protectors?”

Employee: “I’ll get the manager if you like, ma’am, but he’s only going to tell you the same thing.”

Me: “Oookaay.”

(The employee goes away and comes back a few minutes later with a manager. He doesn’t look happy.)

Manager: “Ma’am, my employee didn’t tell you to take the screen protector off. We will not be able to give you a free screen protector just because you stupidly decided to remove it.”

Me: *blinks in shock* “I don’t want a free one.”

Manager: “It goes against our policy, ma’am.”

Me: “To SELL me a screen protector?”

Manager: “What?”

Me: “I took the screen protector off to test the stylus—”

Manager: “And we’re not responsible for that.”

Me: “I know. I’m not blaming you. I just took off the screen protector and now I want to PURCHASE a new one. With money.”

Manager: “Well, why didn’t you say so?”

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Small Fry Looking For The Big Wig

| Nashville, TN, USA | Right | March 12, 2014

(A customer wants a blender.)

Manager: “I’m sorry, sir. We are sold out of those blenders.”

Customer: “Well the sign on the shelf says [special price], so I should get this blender for [special price]!”

Manager: “I’m sorry, sir, but I can’t do that. It’s not the same blender as the ones that were on sale, and we are sold out of the blenders that were on sale.”

Customer: “This is just outrageous! Who can I talk to so that I can file a complaint? What’s your store number? I’m going to report you!”

Manager: *very professional, but now with sharper tone* “Here is the number for our customer service hotline. They’ll be happy to take your call. Our store number is [number].”

Customer: “No, I want to talk to your CEO!”

Manager: “Sir, this is the number that you can call to file complaints.”

Customer: “All right.” *takes number* “Yes, I want to speak with your CEO.”

(The customer walks away, talking on the phone.)

Me: *after a few minutes* “Yeah, my laptop crashed the other day, so I called Bill Gates. That guy knows customer service.”

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