Underwear Is Overwhelming

| Reno, NV, USA | Working | April 22, 2014

(I’m shopping at a large chain clothing store for essentials (shirts, pants, etc.). I gather my things and head toward the checkout where a young, attractive female cashier is working. I set my things down on the counter, and start digging through my purse for money.)

Cashier: *begins folding clothes* “Hi. How are you today?”

Me: “Fine, thanks. And yourself?”

Cashier: “Doing great!”

(The cashier picks up on of the pairs of underwear I’m purchasing and looks them over before she folds them.)

Cashier: “Oh, these are cute!”

Me: “Yeah. That’s why I picked them.”

Cashier: “I don’t suppose there’s any way I’ll see them on you…”

Me: “Umm…”

(I have no issue with anyone’s sexual preferences, but it was such an odd come-on that I just laughed, bought my things, and left.)

Requires Protection From Customers

| Watseka, IL, USA | Right | April 21, 2014

(The store has just opened, and the first customer in the store is a very elderly gentleman in an electric wheelchair. He approaches me in the hardware department.)

Me: “Good morning, sir. Can I help you find anything?”

Customer: *after long pause* “… I need screws.”

Me: “Okay, the screws are right here behind me. What size do you need?”

Customer: *points* “Hand me that box.”

(I hand him the box, and he opens it and removes one screw.)

Customer: “Now… I need protection for my screw. Where would I get that?”

Me: “Well, the nuts and washers are all right here.”

Customer: “No…” *doing air quotes with his fingers* “‘PROTECTION,’ for my ‘SCREWS.'”

Me: “I don’t follow you, sir…”

Customer: *talking under his breath* “… rubbers.”

Me: “Rubbers?”

Customer: *yelling* “CONDOMS, OK?! I NEED CONDOMS!”

Me: “Sir, this is a farm supply store… We don’t sell those.”

Customer: “Oh, okay.” *hands me back the screws* “Put these back, I don’t need them.”

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Cuts No Ice With The Cashier

| Richfield, MN, USA | Working | April 20, 2014

(It is a blistering hot summer and my mother doesn’t want to get out of the car’s A/C, but we need ice. So she gives me $10 and sends me into a local liquor store to pick some up. I am 18 at the time, but only buying ice.)

Cashier: “ID, please.”

Me: “Uh, I just want to buy this.” *holds out the $10*

Cashier: *visibly annoyed* “ID!”

Me: “I know you sell liquor mostly, but I’m just here for ice. I don’t have my ID on me.”

Cashier: “No ID, no sale!”

Me: “Uh… okay, then.

(I put the ice back and walked out to the car my mom laughed at me the whole way home. A few years later my 21st birthday card read ‘Congrats! You can now buy ice!’)

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A Chilled Reaction

| Huntington, IN, USA | Friendly | April 18, 2014

(I am starting off a semester with a new college roommate. We are going shopping together for a fridge for our dorm. A woman I don’t know talks to us as we’re looking at the fridges.)

Woman: “That’s a good one.” *points to one*

Roommate: “Oh, thanks! It’s a little out of our price range.”

Woman: “Why are you buying a fridge?”

Me: “We’re students at the university. We’re rooming together this year and neither one of us has a fridge, so we figured we needed one.”

Woman: *with great pride in her voice* “Good for you! Good for you!”

(She walks away.)

Me: “Do you know her?”

Roommate: “Nope. No idea who she is.”

(We finally choose a fridge and head toward the checkout. In line behind us are two older women.)

Woman #1: “You girls are buying a fridge, huh?”

Roommate: “Yeah, for our dorm room.”

Woman #2: “Good for you! I’m so proud of you guys!”

Me: “Thank you?”

(We never did figure out what in the world was so admirable about buying a fridge for our dorm, but I think we made a lot of random women in that store very impressed with the younger generation that day.)

Spoon Feeding You An Exit Strategy

| Fairbanks, AK, USA | Working | April 17, 2014

Spoon Feeding You An Exit Strategy


Fairbanks, AK, USA

(My husband and I have just moved in together. I brought my dishes with me which include some pretty cheap spoons with plastic handles. My husband, as a result, keeps snapping the handles off when he uses them because the plastic is so useless. Because of this I decide to just replace all of my spoons with solid metal ones.)

Clerk: “Hi. How’s your day going?”

Me: “Oh, not too bad.”

(As I continue loading my groceries and spoons onto the conveyer belt, the clerk begins to flirt with me. I smile politely and casually mention one of the items I am buying is for my husband. Undeterred, the clerk continues to flirt with me until the spoons get down the belt to him.)

Clerk: *holding up five packs of spoons* “Wow, that’s a lot of spoons. You having a party or something?”

Me: “No. My husband keeps breaking my spoons in half so I figured I should buy some extras.”

Clerk: “Oh… well. Have a nice, uh, day!”

(He avoided me after that.)

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