This Flowered Into Nothing

| OR, USA | Right | December 8, 2014

(It is pouring down rain, and I’m called outside to help a customer in the garden area. I get soaked within seconds, and find an elderly woman gazing at hanging baskets.)

Woman: “I’m looking for flowers to refill my hanging basket.”

Me: “Well, we have a large variety of flowers right now. All would look lovely in a basket, or we have the pre-filled baskets ready to go and in bloom.”

Woman: “I want the same thing I got last year.” *looks at me expectantly*

Me: “Uh… did you get it here? Perhaps a fuchsia?”

(At this point I am shaking from cold and wondering what exactly she wants from me.)

Woman: “Just grab the one I bought last year. I don’t know where I got it, but I want the same one.

Me: I’m sorry; I don’t know what you had last year. Do any of these flowers look familiar?”

Woman: “Oh, I don’t know. Why can’t you remember what I bought? I just want the same flowers! Just help me!”

Me: *desperate to leave* “I think you bought fuchsias last year! Right here!” *shows her the plant*

Woman: “Oh, yes, thank you! Oh, those are much too expensive. Well, have a good day!”

(She bought nothing, took 15 minutes of my day, and left me sopping wet and freezing. I love customer service.)

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Price War Stories

| USA | Working | December 7, 2014

(I recently went into a shop to exchange a bag I bought for a similar, but larger one. I’ve chosen my replacement bag and get to the customer service till.)

Clerk: “If there is a price difference between these products, are you willing to pay it?”

Me: “Is there a story behind this question?”

Clerk: “Several.”

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Sums Up The Point Quite Nicely

| PA, USA | Right | December 6, 2014

(A customer comes up to my register ranting about how “Kids today don’t know math!” I’m in high school.)

Customer: “Kids today are just so ignorant! I’ll bet this girl here doesn’t even know any basic math!”

(She then starts quizzing me on mental math as I’m trying to ring out her order. By the grace of God, I get all of them right.)

Customer: “Well, I guess you’re the exception to the rule, then.”

(She then counts out her change for me.)

Me: “Ma’am?”

Customer: “Yes?”

Me: “Your total was $10.60. You only gave me $10.50. I think you miscounted.”

Customer: *embarrassed* “Oh.”

(She quickly recounts her change and leaves.)

Coworker: “That was the best thing ever.”

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A Lack Of Help And Supervision

| USA | Working | December 6, 2014

(It is my very first day at my very first job. I am a teenager. I was hired by the manager, and set to work as a cashier by the supervisor. Since it’s my first day, I make a lot of mistakes and my nervousness gets worse and worse.)

Supervisor: “No! Your bank is short, [My Name]! That’s it! Go around the store and ask the customers if they need help.”

Me: “O-okay.”

(The store is pretty empty, with just a few customers shopping. I go up to one.)

Me: “Hi, did you need any help?”

Customer: “No!”

(I ask the other customers, but get the same response. Bored, scared, I start straightening up a shelf and my supervisor comes over.)

Supervisor: “[My Name]! What are you doing?! I told you to help the customers, not dawdle!”

(The manager that hired me comes over.)

Manager: “What’s going on here? Why are you yelling?”

Supervisor: “This girl is not doing as I say! I told her to go help the customers, and she’s hiding!”

Me: “I- I wasn’t hiding. I was straightening a shelf—”

Manager: “[My Name] we don’t pay you to straighten shelves. We pay you to help the customers!”

Me: “But- But I asked them all if they needed help and they said all said no.”

Manager & Supervisor: “ALL?!”

Me: “Yeah.”

(They tell me they doubt it, and go around the store asking all the customers if I asked them if they needed help. Most say yes, except the last one, who says no.)

Me: “I didn’t see her. She… must’ve just come in.”

Last Customer: “I did. I need help with…”

(The manager beckoned me to his office and told me that I was going to be written up for ignoring my supervisor’s demands and ‘being belligerent.’ It was not long after that that I didn’t work there anymore… but at least now I’m much happier at another job.)

Surviving Their Snipes

, | ACT, Australia | Right | December 5, 2014

(My fiancé’s birthday is coming up. As game and console collectors we often browse game stores, but mostly we go to a particular second-hand game store where we find some real old treasures and odd things we don’t see very often, and have become regulars. A few days earlier he had spotted a sniper game for the Wii which comes with a full-sized fake sniper rifle that you mount the Wii remote on, but we didn’t buy it due to lack of funds during a billing period. While he goes to work a few days later I go to pick it up for him as a birthday surprise. As this is a second hand store, what people sell to the store is what the store has. There is no inventory of several of an item unless several were sold to them. Two rough looking men are outside the store as I walk in. I tell the lady working what I want to buy. The two men walk in and hover over the sniper game eagerly, just as the lady serving me takes it out of the display cabinet to pack up for me.)

Rough Man #1: “Hey! What are you doing? We saw it first!”

Rough Man #2: “Yeah! That’s ours! Don’t you dare sell that to HER!”

Cashier: “Sorry, it’s being sold to this customer. We unfortunately don’t have any more in stock at the moment until someone else may sell us theirs. I’m terribly sorry.”

Rough Man #1: “But we saw it first! We have a right to have it first!” *to me* “You can’t buy it. Give it up!”

Rough Man #2: “Yeah! Give it up! The rules are the first who see it has a RIGHT to buy first! We override your rights!”

Me: “Nope, sorry. This is for my fiancé’s birthday. I’m buying it regardless of if you saw it first or not. Whoever enquires first is the early bird. Maybe you can find one online.”

Rough Man #1: “B****! You can’t do that!” *to the cashier* “You better not give it to her! It’s OURS! We have more of a right to it than her! Don’t you dare f****** sell it to her!”

(At this point the cashier serving me looks a bit frightened. I don’t move from my post in front of her, being protective of both her and my fiancé’s gift as both of the men approach behind me very closely. I feel very wary as they both stand there trying to look as tall as possible, loudly swearing at me, muttering horrid names under their breaths at me. It doesn’t work and even though I feel scared, I stand my ground because I am not one to keel over to rude people, especially when I am buying gifts for loved ones and when they’re scaring others around me.)

Rough Man #1: “You stupid s***, don’t be a f****** b**** and hand it over. It’s OURS and we’re buying it!”

Me: “No way. It belongs to my fiancé. I’ll be walking out of here with it. My fiancé saw this days ago and I WILL be giving it to him for his birthday. Why don’t you find one elsewhere? This one is taken.”

(I purchased it. All the while they were calling me every name in the book and trying to scare me as I stood tall, even though inside I was scared that they might get violent. The transaction went through, approved. I got my receipt, wished the lady serving me a good day, gave her a look that said to stay safe, and I left victoriously, tightly clutching the gift. I was still scared, though, as I was shopping alone, and made sure to quickly get on my bus home before they saw which direction I went. My fiancé was so happy with his gift, and thinks I’m tough as anything for standing up for myself.)

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